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I am very happy to report that Ellen and Doug dropped the ring off at my home the other day.  (We live near each other and not near the store.)  It looks great and fits perfectly.  And I do indeed love it especially because my  husband chose it.  (Probably Ellen helped him, though!)

Thank you all for helping me steer this pleasantly to a happy ending.  It was a big help.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by lmyrs on Yesterday at 02:40:08 PM »
Yes, the Gastly, Cubone and Zubat are showing up all over the place along with their evolutions. Also a lot of Drowzee but those are always here so it's not that unusual - though I did grab a Hypno yesterday and a Golbat today so that's awesome.

Question re: Eevee evolution - is there still an easter egg in evolving Eevee into which one you choose? Can someone link to or explain it?

I really hope that they do this kind of add-ons around every holiday. It makes it more exciting again.
Techno-quette / Re: Posting pictures of gifts on social media
« Last post by IWish on Yesterday at 02:38:23 PM »
OP - Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous!!!
I will agree.  Tom and Mary as a couple have to admit that Tom has a mobility issue.  It was very hard for me to come to terms with DH's loss of mobility.  In the beginning, I found myself babying him way too much.  I would try to decide what he could and couldn't do. That wasn't any good for either of us.  I had to learn that DH knew what he could handle.  He learned to be vocal with how he is feeling.  Now I know if he says he is okay, then he is okay.  There are still days that he will sit activities out, but he insists that DD & I go ahead.  We go.  We have a good time. 
Once the problems were addressed, things have become so much easier.  We enjoy trips so much more now that DH has his wheelchair.  He has his independence.   
I have been through this with my father, who did not tell us until the day we arrived that he could no longer climb stairs or walk more than half a block without extreme pain. He had agreed to rent a two story mountain home, in a rural area, and did not want to do anything that couldn't be driven. It made the trip rather awkward, and when we planned their trip here for my son's graduation, he did not request a first floor room, and that was also problematic.  ::)
My DH has mobility issues.  He uses a wheelchair most of the time, but he can walk for short distances with a cane.  When we are visiting a new area, we will do a web search for "handicap accessible sites in location X."  We'll look over the list.  If any of them sound good, we'll call and confirm the level of accessibility. Even with lots of research, we have still been surprised by issues.  We prefer to pick places that are in close proximity.  If site A is no good, we'll go over to site B.  We don't really worry with B&B places.  Too many of them don't work with his needs.  Chain motels/hotels are much better equipped to handle them.

This. my mom uses a wheelchair exclusively, as in cannot stand or walk. She can however, transfer from her car (she still drives with hand controls at age 81!!) to a bed, shower, toilet etc. We also have found most chain hotels are better, although we've also found ADA compliant on paper doesn't necessarily mean in practice. We've learned to improvise too :) But we make stuff work. Over the years we've had to forgo certain things due to her lack of mobility, but we make do.

I also agree until Tom accepts and realizes his limitations, which isn't always easy, then it could be tough to plan.
Family and Children / Re: What do I do next?
« Last post by Redneck Gravy on Yesterday at 01:55:17 PM »
Perhaps it is time to charge at this headfirst...

Arrange a family meeting with brother and his wife, you, your spouse and your children at your mother's home (neutral territory) and discuss this.

Not a sneak attack, contact mother to arrange it or contact your brother directly.  Lay a few ground rules (no yelling, no slamming of the fist, no name calling, etc) and get it resolved.  Stop the festering.

Family and Children / Re: Uncomfortable with Friend's Message to Daughter
« Last post by BeagleMommy on Yesterday at 01:48:44 PM »
OP, let's put it this way.  My brother's oldest daughter came to me once to ask for advice and asked me not to tell her dad.  According to her, DB would have "freaked out" if she asked him.  What I said was "DN, I am always here for you, but I will not keep things from your parents if I feel your health or well being is concerned".  Turns out, what she wanted to know was if I thought she was limiting herself by not being involved with more activities at college.  Apparently, DB thought she wasn't having enough fun at school.  ::)

I would not have said to her "you can tell me things you don't want your parents to know".  That presumes a level of intimacy that, as an aunt or a friend, would not be appropriate.

I would ask your DD how she'd like to address this.  She may want to say something herself, she may ask you to handle it on her behalf, or she may want to just ignore them.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by Carotte on Yesterday at 01:42:01 PM »
I'm a bit sad 99% of the pkms around me (don't know if it's different in other places) are the same 3 or 4, because I was hoping double candies would help me finaly evolve the dozen or so I've never got to evolve, but I don't think I'll come across them until the end of the promo anyway.
I did get another incubator to double my egg hatching, crossing my fingers to have something good  :D
Family and Children / Re: Uncomfortable with Friend's Message to Daughter
« Last post by Bert on Yesterday at 01:17:50 PM »
I agree with snappylt's view on this. 

This is a very specific and very, to me, strange type of behavior that I really think needs to be called out as inappropriate, somewhat directly.  I think it's more of a safety trumps etiquette situation.  This woman is probably not doing anything really untoward, but that thinking is exactly how people who are doing something awful get away with that kind of stuff.

There are people who are allowed to say to a minor "you can tell me things that you can't talk to your parents about", but those people are vetted.  Police officers, counselors, social workers, doctors, etc...  It really should not be seen as an ok thing for people who are only friendly adults in a minor's life to initiate that kind of discussion. 

I would be ok with "you can tell me anything" but absolutely am not ok with "you can tell me things that you can't tell your mom".  There's a real and important difference there for me.  I think it would be fine for the OP to go directly to this person and say, "I love that you have a relationship with daughter, but the part about you suggesting that she can tell you things that she can't tell me is way out of line and strange."
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