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71 general / Re: Baby at dance office
« Last post by Reika on Today at 11:41:03 AM »
She was holding the baby while fumbling for change, like cash?  Doesnt money make the top of most, "Most gross and disgusting things" lists?

That's what I was thinking too.

I agree with the previous posters that how they're handling things with the baby is cluelessness. However, how she kept repeating the bit about holding the baby I found rude.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by otterwoman on Today at 11:33:17 AM »
When I worked at a camera shop, we had a "customer" who would buy an expensive camera on Friday and return it on Monday. It turns out she was advertising herself as a professional wedding photographer without owning her own equipment. After we figured it out, the next time she came in to "buy" a camera we informed her that we would no longer be taking returns from her. She was keeping the next camera she picked. We even wrote "no returns" on her receipt and called the other locations within a 2 hour drive to warn them. She did keep that one.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Hoarders I Have Known
« Last post by nutraxfornerves on Today at 11:16:11 AM »
In the US, at least, you can often find community shredding events, where you can take stuff for free. A local bank sponsors a large one twice a year. and will take up to 5 boxes per car. They will also take CDs, DVDs, and floppies. (Glad I checked. The next one is April 18 and I have stuff for them.) I once saw a smaller one sponsored by a local tax service. Sometimes cities or other municipal agencies will sponsor one.

Mr. Nutrax was not a hoarder, but he left 30 years of income tax records. I also found a bunch of his mother's tax records stored in the attic. When I took all this to the shred event, I noticed that the crew was immediately dumping people's boxes into bins and piling up the boxes for recycling. Since I needed boxes for a number of things related to things after Mr. N's death, I asked if I could have empty boxes. They were a bit startled, but filled up my trunk with a dozen or so flattened boxes.

I made doughnuts using this recipe. Filled half with grated apple. They were delicious.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Career advice in education
« Last post by Stricken_Halo on Today at 10:23:41 AM »
Private schools have placement services where you could send in your resume and they would do their best to match you with a school that fits your qualifications. Public schools hire teachers via the state Board of Education, and they would let you know what you need to be licensed in your subject area. The Sunday New York Times runs ads for careers in education, also. Could you look for a job in a hospital setting in addition to a school? I'm guessing the place where you got your degree has a careers office, also. Good luck.
76 general / Re: Baby at dance office
« Last post by GreenHall on Today at 10:12:32 AM »
She was holding the baby while fumbling for change, like cash?  Doesnt money make the top of most, "Most gross and disgusting things" lists?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by Miss March on Today at 10:04:11 AM »
I knew a woman who would tell equestrian centers that she was interested in buying a horse so that she could go on long 'test rides,' and she never intended to buy one. She just knew that it costs a fair amount of money to hire a horse for a pleasure ride, and this way she got to go on repeated rides for free. She had no qualms about how she was wasting people's time.
Family and Children / Re: Really, I just want water!
« Last post by Jaelle on Today at 10:01:22 AM »
I actually *wouldn't* try and fuss it up (adding ice, or lemon) - you're a grown woman, you can drink or not drink what you want.

I came across this at some point in my life when i was working with families of a different cultural background than mine. It was culturally ingrained in them that when someone comes into your home you offer something to drink (never water! as i was told once "water is for washing") and food. then coffee/tea and more food. and food again. it's a way to show love and all that. My former in laws are like that - even though individually they mostly prefer to drink cold water. but it is seen as an affront to offer a guest *only* water.

I would drink the water and redirect ("oh mom, the bean dip is scrumptious! how did you make it?")

I wonder. I do get a strong vibe of this, and she's also the sort to press food on you again and again. (I've also learned to repeat "Thank you, but I'm full" and to make sure that if DH takes the kids over there before dinner time, he doesn't let her load them up with junk food. The first time they didn't eat a meal I'd cooked because of that, I read him the riot act. :) )

As EllenS said, while our relationship had its rocky parts, especially early on, it's largely a smooth one now, and acting offended would really make things plummet. (Especially as I'm not offended, just perplexed and a little tired of repeating myself.) It's not worth that to me. I mainly wanted to see if anyone here had any insight into her feelings on this. I always walk away from these incidents feeling like I've somehow been rude.

MIL is a woman of very firm convictions on How Things Should Be Done. This is apparently one of those things. I just have no idea why.
79 general / Re: Rude gift or not? More info #52, #81
« Last post by m2kbug on Today at 09:42:04 AM »
When is rude, rude when you have NO IDEA how important this person is?  I don't know who has read the slumber party thread, but apparently the the one mother is highly peeved that the OP had no idea what a high-society, influential person she was in the community.  Wow.  I would treat anyone the same way unless I knew there was some expectation to treat them differently.  I had some famous person in the store the other day.  I had no idea.  Not everyone knows who people are, and I certainly wouldn't know who is a famous artist in the art community.  Would I give a famous chef ketchup?  I wouldn't give anyone ketchup, but I can imagine if I knew they liked to cook, gifting a sauce that I thought was pretty fancy (and unopened), but a sauce a five-star chef could very well scoff at as beneath them.  I don't think the error was giving cards, but that they were obviously cast-off cards.  I don't think the cards were well thought out or matched the tremendous amount of work #1 did, but "the thought was there," if they were at least new and in good condition and not clearly something that's been collecting dust in the back of a closet for years.  I wouldn't give a doll collector and restorer old, ratty dolls as a gift.  I might ask if they would like them and if they could use them, but they wouldn't be a gift.

Did GirlsScout mom know that this was actually a repayment and transaction between #1 and the OP?  In that respect, no gifts are actually owed, I agree to that, but did GS Mom even know?  Regardless, I would still be inclined to give a thank-you gift as my appreciation.  It probably wouldn't be a lot, and certainly not the value of the actual work that was done, but I think it's still a very kind gesture to do so, and cast-off cards are probably not anything that really shows appreciation.  The Girl Scouts could have put together a lovely thank-you card, maybe with some pictures of them with their finished pottery, and perhaps baked some cookies, which I think would have been a much better gift that involved all the girls who benefited from this. 
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: When Starbucks is out of coffee...
« Last post by Luci on Today at 09:41:59 AM »
Well, to be fair, you didn't go to a coffee shop, you said you went to a grocery store that has a Starbucks coffee counter. In my experience, she's probably a grocery store employee -- possibly trained by Starbucks to make their coffee, or maybe just trained by the grocery store to pour and ring up customers at that spot in the store.

Our granddaughters worked for a Subway owner had two stores, one free-standing and one in Walmart. They rotated between the two shops and were definitely Subway employees with the uniforms, training, and paychecks indicating Subway.
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