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My work vehicle at a previous job was broken into while stranded during a bad storm. I walked 7.5 miles to get home that day and wasn't too concerned about the truck. The thief broke the passenger side window in a pickup to commit the crime.

Boss brilliantly told me I was not to spend a cent to patch the window while I continued to work (in January) and I should put a piece of cardboard over it. I explained that I would not have any view to my right which is necessary to drive a vehicle and she huffed and said to just do it. I told her second in command that there was no way I was driving it like that. I was sent to the dollar store and bought duct tape and a shower curtain liner for $5 which made an excellent, clear patch for the three weeks it took Boss to hire someone to replace the window. Her second brilliant money saving maneuver was to hire some cheap independent guy instead of the national company we had originally booked to save $25. Cheap Guy disconnected the inner door handle in the process and only partially cleaned up the broken glass. I knew how to fix it, but never let on to Boss. She insisted we call CG, but she was the only one with the contact info and couldn't remember what his name was! I have since left and the door is still broken. Boss' truck is in the shop and now has to suffer with the broken POS she made me use.
Family and Children / Re: Are you the grandpa?
« Last post by greencat on Today at 07:44:41 PM »
A few times when my father and I have gone out to eat, we've received dirty looks.  I take care to loudly say "Dad" a few times and enjoy the look of shame on the faces of those previously shooting us dirty looks.

Ugh!  People are so ridiculous.  Makes me thankful that me and my dad look very much alike.

Dad and I do look a lot alike, but some people can't see the family resemblance under the hedge he calls a beard :)
Great thread idea! Okay I have two:
I worked for a very large company. It was the largest English language teaching company in the country at the time but they paid their teachers quite poorly. At the end of my first year they announced that no one was getting raises (new and senior teachers) and people were pretty upset. Right after the no-raise announcement there was the company-wide Christmas party which is always an over-the-top splash. During the Christmas party (which was actually really a good time) they unveiled their new ad campaign and for whatever strange reason they announced how much they had spent on the new ad campaign... It was a HUGE figure. So... in front of a room full of employees that you refused to give bonuses and raises to, you brag about how much you spent on your new marketing idea?? :o
I worked at a small private school that had a very frugal management. There were six teachers and we had one computer. I used to have to come in early in the morning to get my tests printed and materials ready. About three or four months before the end of the academic year, the owner had a really nasty meeting with my coworker. She was apparently so mean that my coworker quit on the spot. She agreed to stay one month while they looked for a replacement and the whole month, instead of saying sorry which would have probably rectified the situation, the owner tried to be fakey-nice to my coworker, hoping her "kindness" would change coworkers' mind. It did not. As the time passed by there was no mention of a replacement teacher. We asked about it a few times and they sort of brushed us off. About three days before my coworker was leaving my manager mentioned in a "oh, by the way..." she had not found a replacement teacher and that she had decided that the rest of us were going to absorb all of our leaving-coworkers' classes, with no extra pay and no discussion. She was very surprised when all five of us resigned at the end of that school year.
Techno-quette / Re: What is the source for this FB post?
« Last post by Peppergirl on Today at 07:42:09 PM »

Semi-related note, why are so many of these "repost or you're an evil puppy kicker who hates America and/or murders butterflies for fun" posts full of terrible grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

 ;D I nearly snorted my coffee. It's so very, very true!

I always want to reply to it and say "I'm still going to kick puppies and burn bibles, but I'll repost if you learn to spell and to use proper grammar."
Family and Children / Re: Are you the grandpa?
« Last post by Peppergirl on Today at 07:37:38 PM »
A few times when my father and I have gone out to eat, we've received dirty looks.  I take care to loudly say "Dad" a few times and enjoy the look of shame on the faces of those previously shooting us dirty looks.

Ugh!  People are so ridiculous.  Makes me thankful that me and my dad look very much alike. 
Family and Children / Re: birthday party's stay or go?
« Last post by Mergatroyd on Today at 07:35:01 PM »
I would say Stay, at 4 years old.  5-6 is when you drop and go.

Yes, this is my thought too.
Family and Children / Re: In law issues
« Last post by Mergatroyd on Today at 07:32:56 PM »
I totally agree SoCalVal. She is a good manipulator and, the more I think about it, the more I'm sure her sadness stems from not getting what she wants rather than any legitimate concern for me.

Also, the more I think about it, the more I see that, when we set boundaries (not giving her information about our house purchase, not letting her make decisions about what insurance company we use, not giving her medical information, not letting her invite certain people to our wedding)...she just goes ahead and snoops or goes behind our backs to try to obtain the information she wants or goes behind our backs to invite people we said no to for our wedding. Setting boundaries only creates obstacles for her that she overcomes with sneaky or inappropriate ways.

Yep.  My MIL is notorious for showing up at weddings she was never invited to.  A lack of invitation would be a boundary for most people...nope! If she knows that anyone in any 100 mile radius of her or related to her at all no matter how distant is getting married soon, a lack of invitahtion is merely a challenge to be overcome.  She just digs until she finds out the information and shows up.  One of my husband's coworkers is getting married soon.  She has met him a few times.  She did not get an invitation.  It is a very small ceremony with backyard reception.  This time she was very brazen.  She flat out asked him when the wedding was and where it was.  He answered thinking it was polite conversation. She said "great!  We are free that day, see you there!"


And he said?
Attire / Re: Guests wearing red to a wedding
« Last post by Mergatroyd on Today at 07:31:32 PM »
I've seen red bridesmaids dresses, I hope nobody thought all six of them slept with the groom  >:D

Actually I am glad you posted this OP, I like red, and would probably have worn it to a wedding sooner or later. The last weddings I went to I wore Teal. I've also worn pink, dark purple, and various patterns (oh the nineties!)
I'm surprised there's somewhere that the honeymoon registry is so popular that the happy couple would be getting harassed for not having one.  I think "No, we're not doing one" is a perfectly fine answer.

Yeah, this! I didn't get the idea the concept had that much saturation yet.

For real! I find it surprising too. I got married recently, with no registry and no gift desires (except "no gifts") and not a single person asked me if we had a honeymoon registry.
Attire / Re: Guests wearing red to a wedding
« Last post by greencat on Today at 07:24:04 PM »
Well, there's a lot of research that indicates that red draws the attention of other people - there's a reason that it's got strong cultural associations with strong emotions.

I have two nearly identical long-sleeved, knee-length sweater dresses.  One is bright scarlet red, the other a purple-ish navy blue.  The red one has a higher neckline and is a bit longer, but it looks considerably less modest than the navy blue one, which is work-appropriate.  I wouldn't wear the red dress to a wedding, because it's very attention-grabbing.

On the other hand, I've certainly seen and owned other red dresses that are perfectly appropriate looking. 
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