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An email `friendship´made on a Disney board.  We were both part of a sub-group that progressed to emails.  I should have walked when...

I realised he never ever asked anything about me.  At the time I thought that was good as in not stalkerish, in retrospect, maybe not.  Six months without a single personal question?

Told me had an addictive/obsessive personality.  Hundreds of beanies, magnets, Disney pins, etc.  He emailed every day.  Realised later I'd become the newest obsession on the list.

Was so jealous when we booked a Disneyworld trip that he didn't email me for nearly two weeks.  When he did, it was to tell me it was ok, that he was now ok with us going.  He'd talked to his wife and she'd agreed to a WDW trip too.  And they'd be spending the whole time with us, wasn't that wonderful?  No.

Wish I'd put a stop to the `sis´ and `bro´ terms used on the Disney board spilling into our emails but they were what finally walked me.  It was the "I met someone last night and told them all about how I'd found my sister on the internet.  It wasn't till later that I remembered you're not really my sister."   :o   

72 general / Re: Right of refusal - update #26
« Last post by RooRoo on Today at 12:42:11 AM »
Knitwicca, as a longtimer who has seen a few sponsees go back out, let me tell you what my sponsor told me:

If she blames drinking again on you (or on all the "meanies" that don't like her perfume), just keep in mind that it is her excuse for drinking again. It's her hand that lifts the drink to her mouth, not yours.

Or, as I heard somewhere on this forum, "Not my circus, not my monkey."

PM me if you'd like...
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by Jocelyn on Today at 12:17:03 AM »
I've noticed that with a lot of elderly people, particularly those who survived the Great Depression. Not wasting food was hammered so hard into them, they're really quite distressed if they can't eat all the food they're served. My father used to get upset about my mother not eating very much, and his comments were not only that he was concerned about her health, but that it was wrong of her to be wasting food. We couldn't convince him that it wasn't her fault that the facility had to serve portions of a certain size, and that even if she asked for a small serving, they gave her more than she wanted. Now that his appetite is smaller, he also gets upset if he's given more food than he can eat. He really seems to think that restaurants should know how much he wants, and only serve him that amount...and charge him half as much.  ::)
74 general / Re: Kids at Fitness Classes
« Last post by Peppergirl on Today at 12:09:37 AM »
What an absolutely ridiculous woman!  >:(

Honestly, if she were a friend of mine I wouldn't trust myself to be able to approach her calmly about it.  It would drive me so batty and I'd be so offended by her behavior that I'd likely be quite rude, which I know is not e-hell approved.

However, if you're able to calmly approach her I'd suggest that first. Depending upon her reaction (I'd imagine it won't be a good one), you can go to the management of the class.  No one should have to tolerate that nonsense.

Also, poor Bobby!  :(
75 general / Re: getting someone to be quiet at the theater
« Last post by StarDrifter on Today at 12:08:45 AM »
Just be aware with the mums and babies sessions the reason they're so much cheaper is that some of the mums use it as an opportunity to 'train' their toddlers to deal with loud noises.
I'm taking Baby Drifter to our mums and bubs session on Wednesday, when she'll be just up from her nap. She's 16 months and we already watch movies in the dark at home, so I'm hoping she'll be OK in the cinema. It's a movie I've already seen with Husband, so I won't mind if we have to leave early.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: There's this weird thing I do.....
« Last post by Hillia on Today at 12:04:57 AM »
If I spot a shape in my environment - could be lines on a page, a man's shirt buttoned dress shirt collar, whatever, I have to trace the pattern in the air or on my leg or other flat surface.  Over and over.

If I'm traveling down a street and there are alternating patches of sun and shadow, I have to touch on/off as they change. For example, enter a patch of shadow, my finger touches down on my leg and stays there until I exit the shadow into the sun.  Then it lifts off until the next patch of shadow, when it goes down again.  The challenge is keeping in pattern when there are lots of changes, like a tree with a lot of branches that are far enough apart so that each casts its own shadow.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by doodlemor on Today at 12:03:54 AM »
Perhaps the guy I spotted tonight isn't a true special snowflake, but he sure was crabby.  Who complains about being given too much ice cream at a dairy store window?

We went to a lovely lakeside concert tonight in a "summer place" type small town.  There is always a long line at the ice cream windows of the local dairy store near the lake, which serves a gazillion flavors of quality ice cream [Perry's, if you're from the east.]  The annoying snowflake at the head of the line was complaining loudly to his companions that he ordered one scoop of ice cream, and they gave him twice as much as he wanted.  His petulant voice was loud enough to be heard by everyone in line, as well as passerby and the industrious teenagers dishing out ice cream as fast as they could.

If the man had a medical issue with ice cream, he could have just eaten half and thrown the rest away.  There are many waste receptacles available.  I think that the guy is probably a chronic complainer.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: There's this weird thing I do.....
« Last post by Peppergirl on Yesterday at 11:56:20 PM »
I make noises when I bite the heads off my gummi bears.  "No, no, NOOOOO!" All in a high-pitched voice.

I don't like gummi bears, but when I bite the heads off of Teddy Grahams, I say "No, no! Mister Bill!" in that same high-pitched voice.  >:D
Glitches, errors, problems / Re: I'm getting autoplay ads
« Last post by Jones on Yesterday at 11:54:12 PM »
I can't say I've seen those ads on this site. I used to have them everywhere a few years ago but I noticed when I got a stronger internet security program, they went away.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Back to school...then, and now.
« Last post by CuriousParty on Yesterday at 11:42:54 PM »
With all the binders and stuff, it gets ridiculous. I finally (in GRADUATE school) figured out my own solution - I brought one, and only one, notebook everywhere. I took all my notes for every class in that one book. Then at home I pulled the pages out and separated them into subject binders. Not only did it make room for the five inch texts I was hauling (grad school, remember?) it forced me to be organized (date and subject at the top of each note section) and to look at my notes every night (why does that sentence have no ending...?). If someone had only mentioned this method in high school!
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