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Family and Children / Re: Sister flakes out on watching my son and its my fault.
« Last post by lakey on Yesterday at 09:49:48 PM »
She did mention the t ball group would charge her $125 if she didn't work it which didn't make a ton of sense to me for various reasons.

Some organizations that depend on volunteers to operate place these kinds of requirements on parents of the participating children because otherwise they wouldn't have the people that they need in order to operate.
When I was a little girl, which was a long time ago now, we used to call them dandelion clocks, and use them to tell the time.  One would start at one o'clock and puff, two o'clock and puff and so on until all the white fluff was gone.  Not in the least bit accurate but lots of fun.  My Granddad would tell us we were only helping spread dandelions all over the lawn, but we could not see the problem with this.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What's for Dinner?
« Last post by Nikko-chan on Yesterday at 09:19:47 PM »
Mrs. Grass Soup probably

More details please!

Thank you, Gramma Dishes. I didn't see the message. The one I eat is just the regular one with the noodles and no vegetables or anythnig. I eat it only when I am sick though for some reason. Tis soothing on the throat.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What's for Dinner?
« Last post by GardenGal on Yesterday at 09:12:39 PM »
Lamb burgers, mashed red potatoes, steamed golden beets, avocado.
The Google 'thing'* today, commemorating Oskar Fischinger's 117th birthday, is letting me make music and see what colours and patterns that creates.  I'm having so much fun!

If you like the idea of creating your own music and you haven't tried it out, please give it a go - it's some kind of magic.

Disclaimer: I am over 50, so the younger eHellions/tech-savvy ones probably already know about much more sophisticated 'things'* - apologies for being a dinosaur; ignore me.

* I'm sure there will be a word for it; I don't know what that word is.

Google Doodles. :) They make interactive ones quite a bit.
People in neighboring houses setting off very noisy fireworks.

We have six very terrified animals. Even the sixty pound poodle, who's too dumb to be scared of anything, is Very Not Happy because the fireworks are so close.
77 general / Re: Dealing with a Former Friend
« Last post by GardenGal on Yesterday at 08:58:19 PM »
Three cheers for your shiny spine - great update!
Our neighbors mowed the wildflower bushes in our yard.  :-\

We're going to ask the county to mark the property lines in the front and I will stake them so it doesn't happen again. I'm sad.

Rocks on the boundary line can be very helpful :P I hope they grow back well!
I'm really not sure where to put this, but I'm weirdly happy about a couple parts of it, so here we are I guess?

The Good Ethnic Boy needs a hip replacement, but only started seriously thinking about actually doing it fairly recently, due to a combination of being busy at work, being a Stoic Man (with a genuinely really high pain tolerance) Who Doesn't Complain, not being comfortable with the idea of surgery, and being younger than is usually recommended for the procedure. Well, work has slacked off, he's dealt with it for long enough that he now feels like actually complaining, and the doctor who did an operation on his feet now does hips as well. (He really trusts that doctor after how well the op turned out, and the way the doctor listened to his concerns and addressed them.) So! Yesterday, he went off to arrange his surgery and took me with him so that I would be there when they discussed aftercare.

...Doctor took one look at the GEB's X-rays and said words to the effect of "Holy cow, I'm amazed you can still walk!" ??? Ahem. Yeah, his hip is bad. Turns out the head of his femur - the ball part of the ball-and-socket joint - is a slightly unusual shape which causes more wear than usual... to the point that the doctor put him in one of the slots he keeps reserved for emergency surgeries, and he is having his hip replacement next week. :o

So, ah, yeah! I'm a bit rattled by this happening so fast, but very happy that the GEB is getting his surgery right away instead of having to be in pain for more months, and also really happy that they expect his recovery to be fast - like, home from the hospital possibly the next day, walking on crutches immediately, completely fine in two to three weeks level of fast.

That's the part that I'm happy about in a normal way. The part that I'm weirdly happy about is that I have hip problems too, which were recently confirmed as being serious enough to warrant specialist attention. Now, I'm ten years younger than the GEB, and as mentioned above he's young for a hip replacement, so I'm really young for this sort of thing. (It used to be that people got them in their late 70s; now that's come down to people usually getting them in their late 60s, but the GEB is 54 and I'm 44.) I have an appointment with the same doctor to talk about my hip next week - the day before the GEB's surgery, actually! - and when we mentioned that, he pulled my X-rays up on his computer to have a quick look and said "Oh, yeah, you've got some definite bone degradation here, see all these little pits and how the cartilage space is gone?"

...For years, I've been unsure how much of my hip problems are 'real' and how much are me being a wuss. I've talked to doctors who have been entirely dismissive because I'm young, so it can't possibly be serious. ::) Now I have confirmation that yes, there is an actual medical problem that a specialist is taking seriously, and that makes me... weirdly happy. :P
Our neighbors mowed the wildflower bushes in our yard.  :-\

We're going to ask the county to mark the property lines in the front and I will stake them so it doesn't happen again. I'm sad.

When you mow them down, they come back with a vengeance...if that's any consolation. 

right.. it take a lot to kill wildflowers
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