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Family and Children / Re: What do you all think of this?
« Last post by bah12 on Today at 07:20:39 PM »
Not after that experience, IMO.

That's too bad.  I think the GF would be missing out on an opportunity to be the bigger person and possibly makes things better, or to at least go about her life knowing she tried. 
Many parents who show up to schools around here do so in pj pants, dirty tshirts and no bras (for the ladies) or lewd t-shirts on the men.  One guy picked up his kid while wearing a shirt that said "I like (nickname for cat that also is used for private part) like a fat kid likes cake".  Really, dude, really? At an elementary school?
73 general / Re: Being on the receiving end of uneven hospitality
« Last post by bah12 on Today at 07:18:58 PM »
I don't see reciprocation as an even monetary value to value exchange between friends. I have a big house that is well suited for entertaining. It's comfortable and I like being there.  I end up hosting more often because of this.  And I love it.  Like your friend, I like planning menus and cooking, so all of this is enjoyable to me.  I'm not keeping a tally of how many times I've been to someone else's house or how much they provided me in exchange.  I just don't think friendship works like that.

The reciprocation comes in the form of their company, the conversations we have, the number of times I can call them and run an idea past them and then have a great one hour phone conversation with them.  It comes in knowing that if I needed help with something, they'd help me.  If I couldn't have one of our traditional parties for some reason, they wouldn't make me feel guilty about it.  They help me clean up afterwards, etc.

In other words, if your friends aren't telling you there's a problem, they probably don't see one.

That being said, if you're uncomfortable, then I do think you need to address it.  Are you uncomfortable because it truly feels like they are giving you too much and not letting you pay for or do anything? Like she doesn't like your food, or doesn't think you can afford to help, or doesn't feel like she can count on you to get to the store?
Or are you noticing this, because you come to Ehell and people here say that you need to reciprocate when you're invited to a party?

If it's the latter, ignore it.  But, if it's the former, then I see nothing wrong with you pulling your friend aside and saying "I appreciate that you did all the planning for this picnic. It's awesome.  But, I really wanted to help and I felt like every offer I made was excused away.  It makes me feel like I'm not contributing and even though I know you say it all evens out, it's important to me to do something and contribute in some way."
Humor Me! / Re: Things that you just should NOT laugh at.
« Last post by Piratelvr1121 on Today at 07:16:47 PM »
Went out to eat with a group of friends to some restaurant...maybe an Applebees? It's been over 10 years, now.  Anyway, we're giving our orders and the guy orders a very rare burger and the waitress naturally is checking to be sure he really wants it rare and just how rare are we talking.

He said to just walk the cow past the fire on their way to the table.  The rest of us were laughing quite a bit as this guy was quite a cutup.
Save the silverware basket from your old dishwasher when you get another.  My new dishwasher has space on the door for silverware, but the space is small and skinny.  When I have a lot of silverware to clean I put it in the plastic basket from my old dishwasher, and push it gently down on the prongs of the lower level of the new dishwasher.

I also saved the rectangular pyrex type bottom from an old sandwich size microwave.  It is perfect for microwaving bacon. 

In fact, the heavy glass microwave turntables are rather pricey.  If the rest of the oven is unusable, it would be a good idea to label the turntable with the brand and model number and donate the thing.

If you have a number of fans to get out this spring, try unscrewing the screen guards that get dirty and putting them through the dishwasher.  Ditto for the burner pans on your stove.  In fact, there are many household things that can go safely through the dishwasher.  If in doubt about melting, be sure to turn off the heated drying element.  And of course, put your sponge or plastic scrubber through every day.

Keep a sharpie in your cupboard, and write the date on every thing that you open that is going into the fridge. 
Family and Children / Re: What do you all think of this?
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 07:09:37 PM »
Not after that experience, IMO.
^I only ask once.

The school district is looking to impose a parent dress code, which is definitely needed. The micro mini skirts and booty shorts worn by moms to volunteer at a high school? No.
Humor Me! / Re: My Child Is Crying Because...
« Last post by Elfmama on Today at 07:08:40 PM »
The two bigger kids 5 and 3, were having a screaming fight today because they each named the stuffed bunnies from their Easter baskets "Easter Bunny." They came up with those names independently and only realized it today.
Lord and Lady, I remember those days!  Get them identical toys and they'd argue over which bunny was whose.  Get them identical-but-different-color toys (one green bunny and one pink one, for instance) and they would argue over whose bunny was better!  ::) ;D   I also remember that as a kid myself; one time Mom took my toy puppy and embroidered a mark in its ear so that I could tell my puppy from my sibling's.
I buy packages of meats (steaks, chicken, etc.) in bulk, so I need to freeze the extras. 

After wrapping everything in plastic then foil, instead of writing the information on the Ziploc, I cut the information tag from the cellophane and place it printed side out, so it shows through the bag.  It already has the date and type of meat. 

If I need the weight, then that info goes on the baggie.  But most of the time Iím freezing steaks separately and batching chicken thighs.  My mom thought this was genius.
All In A Day's Work / Re: The Very Bizarre Phone Interview
« Last post by Em-and-Em on Today at 07:07:17 PM »
Veronaz, you've made your point quite clearly, and may I say frequently, that you disapprove of the OP's response to this phone interview. Believe me when I say we all get it.


Cass2591, thank you.  I am not quite sure why Veronaz feels the need to so persistently blame me for this woman's behavior.  As I have said previously, I did not encourage this behavior - she really did start right out of the gate with nonstop talking and continued from there.

I think I'd've stayed on the phone just as you did, OP, because there was a trainwreck fascination present in the whole monologue. You did get the information you needed -- in spades! -- and if this candidate contacts your employer again, you're well-prepared.

The few minutes spent on listening? Consider the story as a job perq. There are a few of those with most jobs.

I'll admit I'm treating it like a learning experience and as an amusing story.  Next time, thanks to the advice here, I'll be less timid and interrupt an interview hijacker.

If I may defend myself just a little bit - the organization I work for is a very public entity, and that it's been drilled into me that we should never leave a community member feeling disgruntled because we don't want our reputation to suffer.  Part of me felt that I had to humor this woman because I didn't want her to go off thinking, "Well, that museum is just awful!"  At another museum I have worked for, we had to "fire" a few volunteers because they were just terrible, and they turned around and badmouthed us to anyone and everyone who would listen.  It took a lot of work to undo their damage, and after seeing that I try very hard not to create situations where people are angry at my workplace in general.
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