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Time For a Coffee Break! / Kind of weird question about dental work
« Last post by Hillia on Yesterday at 09:30:02 PM »
DH's cousin needs a cavity filled.  He says his dentist won't do it because of his 'fat tongue'.  Is this really a thing?  I can see perhaps additional charges because it would take  longer/be more difficult, but surely it's possible.  I mean, people with Down syndrome often have enlarged tongues, and they get dental care.  It just sounds like an excuse on someone's part.
Gifts, Registries and Money / Re: Gift Ideas for a Coworker
« Last post by rose red on Yesterday at 09:26:30 PM »
One time for a coworker's wedding, I gave a picnic basket that had plastic dishes, cups, silverware already included inside. I don't remember how much it was but I know it wasn't too expensive since I'm cheap ;).
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Gender Reveal Photo (sigh)
« Last post by MommyPenguin on Yesterday at 09:26:19 PM »
A friend of mine had one I think I might copy (with the appropriate variant depending on whether we find out ours is a boy or a girl--another two weeks or so).

She already had three girls, so she had them line up on the sofa, each holding a balloon.  The oldest girl had a pink balloon that said "It's."  The next had a pink balloon that said "a."  And the littlest had a blue balloon that said "Boy!"  I'm not sure I trust my youngest with a balloon right now, so I might do the same with the three oldest holding balloons, and have the youngest hold... something else.  Or I could give her a balloon with just an exclamation point and see how she does with it.  :)

I think any baby item that's in blue or is obviously boy-ish would make a good reveal.  Baby shoes, baby toy, baby clothes, whatever.  Could be held by somebody or just by itself.  But if your 2-year-old is willing, doing something where he's holding the item, or holding a sign, would be really cute and probably a great picture to share with the new baby when he's old enough.
It really wouldn't have been necessary if you hadn't changed my original plans.

They didn't change her original plans - OP did (by agreeing to go).
Etiquette of the Rich and Famous / Re: Christina Aguilera's baby shower cake
« Last post by KenveeB on Yesterday at 09:15:08 PM »
Given the number of times similar designs have turned up on Cake Wrecks, I'm not all that surprised. But if one ever turns up at a shower I'm attending, I'm definitely NOT eating any!!
Family and Children / Re: My Mother's "Really?!" Moment
« Last post by Piratelvr1121 on Yesterday at 09:11:02 PM »
My brother was diagnosed with type 1 when he was 11, and we found out that a great-uncle died at age 4 of diabetes due to there being no insulin at all and very little understanding of how to take care of it.  Sure made me glad that at least in 1998 there was far more understanding.
"It wouldn't have been necessary if I'd chosen my own departure and arrival time. It really wouldn't have been necessary if you hadn't changed my original plans. This is the cost, and you agreed to pay it."

Too blunt, but it really annoys me when people get you to agree to something by making promises and then back out on them!
They...just up and bought plane tickets for you. Knowing that you had other plans.

Because they were absolutely 100% confident they would get their way.  That's very telling.

I don't think it matters who pays the pet sitter fee.  There are much bigger, deeper issues at play here.

79 general / Re: Come to the Party - Oh By the Way
« Last post by jaxsue on Yesterday at 08:56:14 PM »
This thread reminds me of what happened the last time I attended a small family reunion on my dad's side. I was flying into Toronto, and from there I was going to drive to N. Ontario. Now, even though I've been in Toronto many times, this was the first time I'd ever driven through it, and, TBH, I was a bit nervous (like driving in NYC, IMO).

My mom called me and said someone in the family had suggested I stop by my cousin's apt and pick her up and drive her to the reunion. Mom knew it was a ridiculous request, but she was asking just so she could say she had. There were many problems with this scenario: 1.) I don't know my way around the city - at all; 2.) I was staying at a B&B in my destination town - I have no idea what my cousin planned on doing; 3.) my cousin has pretty severe mental health issues, including extreme agoraphobia (she wouldn't even go into her own backyard); 3.) I was using all my spare time to do family research while at my destination, not something she'd be interested in; 4.) My schedule was tight, and I had a strict schedule if I wanted to make my flight on the return drive couple of days later.

My cousin knows the area very well - she grew up there. So it wouldn't be that difficult for her to get herself to the reunion. And, if she did have a panic attack, I wasn't qualified to deal with it.

Sometimes people just don't think these things through.

80 general / Re: An Exercise In Morbidity?
« Last post by jaxsue on Yesterday at 08:48:21 PM »
People have very different ideas about cemeteries. 

I've always enjoyed visiting them because I love history.  When I was a child it was not unusual for my parents and me to visit old and small cemeteries in the area.  Trying to read the epitaphs and finding the oldest grave was a sort of respectful game. Such a visit was also a time to learn about local plants. 

On the other hand, Mr. Thipu's family will avoid any mention of cemeteries.  As I've mentioned earlier, Greenwood is within an easy walk from our home.  When SIL and her DH stayed with us a few years ago, we suggested a visit because it's a pretty place and the foliage would be gorgeous at that time of year.   

I brought out a lovely, recent book on the place to show them how nice it is.  SIL's DH looked through it and said, 'I can't see why anyone would want to buy this'.

It's history.  It's art and architecture.  It's nature.  What's not to like?


This is Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn? I have visited a few times. It's a beautiful and fascinating place.

I enjoy visiting cemeteries for the history and, like you, the architecture. SIL's DH had the right to his opinion, but he should've kept it to himself.  :P
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