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Recipe Requests / Re: Favorite WW recipes?
« Last post by cross_patch on Today at 12:11:02 AM »
I don't follow ww, but I noticed the skinnytaste website has the points in there, and the recipes are awesome!
Family and Children / Re: Rude to pick at food?
« Last post by Rockie on Today at 12:01:18 AM »
Definitely rude (and immature), especially after you asked him not to the first time. Though somehow I get the feeling he would've done it anyway even if you did offer him the extra licorice the first time.

Have to say, I'm not impressed with your DH laughing along with him or at least not saying anything in your defense (unless I read wrong?).
Definitely sketchy. At our gym, cameras are banned. The only exception is children's swim lessons where there is one day you are allowed to take pictures and parents are given lots of advance notice.
Holidays / Re: Holidays by yourself
« Last post by blarg314 on Yesterday at 11:30:23 PM »

One thing I've found is that trying to duplicate your usual holiday routine when you're alone can actually make you feel things worse, when the trappings are there, but the people aren't.

You can vary things a bit. Do something self indulgent and enjoyable solo. My version might involve a new book or a binge of a favourite DVD set and a appetizer meal - olives and pickles, salami, pate, good cheese, sushi, veggies and dip, nice bread, a bottle of wine or some good beer, and staying in lounging pyjamas.

^ POD to what cicero just said.
Dating / Re: Etiquette of defining exclusivity- a spinoff
« Last post by blarg314 on Yesterday at 11:25:48 PM »

 I would say nothing wrong.

Four dates in over a month with no physical intimacy is still very casual dating, getting to know each other stage.

Exclusivity is one of those things where you shouldn't make assumptions, or you're going to get hurt. Actually, in relationships if something is important to you, you shouldn't assume the other person feels the same way - you should talk about it. People can have very different mutually exclusive needs or desires without either wanting something wrong.

My guess would be that Jenna assumed going on more than one date = exclusive couple, while Ralph assumed that they were still in the getting to know each other and seeing if they want to take the relationship further stage.

I actually think Ralph acted more maturely. When he saw Jenna being jealous/inquisitive of his relationship with other women, he realized that she may have different ideas that he did, and brought the topic up directly. Jenna, on the other hand, assumed that they were exclusive without discussing it, and only brought up her needs after he raised the issue.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Need costume ideas!
« Last post by wheeitsme on Yesterday at 11:24:38 PM »
Death of the Endless?  She looks however she wants.  Just Black and White.  And they have rinse out black hair dye.

All In A Day's Work / Re: HRLady from hell/Honesty in exit interview
« Last post by veronaz on Yesterday at 11:24:25 PM »
they can threaten to withhold your last paycheck,

No, they can't.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Catholic First Communion
« Last post by Marisol on Yesterday at 11:23:45 PM »
I valued my religious gifts very much. It depends on the kid, but I took them to be very special and I still have them. There was an embroidered bookmark with a prayer, a cross for my wall, a metal rosary in a nice box, and I was given some medals of saints.

I also got a stuffed animal from my parents which I loved, but I didn't love it more than the other things.  Then again, I took church pretty seriously because it was so mystifying to me and we didn't go very often nor was I pushed into believing anything. 
Family and Children / Re: Rude to pick at food?
« Last post by oopsie on Yesterday at 11:23:17 PM »
Did he know you had extra licorice?

Initially, probably not. However, since he watched me replace the first one he took, I'd have to say that more than likely he realized there were extras when he took the rest.
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