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81 general / Window Getting Hit by Wood Chips
« Last post by shabby on Today at 05:05:58 AM »
Yesterday I was sitting by our front window reading and I heard something hit the window. I opened the blinds and there was a guy in our neighbours yard grinding down a stump. Wood chips were flying into our yard and some were hitting our window. There was no damage but after I went to tell him about it and he started to argue with me and was very combative. He said there was no way that there could have been possibly any damage and etc etc. I was trying to explain to him that he only had to turn the machine a few degrees (wood still would have came onto our lawn but not hitting the window) and to be more careful. I wasn't being aggressive or anything just annoyed about the whole incident.

After he came and gave what I though was a sincere apology (nobody liked working Sundays, etc) but still I was blown away by the whole thing. I feel like I am in the twilight zone so if I need a reality check please do it, am I in the wrong?
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: would you have said something?
« Last post by medowynd on Today at 02:49:34 AM »
I was in the bulk department at Whole Foods, watching a man take samples from every dispenser.  He saw me walk over to the employee stocking in the section.  As I was speaking to the employee, the man made a quick exit.  He was well aware that I was reporting him, although I never spoke to him.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Pokemon Go craze
« Last post by Mayadoz on Today at 02:21:11 AM »
I caught so many Geodude, Onix, Slugma, Omanyte, Vulpix, Kabuto, and my first Shuckle. I really enjoyed this event.

I was able to evolve Kabutops and Golem.

Me too.
And as I only had to walk 1.25km instead of 5km to get a candy with my Dragonair buddy it means I'm up to only another 105km to go to evolution...!!  ;D
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: What Are You Wearing....?
« Last post by faithlessone on Today at 01:57:52 AM »
Been at MCM London (Film, tv, comic etc convention) for the past three days. Sadly I didn't do any proper cosplay, but:

Friday - N7 (Mass Effect) dress, later accessorised with a tiara
Saturday - Ladies of Marvel dress (black dress with loads of pictures of the Marvel heroines)
Sunday - Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) Ravager cosplay dress

Got several compliments on each!!! 😊😊😊
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Dear Dog:
« Last post by Julian on Yesterday at 11:55:21 PM »
Dear Misty

You're fitting in so well with Molly and Suzi dear, I'm so glad!  And you were so good at the vet's office yesterday too.  All up you're the sweetest little doggy and I adore you!

Now, one thing I must talk to you about...  bedtime.  You know - that time when I say 'bedtime!', let you out for a pee, and then we all get in the Big Comfie Bed (TM) and go to sleep.  Oops, sorry, we don't all go to sleep.

You would rather slide under the covers, claw your way down to the bottom of the bed, slide out from under the covers and then jump up at the top of the bed and tapdance on my head for a bit.  Repeatedly.

Sweetie, it's getting OLD.  If you don't start to get it soon you will be relegated to the <shame!> dog bed.  In the <horror!!!> lounge room.  Seriously dear.  I need some sleep!

Love and grumps

New Mum

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat
« Last post by Julian on Yesterday at 11:48:24 PM »
Dear Foster Kitty-Mama

I'm glad you've settled down and are a bit more chillin' than you were.  I've actually put the first aid kit away now!  It is also a great thing that you seem much more tolerant of the dogs, who are fascinated by babies of any kind and really don't want to eat you or your kittens, they just want to visit.

The kittens are doing well, and they're four weeks old now.  That's why I'm starting to wean them.  Which means, dear one, that you probably shouldn't eat their food (all diluted nicely with warm water) before they get a chance at it.  You do get plenty of your own.

Lots of lovins,

The fud ladee

(The spare room, where the foster kitties are, has the door open now with a picture canvas 80% across the entrance.  The dogs can stick their heads in to look but that's about it.  Molly in particular is fascinated by the babies, and wants to monitor/sneak peeks all day.  Kitty-Mama has gone from howling feline banshee to stink-eye with the occasional hiss at them.  She shows no signs of wanting to leave the room, but I've had her out a couple of times to sniff around when the dogs were outside.  Salem, my own kitty, studiously ignores the whole situation, as long as she gets her regular 25 square meals a day...)
I have a coworker who loves button up shirts and every single one of them is so snug that it forms a 2" wide, diamond shaped gap at the center of her chest. I'm a plus size lady with large chest myself and am 99% certain that it's a case of her picking an XL over a 1X, so she's not shopping in the Plus section. She wears a cami/tank under them always, but it looks so unprofessional. I've never said anything because I can't find a polite way to approach it. Our manager has never mentioned it to her either. It just makes me cringe internally, even though she is the sweetest of coworkers.
Last night DD#2's BFbob asked me for my permission to propose to DD#2! ;D ;D ;D

Why is that silly? That sounds like a big, exciting thing!
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Jury Duty
« Last post by cross_patch on Yesterday at 11:04:53 PM »
Just curious.  Why would a librarian at an art museum be considered an undesirable person to have on a jury?

My best guess is that they are educated and know how to look up information...and probably have learned how to think for themselves...

But I could be missing a nuance that someone with legal training would know.

That's about right, VorFemme.

  Librarians are, by nature, skeptics.  We encounter so much craziness from clients that we don't take much at face value.  In library like mine, we have to carefully vet the value of anything we might add to the collection.

  Curators in art museums are also highly skeptical because they encounter so many fakes.  Combine art museum and librarian and you have a juror who may be so skeptical about testimony that the juror is considered 'unpredictable'.  Neither the prosecution nor the defense wants a juror like that.

I'm pretty sure that's true of a lot of professions, and probably not exclusive to librarians.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Mentioning wardrobe malfunctions due to fit
« Last post by PastryGoddess on Yesterday at 10:15:57 PM »
I personally consider it a kindness when someone I know at work lets me know when I'm having a wardrobe malfunction.  Especially with a button down shirt. 

Saying, FYI, your shirt was gaping over your stomach when you were sitting down is perfectly fine.  She may decide she doesn't care, she may wear a tank top underneath it next time so her skin doesn't show, or she may go and get a different shirt.  Who knows. 
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