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I think people are getting burned out on the constant fundraisers, checkout donations, phone solicitors, door to door, workplace and FB solicitation to give money for something.  Some days it feels like I am bombarded by people who want money from me and honestly I have stopped giving altogether for awhile.  I maybe will pick it up again when I feel less bombarded.  I think many people just delete all requests of this nature and perhaps some don't check to see who they're from.

There is no point in keeping score, lots of parents are happy to get donations for their kids but don't necessarily reciprocate.  I agree it's not fair and is another reason I don't believe in school fundraisers.  I would rather see schools encourage direct giving programs so all money collected goes straight to the school and cut out the middleman altogether.
How long has your post been up? Not everyone looks at FB regularly.
83 general / Re: etiquette during two national anthems
« Last post by Katana_Geldar on Yesterday at 09:28:36 PM »
If you're after another really good rendition, this one is my favourite. It was at the Sydney Olympics and IMHO there's no other lady who's better than her at singing it. Even my grumpy stepfather liked it.
Jaime is Mary's boss and ultimately she reports to him.  I don't blame her for following her boss' instructions. 

The problem is not with Mary, it's with Jaime.  You can either tell Jaime, straight up, "don't delegate that task to Mary" or you can tell him that she needs to defer to your instructions on how to pull jobs.  But I don't think it's fair to get upset with Mary for following instructions given to her by her boss.

I would actually disagree with this.  Jamie gave her the original instructions, but Mary was doing the task for Pastry Goddess--who is also a supervisor, and was offering common sense information about the tasks.  Mary should have followed those instructions.

If I am working with a support person from another team who is assigned to help me, and who says, my boss has me do X task in Y manner, I expect them to comply when I say, fine, but I want it done in Z manner.  It is my project, and that is what counts. 

I think it is fine to describe what happened to Jamie and to say, you should first, explain to Mary that there are some practical aspects that are not covered by the manual that are learned from experience, and second, it is important to be open to instructions from others in the company with seniority and experience.  If Mary thought there was a problem, she could have sought clarification from Jamie rather than perform the task in a way that was not helpful. 

I'm not the OP :)  and I don't disagree with what others are saying in how to bring it up with Jaime. 

Oops!  Sorry! 
85 general / s/o of the zucchini bread post and s/o of rude or tacky.
« Last post by MOM21SON on Yesterday at 09:19:20 PM »
Ok, both these threads made me think of something.

In the Zucchini thread, some have said that the OP is keeping score.  The rude or tacky thread reminded me of my sons school current fundraiser.

In the past year alone, I've donated to many causes.  Causes that FB friends have requested and friends outside of FB.  Several hundred dollars worth.  If I had to add up the years worth, it's thousands.

My sons school is currently having a fundraiser of a well known candle company.  The school gets 40% of the sales.  We have not participated in any school fundraisers since kindergarten when I realized how weird it made me feel. 

So I posted a link to the sale on FB. It's all done online, click, shop, order and the order is shipped to your home.

I have had 2 people shop.  I do feel hurt and I guess I am keeping score.  I'm certainly not losing sleep over it, but I think about it, it kind of irks me.  And, this certainly won't stop any future donations I want to make.


86 general / Re: Airplane Etiquette
« Last post by AmethystAnne on Yesterday at 09:08:57 PM »
OP...... do you have birch or bamboo circular knitting needles? They are very quiet (almost soundless), and are lighter in weight than aluminum.

I worked on a knitted project on bamboo circulars when I flew from Nashville to San Diego 3-4 years ago.

87 general / Re: etiquette during two national anthems
« Last post by GreenEyedHawk on Yesterday at 09:04:31 PM »
Katana I actually had a bit of trepidation when I clicked your link....I really don't care for when a singer "dresses up" the anthem, with their voice fluctuating all over the place to "make it their own".  I think that with something as significant as a national anthem, it should be sung the way it was meant to be.

That being said, Marcia Hines's rendition that you linked to was really beautiful and respectful.  She has a wonderful voice.

I really sing O, Canada with gusto.  I can also sing it in two languages.  I like The Star-Spangled Banner but it's a little beyond my vocal range LOL.
Recipe Requests / Re: Chocolate Gravy
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Yesterday at 09:03:58 PM »
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Dear Dog...Dear Cat
« Last post by Dazi on Yesterday at 09:01:05 PM »
To all my furbabies,

I don't know which one of you did it or where is at, but I know one of you killed a lizard and hid it somewhere. That most likely rules out the little princess as she likes to eat her lizard delicacies with great flourish. Please consider copying princess's disposal technique.

Also, you can quit being mad at me for trimming your nails.  You all were sticking to everything including the carpet, clothes, and the sofa. It was way past time.

Your human
90 general / Re: Am I being rude or tacky?
« Last post by AmethystAnne on Yesterday at 08:59:51 PM »
Our HS girls swim team does this exact thing with the big bag company, whose name escapes me at the moment.

Also, are you in a location where there are the restaurants that will donate a portion of their proceeds on a certain night to an organization?  The organization provides volunteers to do minor work, like deliver orders to tables.  They also promote it a lot.  Win-win for the business and the charity.

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