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81 general / Re: Etiquette of walking speeds
« Last post by CaffeineKatie on Today at 05:24:11 PM »
I'm the polar opposite--I'm a very slow walker, so I try to stay to the right and I LOVE when people just zip right past me the way the OP described.  I don't have to feel guilty that I'm holding people up and I don't have to worry about falling or pulling something trying to keep up; sounds to me that you are definitely not rude.  Now, if you pass me and get the last chocolate brownie in the cafeteria--well, then, we are gonna arm wrestle!  ;D
Dice and statistics.  If you're throwing only one die, you have a 1-in-6 chance of throwing the number that you want.  Let's say it's a 5.  If you throw 2 dice, how does it change the odds?  Is it still 1-in-6?  Or does it raise to 1-in-3?  or something else? 

I think I broke DH's brain with this one.   >:D

If you throw one die, you have six possible outcomes, with each one being an equal chance of success.  If you throw two dice, you have 6x6=36 possible outcomes.  Each of those 36 is equally likely, but if you're just looking at the total, some of them overlap.  So there's a 1/36 chance of the first die being a 3 and the second die being a 2, but if you're just looking for "anything that totals 5" there are four of those 36 outcomes which would give you the same result (1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1).  Divide the 36 possible outcomes by the 4 that meet your criteria, and you have a 1-in-9 chance of rolling a total of five.
I know a lot of people have a hard time grasping the inviting of the IL's, but I get it.  That's the way it works for me too.  My parents extend invited to my IL's and occasionally my IL's do the same.  It's just the way it works for us.

My IL's waffle as well.  A lot.  There are times where, until they knock on the door, I am not positive they are coming.

Feel free to call and give them a deadline.  Stress the need for a commitment because you need be sure food wise.  I'd even have your DIL put a bug in their ear too.

Then, if they RSVP yes, be prepared for them to cancel.

I deal with it by only preparing food I am okay with as leftovers, so if they cancel last minute the food isn't wasted.  Things that freeze well or I can use again creatively for another meal.

Then decide how important is it to invite them.  If it is simply for DIL's sake, ask her if she wants you to continue ( provided you are willing to keep dealing with the waffling) or if she thinks you should just drop it.

My parents keep inviting my IL's out of concern and caring, though they almost always check with me first and are prepared for a last minute no show.
84 general / Re: Etiquette of walking speeds
« Last post by TootsNYC on Today at 05:15:14 PM »
It's rude for a group to be spread out across the walking path not allowing anyone to pass easily, but it's not rude of you to pass a group the way you described at all.


The party who is rude in the situation you describe is the one blocking the path.

If it were so crowded that you'd have to step up on the base of the streetlamp to get around them, I'd say you  need to wait until you can say, "excuse me," and they can sensibly make room for you to get by.
Dice and statistics.  If you're throwing only one die, you have a 1-in-6 chance of throwing the number that you want.  Let's say it's a 5.  If you throw 2 dice, how does it change the odds?  Is it still 1-in-6?  Or does it raise to 1-in-3?  or something else? 

I think I broke DH's brain with this one.   >:D

I'm pretty sure the probability stays the same. If you're trying to roll a 3, you have a 1 in 6 chance with one die. If you add another die, you have two 3s, but you also added five other not-3s. So, you have 2 chances out of 12 to roll 3, which is the same as 1 in 6.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: DECLUTTERING
« Last post by Gwywnnydd on Today at 05:11:57 PM »
I cleaned the shelves in my refrigerator.

In the process I touched all the things, and threw out the stuff that was simply never going to be used (bottles of ginger beer concentrate that I ended up not caring for, an unidentified chutney-ish stuff, some pepperoni that had migrated to the back of the fridge and threatened to demand voting rights...).

It's a small step, but it's a step.

And now none of my fridge shelves are sticky!  ;D
87 general / Re: Friendship readjustment--need help
« Last post by Danika on Today at 05:11:39 PM »
Still doesn't explain the birthday party, though, or Christmas shopping.


It also doesn't explain why she couldn't text you back and say "I'm so busy and drowning with work and life. I can't do lunch now. I hope your recovery is going well. I'm sorry I can't see you right now" or even a short text like "lunch won't work today. Hope you're recovering well."
88 general / Re: Am I REQUIRED to give a Wedding present?
« Last post by TootsNYC on Today at 05:11:06 PM »
Maybe you can lobby for a khaki skirt and a white top, w/ a purple scarf--would that cut the costs / increase the odds of reuse?

Thinking about the potluck: having their family bring things isn't really potluck; that's "recruiting help from their families" in most instances. For one thing, families often pitch in cash (and it was once traditional for the bride's family to host the entire reception). And depending which friends they're asking to bring other stuff, it may also be "not so much potluck as it is 'asking friends for help,' " which Etiquette does allow for.
Went with my Dad to the allergist Monday afternoon.  I had to run out and buy a couple of things we thought he was allergic to so they could do the tests - not something they keep in stock.  Monday night, I made lazy cabbage rolls and pastry and got the dishwasher run.  Last night, I activated my new credit card and called the folks who needed the updated info.  I unpacked the dishwasher and tried on a whole bunch of clothes to see what could go to the consignment shop today.  I got a whole pile of on-line training done at work and was able to knit while I was listening to it so I got another hat done.

Tonight, I'm doing dishes and hopefully my taxes.  Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off to bake bread, roll pastry for lemon pies and make up some raspberry and blueberry pies for the freezer.  And get the car packed for heading to my brother's for Easter.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Thrift Score!
« Last post by Venus193 on Today at 05:05:30 PM »
Since joining a board and card game Meetup I was getting major sticker shock on the price of games.

Until I found a brand-new one for $3 in the Salvation Army:

Since then I've gotten this one -- brand new --  for $1:

Today's finds (combined total $9):

  still in the shrink-wrap

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