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Humor Me! / Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Last post by VorFemme on Today at 11:16:55 AM »
Some back story...

Living room TV broke, unable to replace right now. DF's computer monitor is a 32" TV. TV is in the living room normally, but DYS is visiting, so 32" is back as a computer monitor. I was watching TV in the bedroom in a chair on DF's side of the bed. DF, who was not feeling well went to bed. As soon as he fell asleep, he farts, I hear it, but, thanks to the fan on my side of the bed, blowing across the bed, I was now party to the stench of a 1000 dead elephants. I had to cover my nose, or die a  death of my own. Also, I have discovered, that DF farts every night the minute he falls asleep. I will be happy when there is a TV permanently in the living room again.

A single lit candle in the room does wonders when someone farts...just place it somewhere where it is visible, so that nobody puts any plastic too close to it* or forgets to blow it our before going to sleep.

*The candle melted a hole in the lid to the container he was eating chips out bed.  He didn't smell the melting plastic - but upset the chips when I yelped & snatched the lid off the still burning candle.  The heated plastic still smelled better than his out-gassing after corn chips and bean dip.

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Household help request
« Last post by Free Range Hippy Chick on Today at 11:16:19 AM »
And of course you'll be posting a link to it here, yes?  Enquiring minds will want to read it. >:D
Family and Children / Re: Please take care of these things
« Last post by Outdoor Girl on Today at 11:03:07 AM »
I'd be tempted to only meet them out at restaurants for meals.   :P

I would 'relative' proof your home as much as possible.  Get a pad for the table and use a table cloth that cleans easily.  Get a set of Corelle (or the like) dishes that don't break.  Put hot pads down the centre of the table.  If there is a particular area prone to spills, get a throw rug for that area that you can wash.

I like SamiHami's idea for minimizing the damage and educating them without preaching.
Some people lose their appetites as they age, or just generally eat less. If she's older, it's quite possible that she's not hungry then. She may just eat a yogurt cup, a single piece of toast, a scoop of cottage cheese, or small bowl of cereal for dinner when she's at home alone (my own GM was notorious for this), instead of cooking a full meal. So, she just doesn't understand why'd you'd want to cook a full meal with leftovers.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Baby Names - You're kidding Right???
« Last post by ladyknight1 on Today at 11:01:56 AM »
Diahana, pronounced Diana  :-X
Family and Children / Re: Please take care of these things
« Last post by Yvaine on Today at 10:54:46 AM »
Since you seem to like these people and otherwise enjoy their company, I would suggest a few things. Firstly, don't allow them to help you in the kitchen. If someone jumps in anyway, don't be shy about saying, "Oh, you've got the soup! Please put it on that red kitchen towel right there." Try to direct them to tasks that are less likely to create a big mess ("Please carry that basket of dinner rolls out to the table"). If you see them not using a coaster, just get one and put it under their drinks without comment. Hopefully they'll eventually pick up on the idea that PennyandPleased wants them to use coasters.

As for your partner, he could gently just comment when the opportunity arises that you are used to things being done a certain way in your home and that you/he hopes that they will indulge you in that regard. I wouldn't jump all over someone for a mistake, but I would say, "Oh, dear, I really wish you had told me about that spill. It's so much easier to clean up when it's fresh."

You could, for the sake of harmony, make it your "little quirk" that you want things done a certain way, rather than letting them know that you think their standards are too low.

It'll take time and some gentle correcting, but since everyone seems to be of good will I think that you can, over time, train them to indulge your "quirk."

Or blame the furniture. My table's a special snowflake, it doesn't deal with hot pots well.
 I grew up in the country, and my parents' house had a lot of bat and flying squirrel invasions. Warning: Many of the flying squirrels did not survive, because my parents hit a point of exhaustion. Think Samuel L. Jackson in "Snakes on a Plane". The bats were entertaining because Mom would scream wildly while flailing a badminton racket at the poor creature until it either left the house or left the earthly plane. One year, we got a new roof put on and that's when the flying squirrel invasion started. It hasn't really stopped. Some highlights: One glided gracefully across the dining room, landing in Mom's clean dishes. Another one dropped into my parents' bed one night and our cat chased it into the loft, dived to get it, and fell out. She was fine, and the squirrel was never found. One ended up in our Christmas tree, while our cat was sleeping under it. Then there was the one I found in the toilet after school. Dad had the honors of fishing that one out. And of course, the one that Sis found in her room- she thought it was a chipmunk, Dad was half asleep and dismayed at yet another new form of wildlife invading the house that he grabbed the firs large book he saw and dispatched the squirrel from the earthly plane. What book did he use? The family Bible. The squirrels are still there, but now, they live in the ceiling. On a quiet night, you can hear the pitter patter of their little feet, and sometimes the sound of them rolling their nuts around. Mom has called a truce with them as long as she doesn't see them.

Ironically, Mom would find snakes outside, and Dad would have a stern talk with them, informing them under no uncertain terms that they needed to leave or his wife would make him kill them. It worked- he was like a snake whisperer or something.

After I moved out, I thought my wildlife run-ins were over. Nope. At the apartment DH and I shared, a possum meandered into the kitchen on evening. I screamed and threw shoes at it until it meandered back out. A few years back, I saw a wild turkey walking down the sidewalk a few blocks over. And when we first bought our house, we had a mama skunk and her babies take up temporary residence in our garage. The neighbors were freaked, but I assured them that Mama Skunk and Family would move on in a few weeks, and they did. They were cute. :-D
Carrying on and on about how hard you're all working and how it's so much effort over her and she doesn't need all this fuss?  While she doesn't offer any help? And is hopelessly ineffective when she does help?

I'm very sorry, but you appear to have acquired my aunt Jen. If she tends to disappear into the bathroom after dinner and emerge just as you're finishing up the dishes, exclaiming that oh, you're already done, she was going to help, and after all that hard work to make her dinner, then it's her for sure.

The good news is, she's very happy with a bucket of chicken or a pizza.
Family and Children / Re: Please take care of these things
« Last post by BeagleMommy on Today at 10:50:09 AM »
POD to the gentle "nudges" about where to set hot pots and putting the coasters under drinks.  Eventually, they will get the hint.

The other option is to use paper plates, disposable flatware, and paper cups whenever they come to visit.  That way you don't have to worry about breaking dishes.
Similar situation with my father who was staying with my DH and I for a few days one time. I got home from work the first day and started making dinner. He very firmly and dramatically stated there was no need to make dinner because he wasn't hungry! I told him that DH and I would still like to have dinner and he could have some if he wanted or have nothing or help himself from the fridge later. He promptly sat down and ate two helpings. My dad passed away last year, but DH and I still chuckle about this.
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