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Family and Children / Re: Towels ... Buying gifts to your own taste
« Last post by TootsNYC on Today at 10:11:03 AM »
I make bread by hand and rice in a pan on the stove. I have absolutely no interest in owning a bread machine or rice cooker. I don't have the counter space and I don't need another appliance to clean. (Besides, a bread machine feels like cheating!) If someone were to give me either one of these because s/he thinks I need it, the giver would be thanked graciously and the item regifted at my earliest opportunity.

Which of course is fine--but that does not mean the giver has done the slightest thing wrong.
People are allowed to give gifts that bomb.

But if you've been told by X that they don't want a bread machine or a rice cooker and you buy one for them anyway, then I think you are being at the least inconsiderate in not respecting their feelings on the subject.

That was not the scenario I was commenting on.
When people insist on making something so much harder than it needs to be.

My boss is in need of a certain kind of paper pad, a type that is not regularly used (and thus not even stocked) in the office supply room.  However, it's not expensive and it would be no trouble for me to run over to the supply store down the street and get it.  I would even pay for it myself as expensing it would be more trouble than it's worth.  But no.  I was to go around to everyone I knew and ask if perhaps they maybe might have this dumb pad of paper.  So I spent 30 minutes doing that before just going out and getting it from the store.  I could have done THAT in less than 10 minutes.
83 general / Re: When The Current Wife Calls The Ex Wife
« Last post by Jones on Today at 10:08:23 AM »
I am sure she is at the end of the line and "looking for permission" to get out now. Regardless she needs that from herself, not you, and a psychologist will have to help with that.

I doubt she will call again as you shut her down efficiently, but if she does just repeat that you won't get involved and she needs a professional.
84 general / Re: When The Current Wife Calls The Ex Wife
« Last post by siamesecat2965 on Today at 10:00:20 AM »
I think you were fine, and if you can't block her number, if she calls again, I'd be short, sweet and firm. Tell her again you asked her not to call you at work, at all, what have you, you can't give her any "pointers" or advice, and hang up. It's most certainly your problem she's having issues with your ex, her current husband.  She needs to be the one to figure out what to do, etc. not you.
I think there's a difference between buying someone a gift that you'll use while staying at their home vs. buying someone a gift to demonstrate that their tastes are WRONG. For instance, we don't drink coffee in my house very often, so it wasn't worth it to us to have a coffee maker on hand when we were a married couple first starting out. My dad IS a coffee drinker and when my parents started visiting and staying with us, he bought us small four-cup coffee pot that could be easily stored in a cabinet when we weren't using it.

Dad wasn't buying the coffee pot to show us, "I like coffee. You're WRONG not to like coffee! You should like coffee." He was doing it because it enhanced his own comfort and helped us provide hospitality to other coffee drinkers when they visited our home.

My BFF's dad did the same thing. She's one of five, none of whom drink coffee. Her dad did, so he bought 5 inexpensive coffee makers, and gave one to each of his kids, for his use, when her parents visited. And they were used for other guests who also drank coffee. Same idea; her dad wasn' saying "you're a horrible host/hostess for not providing me with a means to make my morning coffee" but it was more along the lines of he did it for his comfort, and his kids were fine with it.

I've done the same thing with my mom; bought things and left them there for my use, and anyone else, as it was something she didn't need, want or use. She had no issue whatsoever with me doing that.
Family and Children / Re: Towels ... Buying gifts to your own taste
« Last post by Twik on Today at 09:55:15 AM »
It's hard to live up to "give gifts according to the giver's taste, not your own," at least until telepathy becomes common. I've found that a great way to learn what gifts to give others is to make note of what they give me, and give similar things back, because most of the time they're giving me what they think would be cool presents to get themselves.

I know I sometimes think "This widget is wonderful! I bet all my friends would like a widget just like this!" when they actually don't. But my heart would be in the right place if I purchased them widgets, because I honestly think they'll like it.

Now, if my friends tell me in advance they don't want widgets, I need to try to remember that.
This ignorant pronunciation is on me...Vienna Sausages

I say vyena (rhymes with hyena)    I was recently corrected to say V enna (rhymes with henna) as in the city.   

Ooops, I have always heard vyena.  I am from Texas and so are the previous three generations, we are all ignorant apparently. 

From Wikipedia: In some regions (especially the American South) these canned versions of Vienna Sausages are colloquially referred to as "Veye-EEnna" or "Vie-ee-nee" (vɑI-iː-nə / vɑI-iː-ni) sausages, or simply "vie-ee-nees." They are a common staple in lunches for those working in the skilled trades (such as construction trades) due to their ability to be eaten without being heated, their portability, and stable shelf life in hot climates. They are often paired with saltine or Ritz Crackers
88 general / Re: When The Current Wife Calls The Ex Wife
« Last post by weaselfrance on Today at 09:50:00 AM »
If her marriage is a mess then I have every sympathy for SallySue, but it's odd that she'd ring and ask you for tips on how to handle her husband when the way you handled his shenanigans was to remove yourself from that whole situation.

Can you block her number on your phone(s)?. If not just keep repeating what you've already said.
Recipe Requests / Re: A 'Spanish' Dessert?
« Last post by Hmmmmm on Today at 09:49:01 AM »
I've used this recipe for a Spanish Almond cake many times. I often make Paella for dinner parties and because it's so labor intensive I like being able to make this the day before. I make it in a 9" springform pan. It's always a hit. Sometimes I'll make a raspberry sauce to serve with it. It also makes a wonderful option when I need to serve a gluten free dessert since it using almonds and no flour.

If you want something lighter than a cake (though the almond cake is pretty light) this Oranges in Spiced Red Wine is also a nice option. You can prepare everything at home and then just serve up.  We had something similar while visiting Spain and I found this recipe when I returned home and have made it once, but really enjoyed it. Also, I recommend reading the reviews. It seemed like several people boiled their syrup on too high of a heat and had to start over. I didn't have that problem as I brought to a boil and then reduced heat to low and just let it simmer till I got the consistency I liked. Someone also mentions serving it with a chocolate biscotti which I bet would be great.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Interview Scheduling Etiquette
« Last post by shhh its me on Today at 09:46:42 AM »
This is actually a pretty tough one , I don't think you can have too many appointments pop up in your first weeks on a job.  The first one I wouldn't have batted an eye at but I would be very frustrated with a new hire who started on the 1st and told me on the 5th "I have an appoint for the 9th can I come in a hour late." and then told me on the 7th "I have an appointment on the 14th I need 1/2 a day off." My frustration would come not from a new hire having 2 appointments but making an appointment with a one week out booking(I would come to that conclusion based on you not telling me about both appointments at the same time)  10 days into their new job with out asking me "I need to make an appointment that will take 1/2 a day , which day is best for me to do that."   

My question is did you book the second interview already? if not is there flexibility on which day/slot you book it for? If you can give your employer flexibility then I would ask which 1/2 is best for them.  If you already booked it I hate to say this but I think I would call in sick, I would personally ding you less for a sick day then booking an appointment without checking what time work best for me.  Again personally there is no way I would not schedule  an interview that would possibly eliminate a 2 or 4 hour commute (I'm not sure if you meant 2 hours round trip or each way.)   

I should add I'm from the US and I have a very strong impression that employer attitudes are very different about sick days and appointments in other places.
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