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All In A Day's Work / Re: As of midnight today I am unemployed...
« Last post by sejeroo on Today at 08:24:50 AM »
I found that making a master list of "things I'd like to get done" helped.

That way, after everyone was gone, and the normal daily things were set, I could peruse the list:
Drop books off at the nursing home- I can do that today!
Go to town hall- don't feel like doing that today!

That way I felt like I was accomplishing some things- but I tried not to pressure myself too badly into doing everything all at once.

And don't feel guilty about taking some time to relax. Be sure to take some "me" time.
I did our quarterly budget review of our personal finances. I found that between Dining Out and Groceries, we are actually under budget for food expenses year to date. We are even $25 under budget on our vacation spending. So, I keep wanting to go clothes shopping, or swing through the drive through and buy shakes, because, hey! found money! Except we've been extra careful with our food budget due to other unexpected expenses, so we are actually over budget overall. The logical part of my brain knows to look at the whole picture, but the reward center is saying, "you did great! you deserve something special!" Grrr....
Could you get your reward centre to accept: "you did great! you deserve something special - here is a present of not having to worry about [other shortfall]"?

I'm all for tricking my brain if that helps me be happier in the long run.

Back on topic: for *ahem* years I've wanted to "develop".  Now I've put on enough weight to have a cleavage, this hot weather* we're having is causing "glow" to run between those longed-for mamaries!

*I know 36C/97F isn't that hot, but it's sufficient to quell the impetus to get some exercise/lose some weight.  :(
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Thrift Score!
« Last post by Venus193 on Today at 08:11:34 AM »
My latest scores are mostly games for $1 or $2 (the original Cranium at $1 with nothing missing), a full roll of florists' paper for $2 and this for $10:

And Shark Week is coming up!
All In A Day's Work / Re: Interview Lunch
« Last post by Hmmmmm on Today at 08:08:33 AM »
I have a question that hasn't been addressed . . . what about leftovers? Is it acceptable to ask for a doggie bag?

Most times that I go out to eat I cannot finish the entire plate and usually bring home close to 1/2 the meal.

Just curious.

OP -- Good Luck! Relax, enjoy, and be yourself.  ;D

No. Never ask for a doggie bag during an interview.

I have asked for a doggie bag during department lunches, but that's a casual thing where we all know each other and everybody is doing it. But an interview has a different set of rules.

I agree. Though if I was doing the interview it wouldn't bother me. But if I was the guest I'd feel odd about it.

Can you accept if the interviewer suggests it ? I wouldn't ask but if I was doing the interview I might suggest it with sincerity.

Sure, I guess. But I can't imagine making the suggestion if I was doing the interview. It would imply I was paying more attention to their meal than I should be. Of course I can see there's half a chicken on their plate but etiquette states I shouldn't be noting other's eating. However if the host says " I think I'll get my left overs boxed up" I think it's fine to say "good idea. Me too."
All In A Day's Work / Re: As of midnight today I am unemployed...
« Last post by JenJay on Today at 08:04:48 AM »
Good point!

We have Verizon cells. They changed how they bundle phones, minutes/texts, and data so we switched 3 of our phones over and instantly started saving $50 a month for the *exact* same usage we had before. When our daughter's contract is up next month we'll switch her over, too, and save an additional $20 a month.
I think it may have been common, but nowadays it's a TV/FIlm thing - it's a good way to indicate why the characters are suited up in a hurry (usually), and what they're getting ready for : buttonhole=wedding.

Otherwise I would say only typical for the men of the wedding party to wear them - groom, FOB, FOG, Best man and ushers.
"I'll have to check with (someone else: like a significant other, relative, or boss)  to see what the exact plans are - I just know that there is something set up....then trail off and change the subject.

I don't like to say that I need to check with my calendar or some third party, unless it's something that interests me and I genuinely have to see if I am free. . Either the person keeps bugging you "have you check with your boss yet?" or keeps suggesting alternate times.

Depending on the situation & my relationship with the person, I have had good luck with "Sorry, it's not going to happen" (in a rather determined tone that indicates it's non-negotiable) or "I am choosing not to do it." If pushed, I just go broken record and repeat the same phrase. "I choose not to do it" works well for me, because it is a reason, but a reason that can't be countered. "But, why are you choosing not to do it?" "I just choose not to do it. That all." "There must be a reason." "That's my reason. I choose not to do it."
I'm a person who "checks my calender" for that very reason - it gives me the breathing space to go away & practise saying "I have other plans, and it's not the sort of thing I'm interested in doing, anyway, but thank you for offering."

I suspect that [briefly] raises false hope, but it gives me the space to find where I last saw my spine and tell them the truth [not interested].  I can also do that at a time of my choosing...

With particularly persistent relatives I take the cowardly option of 'speaking to their machine'. :-\

If they do call back to continuing pushing, I find I can firm myself up at that point to say "I said I wasn't interested, and *ooh*, bean dip, yum!  Gotta go, bye."  With my lot, I then let the machine pick up all further calls!

And at this point I want to say a big *huge* thanks to EHell for getting me to realise I'm not an invertebrate, even if I'm still having to do the spine-strengthening exercises.
The whole world doesn't speak your language and it is rude to expect it of them.  If you are going to a foreign country and don't speak the language, pick up a Berlitz phrase book a few weeks in advance and practice the basic phrases.  Things like "Is this the way to the Eiffel Tower?" or "Where is the restroom?" 

It also doesn't hurt to research cuisine and mealtime customs for where you are going.  There are still places in Spain where you can't get a meal between 3 and 7 PM and no restaurant waiter anywhere wants to have to try to explain a menu to someone whose language he doesn't speak or speak well enough. 
1 Basic non smart cell phone
1 basic kindle e reader.

That's it.
Drivers that will not pass a cyclist even with plenty of clearance!
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