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Techno-quette / Re: Calling out a Liar?
« Last post by Specky on Today at 01:36:17 PM »
I would suggest that when her posts move into the category of trying to dupe people, someone should contact the mods or administrator and let them deal with it.  I might find if there is a sticky mod note about these sorts of posts and refer other posters to this post as a reminder to think.

Otherwise, I might look forward to her posts as the next installment of interesting entertainment.

I will say that people can have a disease or a health condition and have a very poor or nonexistent grasp of terminology.  Ex:  we once had deaf-from-birth parents of a new baby who's baby had just been confirmed to be deaf as well.  These parents sent out a group text to family and friends that read:  "He death".   We had a very large number of crying, upset family and friends show up, expecting the worst.  When asked, the parents confirmed that is exactly what they meant to send.  They didn't get that there was a difference between deaf and death.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: The Perfect Pizza
« Last post by crankycat on Today at 01:34:55 PM »
I love the very thin cracker crust (which I can't find gluten free). I used to buy plain crusts and spread with smoked oil dusted with sea salt and onion powder, and then add crispy bacon, spinach, and tons of mozzarella and parmesan cheese. No oregano for me. And I want to cheese to be golden brown. Cut it into squares, please.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Decorum at the nursing home.
« Last post by Thipu1 on Today at 01:33:18 PM »
When we visited MIL in her Senior community, we were always limited to one drink in the apartment  before going to Dinner and urged to be speak in whispers while walking in the halls.     

'Old people do not like to hear loud noises and drinking makes young people speak too loudly'. 

MIL's hearing was quite good but she chose to be selectively deaf.  While we were asked to be silent, we could hear music by Bruce Springsteen and the Grateful Dead seeping out from under apartment doors.  We could also hear the kind of laughter that usually indicates the people inside were having a bit more than one drink.  At least they were having a good old time. 

I say, 'Go for it!'. Enjoy yourself as much as you can for as long as you can.  It's highly unlikely there will be a rash of pregnancies in the retirement community. 
Family and Children / Re: S/O negative feedback on baby name
« Last post by Twik on Today at 01:29:42 PM »
Baby Dalek

"Extewminate! Extewminate!"
I stopped by a Dollar General a few months ago on my lunch break to pick up a few items. When I got to the register to check out, there was a woman and her teenage daughter having the cashier deduct one item at the time from the already bagged items (there were already a bunch of bags full of party decoration items). The woman kept saying that she only had $20 and kept saying that she needed more things for a baby shower and couldn't decide what to put back.

I thought it was strange that the woman thought she could get that much stuff for only $20 but thought it was just a miscalculation on her part. After about 10 minutes of this, I was in a hurry and was worried about using up the rest of my lunchbreak while this woman kept saying that she just didn't know what else she could put back and that she wished she could have gotten more stuff while making eye contact with the rest of the line.
Finally, I spoke up and offered to pay for the last item with my order. The woman looked at me and said "I just need $5". I told her that I was planning to pay for my order with my debit card and that her item could just be rang up with mine and I would give it to her. The woman looked at me sniffing and said "No, I just need $5 cash and I'll pay you back." (I didn't even know this woman so I don't know how she was planning to do that. LOL).

Here's the part where I was stupid and could kick myself. I pulled out $5 from my purse and gave it to her so that she would finally finish her order. She kept going on and on again about how she needed more decorations and wished she could get them today. She finished her order and paid the cashier and then said "Oh, I forgot my cold medicine!" and had the cashier retrieve some medicine from behind the counter and ring it up. She then pulled some cash out of her pocket and paid for it, gathered her things and left.  :o

After she left, the cashier looked at me and said "That was really sweet of you but do you think you got played?".

Doh!  :-[ :-[ :-[

Family and Children / Re: S/O negative feedback on baby name
« Last post by Twik on Today at 01:28:56 PM »
'Babylon 5' isn't that bad a name.  8)
... and, most infamously, "Private Parts".

There's a man who needs to be promoted immediately.
87 general / Re: Sitting in seats that weren't ours?
« Last post by Goosey on Today at 01:28:11 PM »
This happened at a beach band performance I went to once. There was a "VIP" section right in front of the stage. You had to have bracelets to enter and you paid to get in. The performers didn't like that there was so much space between them and the crowd (the VIP section was sparse) and so asked the concert organizers to remove the makeshift "fence" so everyone could come forward. On the one hand, I felt bad for the people who had paid money to be in the privileged section. On the other, I go by the "He who has the mic makes the rules" line of thought.

If I had been in the VIP section I would have demanded my money back. I don't do well in crowds (get bad panic attacks). I might have paid to be in the VIP section to be close to the stage without being in a crowd. With the crowd moving in I would have to go way back far away from the stage to be comfortable.

I would have done the same. If the VIP perks are taken away, what did they pay for?
Family and Children / Re: S/O negative feedback on baby name
« Last post by Chip2 on Today at 01:27:54 PM »
'Babylon 5' isn't that bad a name.  8)

And while it may seem odd to have your teacher called you "Doctor" in elementary school, it can get really weird if you end up in medical school and everyone now has to call you Doctor Doctor Who  ;D

During my military career I've encountered a "Major Major", "Sergeant Major Major", "Major Minor", "Airman Soldier", "Petty Officer Petty", "Private Pyle", "Colonel Sanders", and, most infamously, "Private Parts".
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Professional Darwinism: Update to OP on p.74
« Last post by Twik on Today at 01:27:20 PM »
Okay, the rest is PDarwinism, but I have to admit, I'd be pretty darn annoyed if someone else being brought in to do an extremely similar job to me was earning nearly 10k more.

Considering there is an enormous difference in educational standing, it doesn't sound that surprising to me. It would, of course, still be annoying if Princess were doing a good job, just as good as someone with the level of education they're looking for. But I wonder if part of the problem is that people have said, "Princess isn't doing the job, we need to pay for someone with the right credentials next time."
Techno-quette / Re: FB Status Hijacked!
« Last post by Specky on Today at 01:25:33 PM »
I think you can selectively delete comments.  If I had been having a conversation of sorts with Erin (probably have names mixed up) and someone jumped in and started a trollish sort of argument, I might have PM'd the grumpy one and told her to stop, or I might delete her comments, or I could change her status, or...or...or...lots of choices.  If I wanted to save the conversation for some reason, such as funny comments, I might make that particular status private so only I could see it, then do a hack job on the unwelcome comments.
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