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91 general / Re: Taking Samples Home from A Cooking Class
« Last post by Emmy on Yesterday at 03:09:04 PM »
Yes, I do think it is rude of her to take a double portion, especially if everybody in the class has not sampled the dish yet.  If she takes a double portion during crowded classes, there may be people getting less than a single portion or even none at all.  I don't feel it would be rude if she brought her tupperware, then after everybody had a first sample, asked the instructor if it was OK to take some of the leftovers to her mother.  I also feel the rest of the class should have an opportunity for seconds or to take some home - why should just one student get to take extra food home if others may wish for a treat for their family too.  If there was so much food that much of it was gotten thrown away, then it would be a non-issue and wouldn't bother me at all, but it sounds like that is not the case much of the time.

I do feel the instructor should mention that nobody should take seconds until everybody has had a first taste.
92 general / Re: Should She Have Bought the Bracelet?
« Last post by SamiHami on Yesterday at 03:04:45 PM »
POD. People are commenting about the specifics of the OP...purchasing a one of a kind item that your friend has clearly indicated they are considering buying during a joint shopping trip OR commenting about habitual pattern of buying the same or similar as a friend. Sort of like:
I buy Kendra Scott topaz drop earrings and friend buys the exact style
I buy Ralph Lauren black riding boots and friend buys the exact style
I buy a BCBG Caitlin Sweater dress and she buys the same
I buy Madden girl sling back booties and she buys the same ones

While I probably wouldn't have a problem with a friend doing that a couple of times, having a 1/4 of my wardrobe duplicated by the same person would get old.

Still not rude.  A little weird maybe.  There have been more than one horror movie with that theme, but not rude. 
We can't dictate someone else's choices.  If someone bought the same everything that I had, and decorated their house the exact same way my house is decorated, I'd probably avoid them, but they're still not rude.  Just very very weird.

But a more appropriate analogy would be you mentioned to your friend that you were considering purchasing a particular house and then she went in and bought it out from under you. It's not like there were two identical bracelets-it's not a copycat situation. And it is rude, among other things.
93 general / Re: Taking Samples Home from A Cooking Class
« Last post by lowspark on Yesterday at 03:01:48 PM »
The fact that she is taking more than her share before everyone else has had his/her share is rude.

However, she may have asked the instructor early on if it was ok for her to take home food in a Tupperware container at the end of each class and gotten permission. I'm guessing she didn't have permission, but of course, we don't know if she did or not.

If the instructor did give permission, I'd say it is rude for the instructor to allow her to do that without offering the same opportunity to other students, or without limiting Blanch to only boxing up leftovers after everyone else who was in the class had eaten.

So either way, someone was rude, either Blanch if she did it without asking, or the instructor for allowing it. And in fact, I think the instructor was wrong to allow it regardless of whether Blanch first asked or not.

94 general / Re: Should She Have Bought the Bracelet?
« Last post by SamiHami on Yesterday at 03:01:33 PM »
Most definitely rude, no doubt about it. And I'd go beyond that; it was outright a mean spirited and nasty thing to do to a friend. Personally I would scratch her off my friend list. Not because of a "thing," but because she's a nasty enough person to do such a thing. I almost have to wonder if she really wanted the bracelet, or if she just wanted to make sure her friend didn't get it.
I think your neighbor is very, very deeply touched by the help you gave him. Allow him to express his gratitude.
96 general / Re: Taking Samples Home from A Cooking Class
« Last post by BeagleMommy on Yesterday at 02:30:53 PM »
I'm kind of on the fence about this.

If Blanche had taken her sample and then asked if she could take home any that was left over I would say "Great.  Nothing got wasted.  Enjoy!".  Since she appears to take her sample and then take some to give to her mother without asking I have a problem with that.  It seems unfair (if I'm mistaken, please let me know).

It reminds me of a coworker of my mom's who used to bring Tupperware to buffets so she could make a plate for dinner another night.  She got highly miffed when one buffet restaurant owner told her she wasn't allowed to do that because of food safety regulations.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Correcting The F-bomb... or not?
« Last post by DaDancingPsych on Yesterday at 02:30:07 PM »
Thank you everybody! I agree, keeping my emotions out of it makes sense. "Please don't curse around me" seems quite simple and easy enough to put into the conversation. "Please don't curse around me. Yes, the Simpson file is mine, so just redirect external partner to speak with me."

I know that there is a lot of back story that is clouding my vision. I could probably overlook this one thing, but there is so much that Coworker does that annoys me to the core. I went from working in an environment that I LOVED for ten years, to working in a place that makes me annoyed and upset since Coworker started (and yes, most of that is his doing.) Truth be told, if/when I find a job that will compensate me the same, I am out of there.

But thank you. Your thoughts are quite helpful!
It's perfectly polite to just look at someone without speaking.  You are under no obligations to answer questions just because they are asked.  The only answer I would give is "everything's under control, thanks" and then immediately move on to something else.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Rain gardens, gutters and water runoff
« Last post by Oh Joy on Yesterday at 02:28:14 PM »
Whereabouts do you live, how much space do you have, and what would be your goal with whatever you end up putting in that corner?
100 general / Re: Taking Samples Home from A Cooking Class
« Last post by Aquamarine on Yesterday at 02:25:11 PM »
The food needs to be split up equally.  Since the teacher said nothing, I would not hesitate to call her out on it in the future because you're paying for food she's taking and that gives you a say.  She doesn't get to take more than others to give her mother a treat, that's not the problem of other students.
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