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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Help me pick a dessert
« Last post by Oh Joy on Yesterday at 11:06:51 AM »
You were saying that you didn't want to go too sweet, and the margarita cake got me thinking.  Have you ever made the Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze that's posted on Our Best Bites?  It is so very good, and might end your meal with an understated rustic feel that still hits the flavor notes of the theme.  Perhaps you could individually glaze each slice, or serve it with some frozen vanilla custard.

And now I want to make a loaf.   :)

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: S/O Beggars, Moochers and Scammers
« Last post by vintagegal on Yesterday at 11:01:08 AM »
II have to wonder how many people really fall for this scam  >:(  And for me to be getting these calls so frequently I have to ask myself if this pays that well  :( 

If they get one person to pay $1000 for a debt they never owed per day, that'll be a nice profit, because I'm sure the people on the phone are getting minimum wage or close to it, no benefits. If they get three or four to fall for it per day, the owners will be raking in cash.

It would be different if these were legitimate debts, where most of the money collected would go to the debt itself.

Actually, I believe debt collectors buy debts for pennies on the dollar, so if they do get someone to pay the full amount, it is a profit to them. Not the original debtee.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Cheapskate stories
« Last post by Hmmmmm on Yesterday at 10:58:48 AM »
A few of my relatives have tried horning in on my vacation for next year. I'm going on a cruise, and the room I'm in is for 2 people. If you want to go, get your passport and book a cabin yourself. I'm going with my DH, not you.

I would dearly love to know how they intend to do this.

Even when we're visiting a ship for a tour and lunch we have to provide passport numbers in advance.  When we arrive at the pier we must surrender our IDs and receive a pass to be worn on board.  There is no way to smuggle extra people aboard.   

It's quite likely the rellies haven't given this much thought... It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when they tried it on though!

They are under the mistaken impression that I can just add them to the cabin as additional guest. Sometimes that is true, but it depends on how many people the cabin is allowed to accommodate. You can't book 6 people in a max capacity of 4 people cabin, for example. Even if I could add extra people to the cabin, I don't want to share such a small place with anyone other than my husband. I might make an exception for my mother or one of my sibs, but I still souldn't want more than two people per cabin.
What cruise line allows you to book 6 people in a cabin that is supposed to max out at 4? Where do they think the extra 2 will sleep? I'm imagining loads of people camping out on deck chairs at night.  ;)
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: I would really appreciate some help.
« Last post by oogyda on Yesterday at 10:57:58 AM »
Are you sure this is a gift giving occasion? I cannot think of the last time I attended a birthday party for an adult where gifts were given.

Actually, I don't know for sure.  I am definitely bringing a card, so I'd be able to put a gift card in the card and not have be so obvious that I brought a gift if others aren't so inclined. 

Our reconnect ion is very recent and I don't know what the norm is for her circle of friends.
95 general / Re: Spinoff of "Was I passive aggressive?"
« Last post by dani321 on Yesterday at 10:43:05 AM »
I don't think you're B-listing either. You're not waiting til the last minute or waiting to see if you have spots to fill or anything. I also think it's gracious to understand that child free adults may or may not care about going to a kid's birthday party. For family, I always go to kid parties (happily!), but if it's not someone in my family, it feels a little awkward to be at a kid's party as a child free adult, unless there are a lot of (adult) friends there. I've been to parties where I was the only adult there who wasn't family or had a kid at the party, and it feels weird! So I for one would appreciate the invite, but also appreciate the fact that you make it pretty casual so that they don't feel an obligation to go.
Slartibartfast - You answering gave the AT&T rep the information they needed.  If the line had been down you wouldn't have been able to answer and they would know the line was down.

I know, but every time I've had to call tech support they've been able to check from their end whether our router is responding or not. The phone call was completely unnecessary.
What is it with parents who can't understand that their children's work schedule is not always flexible?  Is it because they never really worked (stay at home parent)?  Because they had a flexible job?  Or because they just don't respect their children as adult with responsibilities?

My mom is always moaning about visiting and such.  I'm a trial lawyer I will have months with trials scheduled for every week.  Many eventually plea out, but sometimes not until the week before.  I can't make plans for the weekend before a trial because if it's going forward, I need to be able to work that weekend.  I'm not being obstinate, it's just the nature of my work!  But then she did come to visit and treated my secretary (15-20 years older than me)  as if she were my superior.  It was in that moment that no matter how proud of me and my work mom claimed to be, she still viewed me as a child and anyone in her peer group as the superior in a work situation.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Help me pick a dessert
« Last post by Hmmmmm on Yesterday at 10:34:33 AM »
Harriet...The notes saw the islands can be stored a couple of days before unmolding so I think I can take them in their ramekins, and then easily plate them with the custard and the caramel that comes out with the baked meringue.

ladyknight, I thought about a margarita cake, but the host is planning to serve margaritas so concerned it would conflict instead of compliment. maybe not? Have you used that recipe before? I don't normally like the flavor of canned margarita mix in margaritas but does it work well in the cake?

Azalea, the tres leches recipe you linked to comes out well. I sprinkle the top with cocoa powder and serve with sliced strawberries or fresh pineapple.

99 general / Re: Waiting alone or waiting together - what do you think?
« Last post by Marga on Yesterday at 10:33:32 AM »
Waiting by myself in a car would not even register with me. I have done things that other have seen as much riskier than that, without any qualms.

That said, my partner would absolutely not want me to wait by myself. Not because he thinks I am not capable of doing so, not because he is unduly worried about my safety, but because he wants me to have some company and because he loves spending time together, even while doing mundane things like this.

I had that conversation on more than one occasion. We had caucasian four men and me in our library. Three of them wore glasses. Two of them were shortish bearded men whose last names differed by one letter. Narrowing down which man someone had talked to got interesting.

"Who did you talk to?"

"It was a guy." (So, not me.)

"Did he wear glasses?"

"Yes." (Not my boss.)

"Did he have a beard?"

"Yes." (We're down to two.)

"Was he bald?"

"Yes." (Score!)

Sounds like the Guess Who game:

Voiceover disclaimer: Game does not actually talk

(Sorry for the threadjack, I always found that aspect of the commercial absolutely hilarious.)
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