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ladyknight1 - I was starting to feel a little mean, or maybe withholding is the better word, because DH runs to the feed machine, deposits his quarters, and hands over a full scoop of drama llama food.

I can't help but wonder if people aren't pulling his leg telling him that he looks like The John Smith  :-X

Then I just feel bad because he's thinking they're giving him the "you look great!" when they're really saying "LOL yeah, you're not The John Smith are you, wink wink."

I always feel that someone that oblivious is most likely king of fools -.-

I just do exactly as you did, acknowledge that "yes I know what you're referring to but I won't feed your ego with handclaps that I didn't think to give on my own." Then I try not to talk to that person much because they're annoying to me. That kind of personality who hints around for a compliment are not known to be sharp or take hints themselves.

I wondered the bolded as well. There's a possibility that people know "of" John Smith A but haven't seen him, or haven't seen him in years. That there's a joke at his expense is a distinct possibility.

I don't understand this one.  To me reading it sounds like he's just goofing around because they have the same name?  What made you think he was looking for a compliment on his physical appearance?

I'm 1000% sure he was fishing for a compliment on his physical appearance. Several things led me to that, it was the way he said, "People ask me if I'm him and he's a (professional athlete,)" then, when I said I knew John Smith A and beandipped, he turned his attention to DH and had a dumb, again expectant, grin that changed when DH complimented his physical appearance. His being pleased with the compliment confirmed, for me, that he was fishing for a physical compliment.  FWIW, DH, who doesn't always pick up on subtlety, commented that he was fishing for the compliment before I said anything.
Entertaining and Hospitality / Re: Scruffy Hospitality
« Last post by Allyson on Yesterday at 11:53:53 PM »
Count me in with people who hate the word "filthy"

This is rough, because I think people can get defensive on both sides -- ie, people hear "it's OK not to clean perfectly" and if they do like to make their house perfectly clean for guests, feel like they're being called uptight. And by the same token, people hear "I think it shows respect for guests to clean" and feel like they are being told they're disrespectful to guests for not having a pristine home. But, i think in most cases that's not what anyone means... I often see comments on articles like this that assume scruffy=smelly or moldy food etc, but I really don't think anyone's arguing that's OK, and by the same token, I think it'd be a pretty rare person who cared if couches were matching, yeah?

I don't feel uncomfortable in people's houses who keep them like a magazine but my place just isn't going to be like that, and it does make be a bit nervous to think people are taking away bad things from that fact, so I can understand the mindset of "my place isn't good enough to host".
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Thrift Score!
« Last post by gmatoy on Yesterday at 11:49:54 PM »
Our St. Vincent De Paul had a 90 cents for clothes sale today. My friend and I came home with huge bags of clothing! I have been buying 100% cotton jeans to make a denim quilt for my DGD for when she goes to college. I plan to have a bunch of pockets on the quilt (which I plan to tuck pizza $$ in) and so I was buying a bunch of jeans for that. I also bought some t-shirts to make into shopping bags.

Bonus: a bag of books for $6.00! As many as you could fit. I got 10 books and my friend got 15...all in the same bag! We spit the cost.

The best thing? I had a filled card worth $10.00, So my clothing total came to $11.82 and I only paid $1.81! (Gave my friend my half of the bag of books in cash, so that was another $3.30.) A day of shopping for $5.12 = a month or two of sewing therapy! A double win!
Humor Me! / Re: Never
« Last post by snowfire on Yesterday at 11:46:51 PM »
False. (In my 20's I lived about a mile from the '80's...)

I have never owned a bird.
Humor Me! / Re: Uh.. ya, don't do that....
« Last post by snowfire on Yesterday at 11:44:22 PM »
Also, I highly suggest a cross type lug wrench.  The POS that comes with most cars is worthless on rusted/stuck lug nuts, or those put on by some guy with an air wrench and a grudge....
All In A Day's Work / Re: Hi Surname! Whoopsie!
« Last post by Kiwipinball on Yesterday at 11:40:13 PM »
I wouldn't bother. He's probably pretty used to it and since you were doing a kindness by letting him know he sent it to the wrong person (it happens! Autofill's great until you send it to the wrong person!), it doesn't seem necessary.
All In A Day's Work / Hi Surname! Whoopsie!
« Last post by WolfWay on Yesterday at 11:34:35 PM »
I received an email from someone who works for a company that is a client of my company, and the email was evidently directed to the wrong person, it was something way outside my control and should have been addressed to someone within the client's own employee team. They did the equivalent of asking me why the welding machine in the client factory in Germany was down, when my job is to maintain the painting machines in one of my own company's factories in Bolivia.

I replied back to politely redirect them to their own team to assist them. However, after I'd sent it, I noticed that I'd messed up and confused their first name with their last name when I addressed them.

Their last name was something that was almost always a first name (like Michael or Jonathan) and their first name was one I'd never seen before, that I just assumed was a surname (like say "Wurzletonly"). In outlook, his name was listed as "Michael, Wurzletonly" and when I replied, my brain erased that comma and I ended up replying back with an email addressed to "Michael" like it was his first name.  :-[

Should I email him directly (the original email was sent to several other people as well, so I would rather exclude them from this) and apologise directly for mixing up his name?

He isn't particularly high up in the client company so I'm not worried about it being an issue for me professionally if I don't apologise (I've never worked with him before and I probably won't again), I just feel embarrassed about messing his name up like that. He is probably also going to be a bit embarrassed in front of his managers when I reply back to point out that I can't help him with his problem because he emailed the wrong person. I feel like I added insult to injury by addressing him by the wrong name on top of that.  :-[

Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Special Snowflake Stories
« Last post by TootsNYC on Yesterday at 11:32:34 PM »
These idiots taking their kids to see an 4 - 5 foot alligator living in a culvert in Houston. Not only that they are baiting it with chicken to pull it up the cement bank, grabbing it by the tail. They are lucky they aren't all Darwin award winners. But taking their kids along for the ride! That is stupid any day - but so soon after the tragedy at Disney? I'm hoping the follow up story is the whole lot on the video being arrested for tormenting the animal and endangering kids.

Frankly, feeding an alligator ought to be mandatory jail time.
I would say something to her beforehand (and I agree--I think you owe it to her, a bit, to say something so that this doesn't just get you madder and madder).

"Honey, I wanted to clear something up. The other family and I provide our own food here at our campsite. We bring enough for just the people in our group, and we pay for it ourselves--it's not something the larger organization provides. We're more than willing to offer our hospitality to you and your husband; we enjoy your company, and we're grateful to you for the work you do.
    "But I need to you to not offer our hospitality, and our provisions, to other people. That's our role. If you wanted to round up provisions and then offer your -own- hospitality to other people, we're happy to extend the use of our campsite to you. But not the provisions. Can you agree to that?"

Use the phrase "our hospitality"--because that's what it is.
Be pleasant, but be firm. And do it before you get to the moment.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Thrift Score!
« Last post by snowfire on Yesterday at 11:28:12 PM »
Sort of a thrift score.  When my Mom & I came home from shopping for flooring for her rental house I noticed  that the across the street neighbors were replacing a LOT of sod in their front yard.  The crew was cutting out the old grass neatly with a sod cutter.  They were just putting the old grass in their truck to dispose of.  I asked if I could grab some to fill in some bare spots in my side yard.  They told me to help myself & that when they were done laying the new sod that I could have the leftover scraps of that!  DH & I grabbed our wheelbarrow & I hopped up in the truck & started going through the cut off chunks...About 4 1/2 wheelbarrows later, 1/2 wheelbarrow of cut pieces of new sod & 4 full rolls that they didn't use & would have tossed out anyway...We have the bare spots on our side yard covered, a dead spot in the front yard & a big piece under one of the pear trees!!!  Now to water like crazy until it takes hold.

Probably $100 - $150 worth of grass just for hauling it away. 

We gave the guys some $ as a thank you.
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