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Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Instant justice stories
« Last post by gramma dishes on Yesterday at 12:57:36 PM »

...   Then Jerk went to boss with evidence that Dad and Aggie were embezzling money. Boss took one look at the paper work. Got the accountants and lawyers working on it and had Jerk arrested in short order. There were several errors he made in his attempted frame up. But the one that tipped boss off immediately. The signatures of Dad and Aggie were flawless except for 1 detail - they were in black ink. Dad NEVER signed anything in black ink - because a person could copy your signature (this was in the mid 80's) with a copier. That is exactly what Jerk had done. Aggie had followed Dad's lead and always used colored ink to (usually blue) to sign originals.

Please tell me the company pursued this in court and the guy at least served some jail time and got the negative publicity his behavior so richly deserved!
92 general / Re: B list invite?
« Last post by Kiwipinball on Yesterday at 12:53:35 PM »
And personally I sometimes like just being asked "Do you want to do X on date Y at time Z?"  It works or it doesn't work and I don't have to do all the work of matching schedules, calling around, etc.  The work's all done and all I need to do is figure out if I can/want to attend (and reply of course).
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Instant justice stories
« Last post by gramma dishes on Yesterday at 12:50:40 PM »
I'm a little skeptical about being sent home being a punishment for anyone.  >:D

If I had been sent home from school, I would have wished for 24/7 schooltime. :P.

Same here.  My parents attitude was that if I got in trouble at school, I could be assured that I'd be in even more trouble when I got home.

Sadly, things have changed.  No matter what their little darlings do, most parents today go ballistic on the schools for attempting to discipline their kids instead of their incredibly misbehaving offspring.
94 general / Re: Etiquette of leaving negative feedback
« Last post by nolechica on Yesterday at 12:46:29 PM »
I agree with Another Sarah, and I am one of those people with severe issues and I still think that.

If you have those kind of issues, like any other condition, the onus is on you to be able to cater to your own needs. If you don't know the position your seat needs to be in in order to prevent pain, to the point you can't get it back there, then you *should* know it.  That you don't isn't the garage's fault.

Unfortunately, I've never seen a digital seat setting, where you can say it's "A should be 35, B 22 and C 19". Instead, it's just "push back and forth, up and down, until it feels right."

I can understand mechanics moving the seat for their own comfort, but unless they cannot physically get into a seat, asking them to keep from making adjustments is a reasonable customer request. The mechanics are not taking the car for a road trip across country.

But they do make cars that have a button to save a seat position. My truck has this, with buttons to save two seat positions. When I get in after my husband has driven it, I just push the 2 button, and it automatically readjusts the seat to my preferred settings (His are saved in the number 1 button). If the perfect seat position is a requirement to avoid pain, perhaps this feature should be at the top of the must-have list when purchasing a car.

I agree!  I do not have the pain issues that some have discussed, but my husband is nearly a foot taller than me - now that we are married and live together and thus drive each other's cars more often, I am prioritizing the seat memory button in my next car purchase.

This is parents and sis/BIL, Mom and Dad swap settings every road trip because Dad drives Mom's car.
If I were evaluating you on your performance and professionalism, you'd get a A++ (double A+) which is the highest grade that can be given.  You handled it incredibly well from beginning to end, with sensitivity toward all the children.  As others have commented, the teachers and the children themselves also deserve gold stars for their roles in this experience.

I'm so glad you remembered to praise the kids and that they were appropriately rewarded for their excellent behavior!   :)
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Instant justice stories
« Last post by guihong on Yesterday at 12:37:54 PM »
I'm a little skeptical about being sent home being a punishment for anyone.  >:D

If I had been sent home from school, I would have wished for 24/7 schooltime. :P.
When it comes to the initial used, I think sometimes people's preferences can be generational.  My grandmother expects letters sent to her to use her husband's initial because when she was a girl, using a woman's own initial with 'Mrs' implied she was (shock, horror) a divorcee.

My mother and sister both use their husband's surnames (although my sister uses her maiden name at work, so she's Mrs Smith but Doctor Brown) but expect their own initial to be used.

These days, there is no social stigma to being divorced and women are not seen as just part of the marriage, they have their own identities.
This morning (as it is typically when I'm not having to be at work), it will probably be some type of protein and brown rice (this morning, I'm thinking the remaining boiled shrimp in the fridge that I was putting in our lunch salads and brown rice).  Weekdays, I'll usually have yogurt and a piece of fruit (usually a banana).  I did have a rare moment the other day, though, when I felt like having my lunch for breakfast (rice, barbecued chicken and pork lau lau) so I had a heartier-than-usual weekday breakfast for lunch (yogurt, packet of maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal and a piece of fruit).

I did have a lovely breakfast yesterday with DH.  He took me to a local pub where I'd never dined previously.  We each had an egg dish with bangers (mine was an omelet with bangers, red onion and English cheddar with a side of English country potatoes and a crumpet).  DH had an ollalaberry scone with Devonshire cream which was wonderful.  That reminds me that I want to try to pick up some bangers today (they were really tasty and had a good, mild flavor).
This sounds like a lot of trouble and effort since you have to come from work. Any chance you can just order some pizzas or egg rolls and soup from a chinese place and pick it up to bring to the party after you get out of work?

That's a good idea, especially if pizza is cut into squares instead of triangles to make more slices. Sub shops usually have party platters too. Or a bucket of chicken. Look for coupons if you get them in the mail.
I had a terrible dilemma because of this last year- a friend of the family had recently been widowed. I had always addressed any letters or cards to Mr and Mrs A. Michaels- the husband was called Andrew. Somehow it seemed really odd to address the card to Mrs A Michaels, but equally it felt wrong to address it to Mrs K Michaels. In the end I chickened out and sent it to Mrs Michaels... no initial

That's a tough one, if you don't know her wishes. If she was always happy with Mr. and Mrs. A. Michaels, she might indeed prefer Mrs A. Michaels now. Or she might want Mrs. Karen Michaels or perhaps Ms. Karen Michaels, or even Karen Michaels (no honorific). This is one where I'd try to find someone closer to her and ask her preferences.

Presumably, of course, this is a very gracious lady who is so pleased to get a card from a a well-wisher that she wouldn't dream of complaining about the form of address. In which case she might gently let you know by sending a card in return & using her preference on the return address.
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