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Family and Children / Re: New Grandparent Feeling Left Out
« Last post by aiki on Yesterday at 09:26:47 PM »
I am going to assume that Ivy's son and his wife knew well in advance and were expecting her"

"Expected" doesn't mean the same as "invited" or "welcome". If I were expecting certain people, I'd let the dogs loose...

My mom used to make me bologna sandwiches - buttered white bread with a slice or two of Oscar Mayer bologna in the middle - and I hated them, until I discovered that if I peeled off the top slice of bread and added a layer of Cheetos before replacing the bread it would add a pleasant cheesy flavor and some crunch to cover up the mushy meat texture that I didn't care for. I don't make this one anymore.

Substitute mayo for butter, and Fritos for Cheetos, and you have the only way that I'll eat bologna.  I like it, but even with whole wheat toast, the nutritional content is sufficiently scary that I go years between sandwiches.

Mine was tuna salad with mayo and ruffled potato chips.   Hmmm.  Now I just skip the bread and scoop the tuna salad with the chip.  :P
Family and Children / Re: New Grandparent Feeling Left Out
« Last post by JoieGirl7 on Yesterday at 09:22:21 PM »
Given that the trip was planned 4 months in advance, I am going to assume that Ivy's son and his wife knew well in advance and were expecting her--especially because he was "surprised that she was leaving."

Ivy shouldn't have bothered leaving anything on the porch.
Adam and Rifka's behavior was deplorable.

Fine to expect a parent to stay in a hotel.  Not fine to tell them that you will call the next day together and then blow them off.

And then Rifka texts her?!!  Over the five years that I was nursing my kids, I would never have blown my mother in law off with her at my door.  Never. 

Feeding them?  Changing them?  I don't know what's worse--blowing her off in this way or using her own grandchild as an excuse to do it.
All In A Day's Work / Re: Fishy request
« Last post by Lynn2000 on Yesterday at 09:13:56 PM »
He should be allowed the same consideration everyone else is. If other attendees normally have the opportunity to view the menu before hand and select their meal, then by all means let him select his.

However, if the other attendees don't preselect but just pick from whatever is served, then he should also. You could order 2 fish meals (in just someone else picks the fish before he does) or put the fish aside for him (if that's what you do for the vegetarians).

POD to this. It sounds like it's option 2, though--people just pick from whatever is served, and the OP makes sure there's both meat and non-meat options. If the chosen restaurant serves fish and if a fish dish is in the same price range as the other foods, I might throw in a couple servings for variety. Otherwise, he can eat vegetarian for one meal, as my understanding of the term is also that fish is allowed but not mandatory.

I think I would tell him which restaurant was chosen, and that you will (as always) get both meat (including tuna salad, as the restaurant has that) and non-meat options. I would not offer to order something particular for him or even imply that this is a possibility (if you don't do this for anyone else). I would just give him the information, as you would to anyone who inquired. The only thing with greencat's wording is, I think it could be read as offering to get him something else, "if tuna salad isn't suitable." What was probably meant was, eat veggie if you don't like tuna, but he may read that as being asked, "Is tuna okay? If not, let me know and I'll find something different."
Family and Children / Re: New Grandparent Feeling Left Out
« Last post by CuriousParty on Yesterday at 09:08:49 PM »
Just as another point, more recently (2.5 years ago when I had my 3rd, and I understand from other more recent moms), hospitals have been having parents make the newborn's first appointment within 48 hours of hospital discharge. So it sounds like they had been parents for less than a week, and at home for, at most, a day. Ivy may have planned the trip, but it doesn't sound like she included anyone else.
A few years ago, when I was job searching, I placed my resume on a popular job search website.  I got a response from a local insurance company and went for an interview thinking they were looking for a secretary (that's what I do).

Well, I get there and they keep telling me how great they think I'd be as an insurance sales person.  I asked the manager interviewing me if they noticed I listed no sales experience on my resume and that I was looking for a secretarial position.

She said "Well, on the website you checked the box that said you had strong people skills and we know people with strong people skills make great sales people".

Me:  But I have no sales experience of any kind.

Her:  Oh, don't worry.  We'll train you.

Me:  Sorry, I don't think I'm the right person for this job.  Thank you anyway.

Company went out of business a year later.  Maybe they needed people with sales experience and people skills?

I was recently in the job market, and  got TONS of these emails - multiple emails from major national insurance companies, certain that I would make an awesome sales person for them.

Two problems:
1) I hate sales.
2) I'm a programmer.

Me too. I have basically sworn off the job boards because of this. I work in a specific niche, and I am at the higher end of the range for experience/salary. The number of calls I got about insurance sales, office supply sales, and other such positions was ridiculous. I not only have no sales experience, they couldn't afford to match my salary at the job I had to make me want to leave. Never again.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Dear Dog:
« Last post by greencat on Yesterday at 09:01:26 PM »
I think I am a soft touch. I have 2 Labradors, a silky terrorist, a cat and a husband sharing my bed. They sometimes allow me the use of half a pillow and a corner of a sheet.

Good thing it is a King size!

I've got a twin size right now.  The cats alone take up most of the space and leave me in positions that humans aren't supposed to be in at all, much less try to sleep in!

The labrador's dog bed is almost as big as my mattress.
Family and Children / Re: New Grandparent Feeling Left Out
« Last post by Mergatroyd on Yesterday at 09:00:17 PM »
I think there was bad behaviour on both sides, and not enough info to say who was rudest, or even who was rude first.
Humor Me! / Re: Gross out-- Not for the faint of heart
« Last post by Outdoor Girl on Yesterday at 08:59:46 PM »
A raisin dipped in peanut butter works, too, because the raisin sticks to the trap.
Family and Children / Re: New Grandparent Feeling Left Out
« Last post by greencat on Yesterday at 08:59:15 PM »
It really sounds like some important information has been left out of Ivy's side of the story.  Ivy has been planning the trip for four months - but it doesn't sound like she was invited to stay with her son and DIL.  It doesn't even sound like they were expecting her - I suspect that what we don't know is that the Son and DIL either had no idea she was planning to come, or had previously tried to get her to cancel the trip or at least make arrangements that didn't involve staying in their house.

Based on the original post, it sounds like the new parents were not expecting Ivy at all, and did exactly what good EHellions would do when confronted with a boundary trampling uninvited relative they were unwilling and unable to host. 
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