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I would probably tell my brother to work on finding someone else to get the tickets. Then when things clear up for your DH and you can better plan your calendar you could ask if the tickets are still available. If it turns out you can't use them your brother hasn't held on to them and possibly missed a chance to find them a new home.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Reading/Book Pet Peeves
« Last post by KenveeB on Today at 04:03:30 PM »
Hercules really bothered me. I got as far as "Hercules, son of Zeus and Hera" and I was like "nope, can't do it".

I've just been reading about the labors of Heracles to my kids, and thought, hey, there's a movie Hercules, maybe I should let them watch it.  I knew it wasn't particularly accurate, but I thought it would be fun anyway.  But, wait, how does the lead-up to the labors of Heracles even *work* if he's the son of Hera?  So I guess maybe I won't.  :)  I was rather unhappy when I heard that my parents let them watch Pocahontas.  I didn't want them to watch it until they'd at least read a book about who she *really* was and what John Smith was *really* like first.

They don't really "do" the labors. Herc fights a bunch of monsters, including some from the labors, but they're part of his generalized role as "a hero." It's basically a movie about a Greek hero named Hercules that includes some of the same names as Greek mythology. Nothing else is the same. It's entertaining enough, but only if you go in without expecting the most remote of connections to the myth.
I think it's rude to stay way past closing, especially if (general) you've been there 90 minutes already. 

I *don't* think it's rude to eat slowly, and I'm not sure why you were irritated/embarrassed, apart from staying too late at the restaurant.
94 general / Re: Eating speed - is too fast or too slow rude?
« Last post by LonniesMom on Today at 03:58:52 PM »
The restaurant was clearly closing, OP and her husband had finished. He was rude and inconsiderate.

OP, that would drive me nuts too. I have probably said, before he got the dessert, "it is time to go," but it sounds like you were pretty much stuck in that situation.
Time For a Coffee Break! / Re: Reading/Book Pet Peeves
« Last post by Piratelvr1121 on Today at 03:56:39 PM »
Pocohontas made me mad. I grew up going to that settlement in Virginia as a child, I loved the little museum that showed where she would have lived and met John Smith and did a book report on the subject as well. 

So I remember watching some part when she's up on a cliff, cringing and saying "Virginia does NOT have hills like that in that area!"
Forum Announcements / Re: All new theme design for the forum!
« Last post by Benni on Today at 03:53:43 PM »
I love the new look, it is so much like the old version. I do miss the purple that I used to use, but the aqua is very nice.

Thank you for the upgrade.
97 general / Re: Self-checkout line etiquette (grocery)
« Last post by mime on Today at 03:52:12 PM »
Hello Ehellions.  Today I had a strange encounter at my National Grocery Chain self-checkout station.  I was hoping to find out what others thought of my own action, and also, if I could have handled it better. 

We have had some Weather in this area, so the store was somewhat more crowded than usual for a weekday.  I had scanned two bags of groceries, and was in the process of "checking out", swiping my card, signing, waiting for the receipt, and, finally, loading the groceries into my cart.  NOTE:  I had not yet scanned the card, and was, in fact, waiting for the machine to ask.  The machines do not like it when you place grocery bags into your card before it is finished.  At this same store, at the staffed check-outs, the card readers have been "enhanced" with some "wrap-around" accessories which I believe are there to deter identity theft. 

Today, an older man sidled up to my station (where my handbag was), and stated he would just "wait" until I could "get myself together".  I informed him I was "waiting on the machine, which was not finished" and would not be moving until I (and the machine) were finished.  He then said that he was not interested in my paranoia, and was not, in fact, going to look at my card.  I said, in what I hope was a polite tone, that he should be more considerate of others.  He did not reply.  I was anxious, at this point, to remove myself from the situation, so I, as quickly as I could, signed the machine, loaded my bags, and waited for my receipt, then left. 

Should I have done something different, reported this to store management, or just forget about it, and hope it doesn't happen again?

"He's not interested in your paranoia" = "he wants to invade your space without you reacting negatively. How nice.

For him to be crowding you, hovering over your groceries, and making you feel uncomfortable (whether it is for personal safety or the security of your possessions) is rude. I wouldn't have reported it to management, though, unless you saw this guy often and he's a persistent problem. I like how you handled it. Your comment let him know that you thought he was inconsiderate, and his reaction indicates he 'heard' you on some level. Time to let it drop; no need to drag it out.

Oh my goodness!  I don't blame you for thinking it was a joke.  I would have been all "Ha ha, very funny, now where's the real paper?"
99 general / Re: Eating speed - is too fast or too slow rude?
« Last post by Little Jo on Today at 03:50:04 PM »
I would be irked too but I don't know if it is rude.
My family and I live in Manitoba.  They got a letter from relatives back in the U.K. that said "So-and-so is arriving in Montreal on (date).  Can you go pick them up from the airport?"  My mum's response:  "YOU go pick them up - you're closer!".

I love this - people really have no idea of the distances involved.  We see that a lot with people from the big cities on the east coast of the US.  They can see the map and intellectually know there are great distances involved, but because they have never experienced it, it does not really sink into their brains.  Sure you can see Yellowstone and Zions in one day, from an airplane.
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