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DH and I were wondering what some authentic Irish dishes consist of. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated. Now, I really don't want to Google it. Been there, done that. I was wondering if anyone actually lives there or has visited and knows that actual cuisine. Thanks in advance!

Hey there. DH is from London, so we do both British and Irish cooking at times.

 Boxty are crepe like things filled with beef or lamb stew (usually made with Guiness in the stew)- yummy! Bangers are sausages that can be eaten anytime, they are typically pork based but some butchers will make beef. They taste very different from US sausages as they have different spicing and use rusk as a filler. Serve these with fried eggs, baked vegetarian beans, roast tomato slices, toast, black or white pudding and Ore-Ida Roasties and you have the ultimate irish or english breakfast. Black pudding is blood sausage and white pudding is closest to a butchers brautwurst but is seasoned a little differently- you eat both of these in slices. Soda bread is a favorite too

Thanks a bunch!

I like champ its like mashed potatos with green onions and its really creamy. I got a really neat Irish cookbook that has lots of stuff to make.

I don't know if Shepherd's Pie is English or Irish, but I've had it in both types of pubs.  It's quite delicious and perfect in the winter.


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