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  • July 22, 2017, 05:56:49 PM

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Author Topic: Summer vacation in Canada - Montreal, Quebec City and Taudossac - any tips  (Read 137 times)

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hi everyone,

DH and I are planning a September vacation and driving from Boston up through vermont ( plan to stay in Burlington at least one night ), then a couple days in Montreal, then a couple days in Quebec City and finally up to where the whales come in at Taudossac ( sp ? ) .

I've never been to Canada - so looking for some tips, favorite places etc.

We like to sight see, love nature, museums, low level hiking ( no big all day mountain climbs LOL ). We like to go to go to local shop's, love arts and crafts and like to eat a local places.

So any things you think are a must see ? We have our car and don;t mind driving around. 



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3 years ago, my sister and I left from our parents home in New Jersey to take a 6-day driving tour of New England. We saw many things, and a great deal more that we wished we had time for.

We each had 1 thing that was at the top of our lndividual lists. She wanted to go to the lighthouse in the most eastern part of the U.S......and also, the Haskell Library and Opera House in Vermont/Canada. It was built by a financially well-off family in the early 1900's, to benefit their tiny home town in Vermont and it's neighboring equally tiny town in Canada.

The library has several distinctions: it was built half in the U.S. and half in Canada.
it is the only library in the U.S. with no books(they're in the Canadian half),  it is the only theater in Canada with no stage(it's in the U.S. half), and since 2001 it is the only place that you don't need a passport to go back and forth across the border without any questions asked (except for "may I help you find what you are looking for?")
It is a nice library. Live entertainment takes place in the opera house.

My choice was to go to Block Island, Rhode Island. It was fun, (but not in the direction you are going).

These are the highlights of our trip.......saw the mountains that were named after our early presidents......went to Ben and Jerry's ice cream place in New Hampshire(?).......presented our passports/answered the Border Patrols questions so that we could  stay the night in St. George, New Brunswick province at a cute little one floor motel.....we went to all the lighthouse we could get to.....we could have stayed at the von Trapp family hotel in Stowe, Vermont ($200+/night, not especially good Yelp reviews), we stayed at the Commodore Inn.......we stayed at the Rostay Inn in the middle of Maine [man, was that in the country(!), my goodness]. The Rostay also was a fabric and quilting shop. Gorgeous fabrics!

There were several things we didn't get to see, but we got tired, and just wanted to go back to Jersey.

Have you come up with a list of what sounds interesting?