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  • May 31, 2016, 11:16:46 PM

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Author Topic: London Suggestions - Specific questions, and and one request on Dublin  (Read 283 times)

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Hi, I'll be in London in a couple of weeks with the family. Most of our days are planned but looking for a couple of suggestions.

On a Sunday afternoon, my young adult DD and I will be on our own and looking for a couple of fun areas to shop (uniquely London but not vintage), browse a unique bookstore, have a drink in pub and just enjoy a Sunday afternoon. What areas would you recommend?

I'm also looking for dinner suggestions on a Monday night before going to a West End play. Spanish, Middle Eastern, Greek would be great or a good English Pub/bistro. We don't have a ton of stuff planned for Monday so could do a more out of the way location.

Al the places that seem to be recommended to me or are being written up seem to be a riff on American, Parisian, Italian or Mexican. Since we'll have just spent a week in France we aren't interested in that and we get enough American, Italian, and Mexican here.

Would love some recommendations to for curry or kebab places in the City Centre area.

Lastly, we'll be one night in Dublin for a layover. We'll be going to City Centre. Does anyone have a mid range priced restaurant they'd recommended for a true "Irish" dinner. This will be after a few days in Edinburgh so I'm sure we'll want more casual/comfy by then.


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I am also going to be in London in June for a couple of days on business, but flying in Saturday morning so I'll have a bit of fun time for the weekend. Mainly posting here for updates but my son who travels to London quite a bit for work recommended this place to me for their Sunday Roast.


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For Dublin - are you going to be by Temple Bar? I went to Quays Irish Restaurant my first night there - loved their Guinness beef stew... And definitely try their bread & butter pudding.


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For Dublin, if you want Oirish I have heard good things about the Boxty house in templebar

For Irish - The Winding stairs [seafood] (40 Lower Ormond Quay) and her sister restaurant The Woollen Mills (42 Lower Ormond Quay) next door.
I also like both the Ely restaurants (IFsC Dublin 1)

I tried getting a table for lunch a few weeks ago at Hatch and sons which looks great but it was packed to the gills so I can only recommend it based off the pictures. Its below the Little Museum at St Stephens Green
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The Winding Stair in Dublin is great (and not limited to sea food) - they use local produce.

London- Camden Market might appeal to you for Sunday. There are lots of bookshops on / near Charing Cross Road but many of them may be closed on a Sunday afternoon. You could however visit Foyles (also on Charing Cross Road). It independent - they have a couple of branches now in other cities but are not a big chain.

Pubs- depends what you want - the Dog and Duck in Soho is a rather nice Victorian boozer, or the Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden is a good pub, (reputed t be a favourite of Charles Dickens', if that interest you. They do good, pub food (including Sunday Roast, on Sundays) - it is however relatively small and quite popular, so book ahead if you want to eat there. I think they do pre-theatre dining, but allow plenty of time, the times I've eaten there service has been a bit slow, which is fine as long as you are prepared!

Nopi in SoHo is worth considering - it's owned/ run by chef Yotam Ottolenghi, I believe that he has Lebanese roots and so there are those influences on the food, it's all absolutely delicious and they do a very reasonably priced pre-theatre set menu as well as a la carte options.

I've heard very good things about 'Gymkhana' which is an Indian Restaurant in Albermarle street  (Mayfair) which gained a Michelin star last year, although I haven't been (yet!)

What are you seeing on the Monday night?


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Thanks for the recommendations. I'll be looking each up and putting in our list to pop into if we are in those areas.

I'd seen reviews on Winding Stair so glad to know it's as good as reported. We've not selected our play.

Margo, There wasn't anything that really jumped out at any of us that's open that night (I always thought dark night was Sunday) so we'll probably just que and pick up discount tickets for something that we can all agree on. I'm actually thinking Woman in Black. I saw it probably more than 15 years ago and liked  it and thought it might be enjoyable for all of us.

TheaterDiva, we'll probably visit the Temple area but we already have a pub in mind for the glass of Guiness. But wouldn't mind going to listen to some live music that evening.