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Cheese, Glorious Cheese

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I was just sitting here reading ehell and browsing, whilst feasting on a gouda, when I realized that there is no cheese thread in the food area. And that seems like a crime!  ;D

Soooo...cheese! Do you live in a region that has a famous cheese? Do you have feelings on the best cheeses out there?

I am a huge lover of cheese, and love getting my hands on some local, delightful cheese. My currant favorites are Constant Bliss and Bayley Hazen Blue both made by Jasper Hill Farm in VT. Constant Bliss is an amazing creamy delicious wonder & Bayley Hazen Blue is a really different thick, spicy Blue that makes my nose pucker up in that weird "aaah, so strong, so delicious!" way.

I really want to get back to Europe sometime to have a crack at all the wonderful unpasteurized cheeses, since all soft cheese here in the US are supposed to be pasteurized for safety.  :-\ I hear that kills so much wonderful flavor.

What about you? Does your area have a cheese that's awesome? Do you think it's worth the hype? Do you ever covet other cheeses?

Handmade cheese from the Amish! Love it!

But of course the best cheese is homemade-I've been making my own for awhile and I love it.

Best cheeses ever have to be:

Curds so fresh that they squeak when you bite into them.

New England, New York, and English Cheddar so sharp that it has sclera and crud oozing out of it.

Mozzarella that's so fresh it is still a bit warm. 

I'm no cheese expert but I enjoy dublineer cheddar and cashel blue cheese.

I love cheese and trying new cheese. A friend of mine snuck some back from France earlier this year in her suitcase and it was yummy! Unfortunately where I live now the cheese selection leaves something to be desired (NC). :( Thankfully I'll be back in CA for a few months at the end of Sept so I'll be around more cheese and friends who appreciate good cheese. I miss my wine and cheese get-togethers.

All that being said, a good smoked gouda is delicious. And I haven't had it in a while, but buffalo mozzarella is delicious! Mmmmm....


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