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Author Topic: Not the dealbreakers but the dealmakers  (Read 28228 times)

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Re: Not the dealbreakers but the dealmakers
« Reply #90 on: November 26, 2011, 03:47:18 AM »
In a very last minute thing, I took in 12 newborn opposums. My family didn't understand my need to save them and, because of that, they were very upset with me. I had been with my Dh for just a little bit, maybe a month(?) and I thought he was going to react the same way. I was afraid to show them to him.

I couldn't really hide them though. They have to eat every couple of hours and when there are 12 of them, when you are done feeding them 12th one, its time for the 1st one to eat again! When he saw them he thought they were the ugliest little animals he had ever seen, but he wasn't mad. He said I had no choice. He helped me with feedings and we were able to find a rescue that would take them 3 days later.

12? What did you do with them? My ex-boyfriend's mom lived in a trailer/modular home and there were possums under it. I caught one little baby that crawled up through the stuff and we (ex and I, his mom shrieked) kept it for a few days in a cage before an animal rescue picked it up. Taking care of one was a project.

...not to get off topic, but there are possums in my back yard. Score: Jayna-5 : Possums-0
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Re: Not the dealbreakers but the dealmakers
« Reply #91 on: November 26, 2011, 08:39:44 AM »
Interesting note: we had possums living in our back porch garbage can.  I go out there one morning to put trash into it, and three faces look up at me and hiss in simultaneous greeting.  My first thought:  What the HECK are those things?  Second thought: aww, they hiss *so* cutely.
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Re: Not the dealbreakers but the dealmakers
« Reply #92 on: November 27, 2011, 11:45:00 PM »
hubby spoke to me just like he spoke to his friends and he waited to let me type on my liberator(at the time) instead of trying to finish my sentences for me. he's the most patient man i know. his beautiful dreadlocks and goatee also helped ;D

careful, i like bare toes ;D


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Re: Not the dealbreakers but the dealmakers
« Reply #93 on: December 13, 2011, 04:39:59 PM »
Just found this thread and love it!!!

For me: I already knew he was a sweet and fabulous guy, but when he came over and met my foster kittens I knew he was a keeper.  Picture a pretty decent-sized guy (6'2") sprawled on the floor with a string and 3 itty bitty kittens batting at it and climbing all over him.  When I asked if he wanted to watch TV or something, he replied with a big smile, "oh no, this is entertaining enough for me."  Soooo cute!!  ;D


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Re: Not the dealbreakers but the dealmakers
« Reply #94 on: December 14, 2011, 08:59:03 AM »
For me, this is going to sound strange, but one specific thing that I can point to is when we were dating, discussing becoming engaged, and he brought up children.  He said that he absolutely wanted to either have his kids homeschooled or go to private school (both of us had gone to public school, although only high school for him as he'd been homeschooled until then).  He also said that he really wanted to foster or adopt some children.  The thought that he had really spent some time thinking about his future children and what he wanted for them spoke volumes to me about his plans for the future, what was important to him in life (he hadn't figured out what career he wanted yet), etc.  I had never really thought about how I wanted to educate my kids, but after spending my public school education having daydreams about being homeschooled or private schooled or something, ANYTHING other than my public school, I was very amenable to it.

Also, we had been dating for three weeks when he started asking me how soon I thought was too soon to get married.  This, after he had waffled for several weeks over whether we should date at all (after we had mutual friends reintroduce us and we hit it off).  He told me that he'd decided that he had decided not long before we started dating that he was ready to get married, should opportunity arise.  The fact that he looked upon post-college dating (or, well, end-of-college really) not as something fun to do on the weekends, but as a specific path to determine whether or not you and a person would make good mates, and if you decided that, then why wait too long for the wedding, made so much sense to me.
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