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1.  There are trolls on the Internet and Ehell is not immune from them. 

2.  There are some seriously obsessed/disturbed people online these days.  Some of them have stated a life's mission to troll Ehell.   The moderating tools available to admins and mods are quite sophisticated and we use them but sometimes a troll gets in. 
3.  This forum is not a therapy support group.  It has been written in the rules and extensively in threads by mods over the years that we are not equipted to handle issues related to medical problems, mental illness, sexual advice,  legal advice and so forth.  We are not here to be a support group for any issues other than etiquette faux pas.  If a poster requires an inordinate amount of mental health, legal advice, etc that elicits strong feelings of sympathy, that *could* be a warning flag.  Your responsibility is to check your emotions, step back and reserve judgment until such time as you have more evidence one way or the other regarding the veracity of the story. 

4.  Each member is responsible for their own emotional investment in other people's lives.  The moderators cannot shield every member from ever being duped by some clever troll.  The moderators will remove trolls once it is determined that member is one. 

5.  Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.  If I were to discuss a situation I've been going through this past year, I'm sure some would call shenanigans.  One friend said, "Jeanne, if I didn't know you in real life and see this unfold, I'd never believe it."   Be very careful how you call shenanigans.   It is very acceptable to ask people for clarifications on what you perceive to be holes in the story.  Outright claiming they are lying is not acceptable.  Ask questions in such a way that it becomes obvious by their own answers that they've hung themselves....that's what we mean by giving people plenty of rope to hang themselves.  Some members are very good at setting up great questions and the stupid troll slams the ball right out of the ball park with their answers.

6.  Calling people out in threads about something they did in another thread or dragging conflicts from one thread to another is a quick way to get on a moderator radar.  Particularly if you've never bothered to report problems to a moderator.   It's disruptive to the forum, adds fuel to whatever fires, broadcasts what could have been a very "local" problem in one thread to a greater audience and you will have the mods wondering if you are a troll making trouble on the forum. 

6. There are drama queens on the Internet.   But being a drama queen on Ehell means you are using this forum in a manner inconsistent with its mission statement.   Moderators have banned a few members whose drama queeniness seems to be a way of life and they contribute nothing of value to the forum other than an incessant whining about the miserable state of their life. 

6.  If you suspect someone is a troll or a previously banned member, please contact a moderator via the Report link.  Some of our members are *very* good detectives and provide the mods with irrefutable proof of their belief that someone is not who they claim to be.    Having an "feeling" about someone will get noted by the mods but probably not acted upon unless more evidence surfaces.  Given that some  rare people do use the Report feature to retaliate against members they don't like, everyone should take comfort that the mods do not ban based solely on word of mouth reports. 

7.  Self policing is not the same as being a vigilante.  Self policing means you take responsibility to manage your own reading, to ignore annoying people, to walk away from threads that bother or disturb you, to control your own words and reactions, use the "delete" key as needed and use the Report link when necessary.  Some of the things reported as abusive to mods could have been dealt with a simple "delete" of the offending PM or thread.   

This is a great list with great wording. We've had so many threads asking bout these issues, this really spells it out clearly, IMO. Thank you for this!

Thanks Dame!
I honestly haven't noticed too many issues like the ones listed but I guess that means the mods are doing a great job of getting them taken care of before I get to them. That or I am just fortunate enough to miss the heavy drama threads.

I like it here. I don't want all that drama. Heck, I use this forum to AVOID drama so I am glad that whatever is going on is being dealt with so we can keep it that way.  :D

Ooh thank you (I do not know how I missed this one).

You answered my question!!!


Maybe this has already been answered so please point me in the right direction if I'm being redundant.

What happens if the etiquette advice is tied up in legal/medical issues?  I have noticed when reading older posts that some posts get locked and others don't.  I haven't been figure out from reading how much medical/legal chit chat will be tolerated before a mod steps in.


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