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Issues with Posters/Veracity/Suspected Trolling

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I’ve noticed a trend with some posters to make their initial post excruciatingly long, more background than would ever be necessary, and lots of details about relationships and/or family issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with etiquette.

Okay, some background and maybe brief description of people involved is fine.  But I think sometimes people are using the forum to try to work out issues that are better addressed in therapy or at least maybe in a different type of forum.

What I don’t like is at the end of an extremely lengthy post (or several posts) they will try to cover themselves by asking an etiquette question such as “Was I rude?” “Am I wrong?” or “How could I have handled it better?”  (Their post re: an actual etiquette issue could have been condensed to a few short paragraphs vs. the manuscript they actually posted.)

Sometimes these threads are reported and locked by mods, but sometimes they aren’t.

You say that they're reported, but I wanted to ask if you're reporting them when you see them?  (Not saying you aren't - I'm asking seriously, not snarkily.)

I agree that we have some therapy-seekers here.  But I think we need to make sure that we're helping the mods see that.  And, when you do report it, make sure you're explaining why (that you feel this person would benefit more from a therapy site rather than an etiquette one).  Somewhere in here, there's a thread by WarDoc about how to best help the mods when a thread/post is reported.  I remember that was one of the things he said.

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DottyG - yes, I am, and I'm familiar with the procedure.  :)

Wasn't trying to make you angry.  I started out replying to you and then kind of drifted off into a more generic PSA to whoever else might see it and didn't know (we have some newer people here that I wasn't sure had seen his post).  I didn't mean to imply that you weren't doing it right.

Ah.  Found it.  Wasn't as hard as I'd thought - it was stickied in this very forum!

I knew I remembered reading it somewhere! :D


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