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Issues with Posters/Veracity/Suspected Trolling

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When I see that a question that's been tacked on to then of a post, my assumption is the OP is trying to avoid any "is there a question here" responses that can derail a thread. It's perfectly okay to post something for the point of discussion (with no question). Yet, we still get a few people requesting that each OP contain a question.

Frankly, I think more people would do well to remember the general conduct rule about taking up offense too easily. I don't think people tacking on a question are fishing for validation any more than those who continue to demand a question from each OP are trying to be obnoxious.

The only time that I can recall someone getting in trouble for reporting posts was because that person was *very* condescending to the moderators in their reports. They were saying things like "I can't believe you let this person post at all." (Paraphrasing, as I can't remember the exact words.) and basically telling us that we sucked at our jobs. It was also very apparent that this person had a vendetta against certain posters. I, personally, don't mind the reports that just give a heads up. We can't keep an eye on all the threads all the times.

As for whether or not a post has an etiquette question... I am totally okay with posts that are just about a bad etiquette story. That's kind of what etiquette hell started out as, actually. Those threads do, however, tend to be short. People don't have much to add besides "Wow, that's crazy!"


--- Quote ---I, personally, don't mind the reports that just give a heads up. We can't keep an eye on all the threads all the times.
--- End quote ---

Whew.  Thanks, Ticia!  There have been times in the past when I've been hesitant to flag a post/thread (even as just a "hey, there isn't really a problem here, but this thread may just need to be looked at occasionally, if you haven't seen it" type of thing) because I feel like I already flagged something that week and didn't want to get in trouble for overdoing.

The person Ticia is referring to, if I recall correctly, reported pretty much everything they laid eyes on.  As in 30+ reports per day.  Please don't spam the mods.

It mostly boils down to use your good judgement.


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