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Help getting a cat adopted?

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I met a wonderful cat at a rescue I was volunteering at. If I didn't have 8 of my own I would have snatched him up immediately and taken him home with me. So now I am trying to find him a home of his own - he is 10 years old so I would love for him to get a home rather then spend the rest of his life at the shelter. I am trying my best to get the word out about him - anyone have any recommendations for where I can post him? He is in Elmsford NY and his adoption fee is $50 but as a senior he is eligible for the senior foster program - which means that they pay for all his medical expenses as long as you have him. He is FIV+ so that makes it harder to find someone willing to take him in. He is very sweet and loving and loves to give kisses and be petted - a real sweetheart of a cat. I got him an article with the examiner but it didn't seem to get too many views so am looking for more places to advertise him:

I am willing to take any suggestions to help get him a home! I figure if I can't have him then I will do anything I can to make sure someone else can.

Outdoor Girl:
As a senior cat, and the fact that all his medical expenses will be covered, I think I would market him to human seniors.  So maybe put up postings in local seniors complexes?  Or if there are any local seniors groups or centres with websites?

If he is uniformly gray except for the white spot on his chest, has faint tabby like striping on his tail, and green eyes he is almost definitely part Russian Blue. They are a very in demand breed so listing him as a Russian Blue mix will help. I have a Russian Blue boy of my own and Chipper sounds very similar temperament wise - mine gives kisses, is unusually patient and docile, and very loving. They are great cats! I would love to adopt him myself actually but our boy is still an attention hungry, demanding kitten and VERY spoiled, and I don't think he's ready to have a big brother cat just yet.

If I lived in NY I'd take him for my mother.  He looks adorable.  Six years a of waiting.   :'(

I talked to LadyL and she said that it looks like Chipper might be part Russian Blue. He is super mellow - I met him at a super adoption event with 30 - 40 shelters/rescues with cats trying to get them adopted. His place was right next to the "holding room" where you could take the cats out of the cages and see how they reacted to you. He wasn't bothered one bit - he would go into his little cubby when he got overwhelmed but if he thought you were coming to pet him he would run right out to rub against the bars. A little girl who was about 3 minutes from a meltdown held him. He was all happy since he got some loving and didn't care that she was agitated. Here are some pictures I took of him. I will look into the suggestions posted and please feel free to post more:


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