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Help getting a cat adopted?

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Outdoor Girl:
He's a very dignified looking fellow!  I looked at the rest of your pics.  I couldn't figure out why there were two pictures of what appeared to be your closet.  And then I found the cat.  Are they all fosters you've had?

So is Chipper as mellow as Frankie the farm cat that I met last night? 

One little boy had his arms straight out in front of him with Frankie draped over them with the arms just behind the front legs and just in front of the back legs.  It was hilarious!  When the kids first saw Frankie, they squealed and started running towards him.  Their father yelled, 'Wait!  Is he friendly?'  I laughed and told him if Frankie didn't run away when they charged him, he was most definitely friendly.

I lost a cat a few years ago and while attempting to find him I found all these other cats that needed help! So some of those cats are ones I took in and kept and others are ones I took in and then found homes for. Kiana was pregnant when I took her in so that is where the pile o' kittens came from. The black cats and the black and white ones I kept. Kiana I kept because she is semi-feral so I can't really adopt her out and one of the kittens I kept. The rest I found good homes for and made them sign a contract saying they come back to me if they can't be cared for anymore - I don't want to risk them going into a shelter.

Chipper is very mellow. I have not seen him when someone was trying to run at him so don't know if that might scare him - but I can tell you when the little girl finally had her meltdown he didn't bat an eye - I think he just missed being in a lap when he had to go back into his cage! As soon as he realized that I was going to go an pet him he would rub against the bars of the cage and then if I tried to pull away he would reach out his little paw and pull me back and lick my hand. A real treasure! But after taking in all the outside cats I knew that I had reached my limit on what I can care for myself otherwise he would have been in my house that night.

Outdoor Girl:
He would be so perfect for an older person looking for a lap cat to shower with affection!  Even better, a knitter!  To give him some exercise, too.   :D

(I'd love to take him if I was in your area but my two girls might object!)

I do know that the rescue adopted a dog to a couple from Vermont so I know they are willing to adopt to people out of the area - although you might not qualify as a foster in that case. So if you think you are close enough please feel free to advertise him out to anyone you think might be interested.

His case is on of the ones that gets me the most. People who drop of animals because they don't want them anymore make me thing they might just be better off at the shelter/rescue. But when the animal gets there because their human died or got ill (which is what happened to Chipper's mom) that just gets to me.

Outdoor Girl:
I'm in Canada so I don't think I could adopt him.   :D  But he'd be perfect for my Dad, too.


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