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What Do You Have On Your Keychain?

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kitty_kats mom:
I have 2 keychains I carry around   :P    On one (the "original") just keys keys and more keys (3 out of 5 cars, both houses - including keyed storage units).  On the other one, it's just the key to the new car   ;D, the keyless fob and a very special keychain from a very dear friend from 24 years ago - shiny silver high heel with "diamonds" on it.  She has a matching keychain - when she sent me mine, she included a note about "what a pair" we were back in the day!!

Due to a need to swap vehicles at times (and past experience when both sets of keys for my vehicle ended up going to work with VorGuy while he left me the keys for his vehicle - but took his vehicle........) I have set up sets of keys for each vehicle on individual keychains rather than sets of keys for each driver.

Brass dragon on MY house keys, little flashlight with the keys for the mini-van, house key & work office key on the set VorGuy carries, and a souvenir tag with Bluebonnets that says "Texas" on it for the spare house key & mailbox key set kept as a "spare" house set.  I have a pewter dragon key chain for when one of the others breaks..........as well as a cross stitched design, a brass cat with two kittens, a photo frame of grandbaby pictures (kept in my purse without keys), and Wonder Woman (from Six Flags Over Georgia).  I like cute key chains.

I have a funky purple cross, a plastic me to you tatty teddy that my SO gave one valentines day and a cheap fold up scissors from a cracker.
So far the scissors has been great, I got them donkey years ago and they still work.

A rubber Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist.

I have other keychains around the apartment, but that's the only one I trust to be sturdy enough to stand up to being banged around with a bunch of metal keys.

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Just a house key, a car key, a post office box key, a safety one way valve mask for CPR and a gold cross.


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