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What Do You Have On Your Keychain?

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Please pass the Calgon:
Keys for car, house, mailbox, office front door, office interior door. Reward cards: Panera Bread, CVS, Petsmart, GameStop. Scan card for the gym. A turquoise rubber bracelet (easy way to carry my keys when I have my hands full and makes them more visible in my purse).

On the ring with the house keys (and other random keys, some of which no longer go to anything useful) I have all my store card thingies.

On my car key ring, I have a not-for-climbing use carabiner (great for clipping my keys to my purse so I don't lose them), and the Lego Darth Vader LED flashlight keychain DH gave me for Valentine's Day a couple years ago. I think I need to add a flash drive, perhaps a Star Wars one.

Mine has to much stuff.  It's on a carabiner so I can disconnect whatever I need and hand it off though.
It *is* a touch unwieldy, but I *HAVE* to carry 2/3 of this stuff--either I put it in a purse/pouch/bag or I tie it all together via keychain...keychain ends up less unwieldy. (and drops into purse/bag/etc easily)

Pepper spray
Hair ties
A pad of post-its in a decorative holder
3 flash drives (they're on a lanyard so they don't rub against keys--lanyard also has a name-tag and a few hair-clips on it)
A key-card for the electronic doors used 1/2 the time at work
A few weird small keys for display cases and lockboxes (work)
A tiny bottle that has aspirin--which isn't for me, it's for the dog on walks--it's attached to a tiny pawprint keychain so I don't forget that it's dogs, not mine..

I'm boring: 2 car keys, my mailbox key, house key, 2 keys for my parents' house, key for my Inlaws' house, and a Wells Fargo lanyard.


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