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Weird features spotted while house hunting

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I was looking at houses for sale online. One house would have been gorgeous, except the owners had a particular icon all over the house. It was a little eyeless character that resembled a gingerbread man. I don't know if they made him up, he's a famous carton or even a religious / political icon I've never heard of. Eyeless Gingerbread Man was in every.single.room. The dining room had a mirror hung up. All the way around the mirror, painted on the wall, were 2 foot tall rows of Eyeless Gingerbread Men holding hands and screaming.

What oddities have you all spotted while house hunting ?

When we first began house hunting, we came upon a listing for a home that advertised, among other things, a roof in excellent condition. We went to the house and since it was unoccupied, walked around the house. The roof in front was, indeed, in very nice condition. However, in the rear of the house, literally half the roof was missing. Just...gone. Someone had tried to cover it with a tarp, but the damage was extensive. So now we joke about obviously broken or flawed things being in "excellent condition".

Excellent condition, huh? Sounds like the object I collect and frequently find at antique stores labeled as being in excellent condition even though half the paint is missing and there are scratches all over it.  ;D

One house I toured when looking to move had shag carpeting in every room. A different color in every room. The best was the bedroom with pink shag, and green and pink walls and ceilings. It felt like being inside a watermelon. I did like the one bedroom with blue shag carpeting and wallpapers with blue and white paper with rubber duckies.

Our house had "Spirit of 76" wallpaper in the living room when we first moved in.  It's painted over now but I thought it was pretty funny.

Another house we looked at had a furnace in the basement that gave me flashbacks of Sweeney Todd, and another one we peeked into (didn't even go into the house) had parts of the ceiling resting on the floor.

White Dragon:
Some things always make me go  ??? when I'm house hunting.

The first is family homes with carpeted eating areas. Seriously? Judging by the bedrooms, there are toddlers in the home.
Carpets? Under the chairs? Hope they own a rug cleaner!

The other one is carpeted bathrooms. By this I mean shag carpeting everywhere, even around the commode.
Splashed biologicals on carpet and no way to clean it?
Eww. Just...eww.

My favourite was an acreage we wanted to check out. The realtor looked at us oddly and said "Do you like trains?" in what I can only describe as a psychoticly cheery tone.
Turns out there was a train track about 50 feet from the front door.
A bit too close for me, thanks.


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