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Author Topic: Spitting. Is It Rude?  (Read 10458 times)

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Re: Spitting. Is It Rude?
« Reply #45 on: September 13, 2011, 10:34:35 AM »
Not a huge fan of it outside but it really bugs me when kids spit in the garbage can in my room.  The liners are there for a week or longer and I find it disgusting and unsanitary.

I don't suppose acquiring a stash of bin liners and requiring offenders to take out the trash as a matter of civics/health would be allowed?  At some point, somebody needs to call such louts on their behavior, but teachers no longer can, and parents and society don't.

That would have a lot of people protesting.  The admin wouldn't like it because kids were out of the classroom.  Custodial staff would probably complain because a bunch of them have been laid off.  If we have kids or anybody else taking trash out makes it seem like fewer custodians are needed.  The kids would love it because they could walk though the hall and look for friends which would leave me spending a fortune on liners.

I expected as much; my suggestion was somewhere between wry and facetious. 
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Re: Spitting. Is It Rude?
« Reply #46 on: September 14, 2011, 11:39:37 AM »
Times have changed for the better.  I am 67 years old.  I well remember spit on the streets of town in Alliance, OH and Santa Ana, CA when I was a child.  We boys practiced spitting.  Men just spit.  There were still spittoons in offices and bars.  By the time I was 20 in 1963 it had faded away.  Older men still spit when together outdoors in male-only groups but we younger guys just didn't anymore. I don't remember why we stopped but I suspect, like so many other changes in male habits, it came from women refusing to accommodate men who spit.