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Need Response For Unwanted Gifts

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--- Quote from: Merry Mrs Martin on September 16, 2011, 02:08:23 AM ---  for EVER from coworkers for EVERY occasion........Mary, I went to Hawaii I got everyone a lei  except you sparkly unicorn for you , Hi all I'm back from Sweden chocolates for all Mary I had to look in 301 stores but here is a Swedish unicorn for you , have a baby Unicorn oneies ,  have surgery unicorn flower arrangement.  
--- End quote ---

Seriously, I have to stop reading Merry Mrs Martin's posts whilst drinking hot coffee. Something about this image just about *killed* me.  ;D

(Oh, and I agree with her post, too).

OP, is it just that YOU don't like the shirts, or does he dislike them too?

If it's just you - well, women have been trying to upgrade their men's wardrobes for eternity. If it's him as well, you could try EBay or the Red Cross (why won't he donate them?)

It sounds like he likes them  ;)


--- Quote from: Iris on September 16, 2011, 02:22:15 AM ---Another weird question: What's an "old man" shirt?

Possibility 1: I have to say that if his coworkers keep giving him shirts of a certain type then my suspicion is that they don't feel that he is dressing appropriately for work and are trying to give him a hint. If that is the case he needs to find a look that combines his preferences with what work considers appropriate and then the gifts should dry up.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I'm not sure what an old man shirt is either-- if it's just a stuffy style or if they're "Over the Hill" gag shirts. But if he's 26, he seems too young to be getting the latter.

I also was thinking Possibility 1. Co-workers usually don't give each other clothes, so I think there's a distinct possibility that he's supposed to dress a certain way for work, hasn't been dressing that way, and the co-workers are trying to help him out by giving him something that fits the dress code.

Harriet Jones:
I was wondering that, too -- are they the "standard" men's dress shirts like you might wear with a tie or is it like a polo shirt or even a guayabera (stereotypical Florida retiree shirt  ;))

There is no way to say "No," to well-intentioned (and non-dangerous) gifts. At best, with harmless items such as shirts, you say "Thank you! That's so nice of you!" (although without any effusive gushing, which convinces the giver that you really, REALLY like it). Then, don't wear the shirts.


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