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White after Labor Day

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Ok, I have read this rule once or twice on here, and I am confused by it. Is it a real rule of etiquette, ie, would people give you odd looks in the US if you wore white in late September? Or is it an outdated rule? Sorry if it seems a really stupid question, but it has been bugging me!

It's not so much an etiquette rule as a fashion rule, and it's becoming more and more commonly broken, and I don't think you'd get any weird looks if it were still hot out. It's a "rule" like "don't mix plaids" is a rule, not a "say please and thank you" kind of rule.

What Yvaine said.  :)  It's 60 degrees F today, but is supposed to be in the low 80s by the weekend.  I probably will wear my white city shorts one day bc I have one top that looks great with it, and I refuse to accept that winter is fast approaching.

Also, a lot of people seem to now interpret the rule more toward fabric.  So, a white sweater is fine, but a white linen skirt might get one or two odd looks.

A generation ago in very conservative areas like the rural South, wearing white after Labor Day was considered a faux pas. It's not really true anymore.

I grew up in lower NYS during the 1950s and 1960s. 

As I understood it, early September was the time to put away white shoes and white purses.  White dresses were also discouraged.  No matter how hot it got, September was the time to wear 'dark cottons'.

There was always the 'winter white' dress that was appropriate for holiday parties.  The dress was always made of a fine wool.  The winter white was more of an of an ecru  or egg-shell color than pure white.  For the festive season, it was always adorned with a colorful piece of costume jewelry.  Winter white was always worn with black or brown shoes and a matching purse.     


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