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I wondered if any other countries have common nicknames?  In the UK if your last name is Clark or Clarke you might get called Nobby and in London if you're called Charles you might get called Wag.  I have no idea why those names lead to those nicknames but they do.  The other one is John being Jack but I'm fairly sure that's universal.  Sandy for Alexander is one from Scotland.

A few Scottish ones:

Hugh - Shug
John - Ian
Robert - Rab

International ones:
Elizabeth - Betty
Isabelle/Isabella - Isa

I'l come back and post more if I remember..

OOh!  use surnames, or add Y to any surname...

Coxy, Fawkesy, ....

In my neck of the woods, men's "B" names and names that have "B" nick names can get turned into Bubba.  Like Brian and Bob.  Bubba can also mean "Brother."

My mother had an Aunt Jennie who, for reasons unknown, was called Jane. (It was from her that I got my middle name, which I gave to my daughter as a first name.)

As far as I know, Jennie was her full given name - not short for anything. Jane was the nickname.


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