Author Topic: Don't eat the meatballs! AKA: Stupid stuff you've done.  (Read 133480 times)

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Re: Don't eat the meatballs! AKA: Stupid stuff you've done.
« Reply #900 on: January 27, 2014, 07:22:06 PM »
I'm not sure if this really belongs here, but since DD#2 and dog are fine and she is laughing at herself I figure it's okay to share . . .

It's sub-zero(F) with windchill factor up to 30 below.

DD#2 was dog sitting for Cousin's dog. She got up this morning about 8am, threw on boots (no socks) her jacket, light gloves and a hat, no scarf (stupid #1 for this weather ::).) In her defense thinking, she figured she'd just stand in the garage with dog on a leash, let the dog do his thing, quickly clean up and be done. No need to bundle all the way up, right? The whole business took less than 5 minutes.

EXCEPT! She locked herself out of the house . . . the connecting door from the garage to the house was locked. She knew that she locked the front door, she had no cell phone with her.

Stupid #2 -- but maybe not, maybe this was the smart thing considering how she was dressed -- she did not go to any of the neighbors for help. Cousin lives in the middle of a row of attached townhouses (maybe 15-20 homes to the building.) Since she was on the garage side she would have had to walk all the way around to the front of the building in order to knock on doors hoping to find someone at home. Plus she didn't know anybody's (Cousin's) phone number to call because all her contacts are in her cell phone and not in her brain. (She could have called me. ::))

So DD#2 sat on a cooler contemplating her situation. She looked over at a stack of chairs* and thought that they would be too cold and uncomfortable to sit on.

She tried to open Cousin's car . . . fortunately it was not locked and even more fortunately there was a thick blanket in the back seat. So she cuddled up with dog . . . for 5 HOURS! :o :'( until Cousin came home.

Cousin was shocked when DD#2 came out of her car. Cousin felt sooo bad! Especially since she's locked herself out a few times so she walked over to the stack of chairs, and on the top chair (out of easy eyesight, but not really hidden) . . . yes, folks, was a spare house key.

*This is where DD#2 feels really stupid. "If I just went over to look at the chairs, I would have found the key!"

I'm sooo thankful that everything turned out okay. Thankful that there was a blanket and DD#2 and dog were able to keep each other warm. Thankful that the sun was shining on that side of the building which helped warm up the garage. Thankful that DD#2 had the wherewithall to get out of the car several times, run around the garage, do jumping jacks and play with dog for small bits at a time.

I think that I'm mostly thankful that DD#2 is able to laugh about the situation.


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Re: Don't eat the meatballs! AKA: Stupid stuff you've done.
« Reply #901 on: January 27, 2014, 10:19:43 PM »
I feel for your DD since I did this at my house last year. Pouring rain and about 45 outside in my flip flops, Jammie's and "big shirt". Hubby out of town. Go to feed his dog and let her out (kenneled in the garage at night) and the door from the laundry room to the garage was locked. I trompped around to the front door and banged on it and rang the bell for almost an hour before my son (aged 8 at the time) heard it and came downstairs to see why I wasn't answearing the door and Jack was barking his head off.  Fortunately he also heard me yelling "it's mommy - open the door"  or else I would have been out there till hubby got back in town.

I did the same again thing 2 weeks later