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My New Year's Angel


I am getting close to the end of my Peace Corps service, so homesickness has hit me pretty hard.  I had some plans for New Year's (tentative) but they all fell apart due to lack of funds on my part.  So I was facing a New Years alone.

Well, my site mate (who was going to cabin with her boyfriend and his friend, she's a fellow vlunteer, he's Hungarain/Romanian) called me and found out that I was alone for New Years.  I was okay with that, a little sad, but still okay, I'm a big girl after all.  Well, she spoke with her boyfriend about me, and then called me back and said the cabin was off and invited me to a party they were going to.  She (ever diplomatic) insisted they never really wanted to go to the cabin the first place, and she couldn't stand the thought of me alone. 

I cried, I couldn't believe how sweet she, and her boyfriend, were to change her plans for me, even though I didn't ask them to.  I'm off to a party now.  Who knows, those Hunagarian/Romanian boys are awful cute ;)

I hope you have a really good time!  Happy New Year!

Good friends are worth their weight in gold, aren't they?

Have a wonderful time and a very happy new year.

 :) i hope you had a great time!

A friend of mine just got home from the Peace Corps a few weeks ago after being in Tonga for a few years. It's a pretty amazing thing that you're doing.

Thanks everyone.  It was nice and lowkey, just what I wanted (well, this year anyway, next year I'll be home!)  Complete with a lovely Romanian Mum (Mum of friend's boyfriend) bent on spoiling "her American Girls".  She was beyond adorable.

Hob, thanks for the kind words.  It's been quite a struggle and uphill battle.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing much of anything.  I focus on small victories and how much this has changed me for the better. 


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