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Engagement Party Menu - Opinions?

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Hi Guys,
Plans for the engagement party are coming along nicely.  We have had about 60 people RSVP so far.  I expect a few more last minute ones.  Everyone invited to this party, will be invited to the wedding.  I am completely shocked by the number of close friends we have.  Mom and Dad are busy de-packratting, and doing small stuff to the house like new curtains.  Mom is decorating the house to the nines with christmas stuff.  The only problem is that the handyman they hire fell off the wagon.  He gets his disability check (for being a drug-addict) on the 1st, so he usually buys drugs then.  My tax dollars at work.  Anyway, I am the one concerned with the food.  Here is our menu.  Any glaring omissions?  Party starts Sat at 6pm. 

Honey Baked Ham 
Nice rolls and croissants maybe CostCo, maybe bakery
Meat, cheese, fruit and veggie trays from Costco
Deviled Eggs (A friend of mom's is bringing)
*Stuffed Mushrooms (Stuffing is Mashed Potatoe based)
*Puffed Pastry Rolls (I am thinking some spinach, red pepper based, maybe some with hot&spicy pepperoni, maybe some others)
*Small crock-pot of Queso  (a TexMex Cheese Dip)
Tortilla Chips
*Baked Brie (with Apricot Jam but no nuts)
wheat thins
Ranch Dip in a Bread Bowl
Plain Chips
Cocktail Weiners (My fh requested nicely) in another crockpot
Red Velvet sheet cake from a bakery (I make a nice one, but I won't have time to decorate it.)
*Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake with white chocolate granache (I have made this before, but I saw a photo where they just put the granache on the wide shallow parts and it looked pretty)

If I have time I was thinking of making this apple pie-ish finger food things.  Fillo Dough rolled around apple pie filling and baked. 

Anyone know an easy recipe for Tomato Basil Soup?  Mom and Dad don't have a blender.  I thought it might be nice to have some soup out in a crock pot with coffee cups for people to drink the soup out of. 

Oh, and we will be having guests.  I can't start with prep until after my last exam on Thursday.  Four people are arriving Friday and two more on Saturday.  And, mom and Dad's oven is really awful.  I won't make cookies in it.  I put a star by the things I will need to prepare.  Mom can't cook. 

Any additions? 

Ooh, I think that all sounds so yummy!  I don't think that I would add much more that needs to be prepared by you - you don't want to be running around like crazy the day of the party!

That is one of the problems with the handyman.  We were going to hire him to tend the beer and food.  The beer will be homemade and served from a tap. 

The menu sounds delicious.

I'd be concerned though about having a person with substance abuse problems as bartender though.


--- Quote from: KeenReader on December 06, 2006, 11:42:48 AM ---The menu sounds delicious.

I'd be concerned though about having a person with substance abuse problems as bartender though.

--- End quote ---

In this case, meth is the problem, not alcohol.  What is sad is that at his core, he is really a nice guy.  I have known him since I was 8, and he was maybe 10.  I am 36.  Our parents still live across from each other.  He has been doing drugs since maybe 12.  He told my mother recently that his parents didn't really care, as long as no one knew.  Knowing the parents, I believe that.  I know that parents are often unfairly blamed for the kids' problems, but in this case, I think they are at fault. 


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