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"You're so young, why on Earth are you parking in the handicap spot?!"

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I had my knee scoped a couple weeks ago and for the first few days used my walker to get around. I had a follow-up with the surgeon a few days after the procedure and was sitting in his waiting room with my leg up on the walker. The town I'm in is right next to a military base so it's not unusual to see younger folks walking around with canes and the like, but I guess a walker was too confusing for some. A semi-elderly lady approached me and asked me to move my leg so she could give the walker to her husband (who was using an older, less well-kept walker).

I said, "Sorry, but this is mine."

"That's not yours! And you don't need it anyway!" and she reached to take it from me.

I (and my son) got our hands on it before she could. I offered to unwrap my knee and show her the incisions, and told her that I've had the walker for over five years. She harrumphed a couple of times and said I was too young to need a walker. I just looked at my knee and back at her. Everybody else in the waiting room was staring at her, and she eventually got the hint.

Cz. Burrito:
I can't believe the horrible things that you guys are experiencing with people trying to take away your canes and walkers.   >:(

I had to stop carrying my "cool looking" cane, people were always angling for me to give it to them since I didn't "need" it and was just lazy.  "If you weren't so lazy and worked harder, you could walk right, faker."

Then I switched to a trekking pole and people don't mess with me much. 

Due to an old knee injury, my husband has to use a cane on occasion. Thankfully, no one has demanded asked him for it, however he does get funny looks at times...he's only 30, why would he need a cane, right?

If anyone said anything it would burn my biscuits.

It's good to be Queen:

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--- Quote ---I have a handicapped parking pass.  I do not look disabled, but I am .  I am subject to many comments, glares, etc.  One woman demanded to know why I was entitled to handicapped parking.  I told her that my doctor decided I needed it, end of story.  She persisted with asking why, saying that I should be reported to the police, etc.  I finally told her that I was under no obligation to disclose my personal medical informaiton to her and that she should feel free to report me to the police.  Then, of course, I lost it and started crying.  I should not have to defend myself against every parking lot vigilante who thinks they can decide who is and is not handicapped.  I have my good days and bad ones, and people like her can really ruin my mood on a good day.
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When you started crying did that person back off or apologize?
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Neither, she just walked away shaking her head like I was a drama queen AND a faker.


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