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Author Topic: Your holiday hill to die on.  (Read 1063352 times)

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Re: Your holiday hill to die on.
« Reply #2520 on: December 25, 2017, 08:07:31 PM »
Mine today is refusing to clean up all the paper, boxes, and breakfast items sitting around all over house.  I have 2 teenage boys and a husband whom I did all the shopping for, and they can clean it all up.  It will sit there until it is done.

YES! I saw something that declared December 26th National Momís Day Off, and I will be celebrating!


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Re: Your holiday hill to die on.
« Reply #2521 on: January 03, 2018, 02:15:16 PM »
We are having a family gathering on the 23rd. Twice I have asked if we can bring anything, to no response. I predict that the same old thing will happen- sometime late in the day on the 22nd, I will get a last minute text asking if we can bring "such and such" for the meal. This year I am not going to scramble to the grocery store before it closes and then get up early on the 23rd to prepare something last minute. I'm just going to say, "I'm sorry, but there isn't enough notice for me to make anything. I am bringing some wine."

Same story here! My brother was hosting and I asked a couple of times what I could bring, then finally I texted him to say I had bought a veggie tray and that's what he was getting.  ;D  (I am a planner and he is not, so sometimes I have to remind myself not to stress about stuff.)
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Re: Your holiday hill to die on.
« Reply #2522 on: January 03, 2018, 06:18:56 PM »
Several years ago, we held a pre-Christmas family reunion for my FOO - Mom got the photos of all of her kids lined up by age, by height (used to be the same as by age, but now that we were all in our fifties, that had changed), compared various things, and had pot-luck desserts with the evening meals assigned to one or another family member.

Three families stayed in the resort (full kitchen), one came up for the weekend & had a hotel room (their cooking was done in a crock pot & brought over to "assemble it yourself"), and one lived there...the brother who lived there didn't get assigned a night as we weren't there long enough.  He was the only one who mentioned that nobody had brought a pecan pie for the dessert table...and got glared at by his mother & two older sisters (both of us used to be taller than him - we glared at him like we still were "bigger than he was"). 

We did learn that, if we do this again, we need to change the way we do the meal planning.  Last month, three of the four of us were back together when Baby Brother's older daughter was playing in a college basketball tournament - things did go a bit more smoothly, in part because nobody had a kitchen in their hotel room & the couple that live in that city have a very small home, not enough room for six extra people at their dinner table...November is too cool to eat outdoors after dark - so we found a restaurant those two nights instead.
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Re: Your holiday hill to die on.
« Reply #2523 on: January 03, 2018, 07:35:44 PM »
o_gal:  One way to approach this is be upfront..."We won't be able to host you overnight so just wanted to let you know so you can make other arrangements."

In case someone has a similar problem in the future: You can host people by putting them up at a local hotel. Find a Motel 6 not far away, make a reservation, and pay for one night. Done!