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Author Topic: Post-birth stuff  (Read 11275 times)

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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2011, 01:03:37 AM »
Mostpeople i know in the US shower as opposed to bathing, perhaps that is part of the confusion.  I know my sisters were both showereing within 24 hours of heir c-section, smae with SIL after birth.  Alll had the help and approval of medical staff.

I made liberal use of the sitz bath available to me in in the hospital with my first. I had only one shower while I was there, because I was very dizzy and light-headed and I required help to shower. I could do the bath on my own.


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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #16 on: October 13, 2011, 01:04:38 AM »
I was popped right in the bath after giving birth.  It stung like the dickens and the water turned purple so I can't imagine sitting around for ages in that muck. 
This was in the UK though, and I don't have much experience of US hospital births, as my mother disliked them so much after three that she had her last five children at home.  Still, I don't think that there is a bathing ban in force.

The only thing I've ever heard about a bathing ban is in China, where they have a baby moon.  Apparently an old lady (or your mother) comes in and you are literally not allowed out for a month.  No showers, no washing your hair, no teeth brushing, no cold food, you have to wear a hat all the time and they stuff you full of food and pamper you.  I think they still give new mothers sponge baths or towel them down, but they are definitely not allowed to take a shower or a bath for that time.

No hair-washing or brushing teeth? I honestly cannot imagine going a month without either.


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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #17 on: October 18, 2011, 01:09:45 PM »
On another site I visit, a woman recounted a story in which her MIL "forbade" her from taking a bath or shower for a whole month because her pores were "open."  I'm not sure what the danger was but I think it was one of those old wives tales things.  I can't even imagine not bathing after having a baby.  Even in the weeks after birth, I found myself needing a bath at least once a day to deal with the many things I was expelling.


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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #18 on: October 25, 2011, 08:30:50 PM »
Mine OB encouraged bathing (3rd degree tear, stitches...the whole 9 yards lol).

I had DD2, nothing tore, and I realized just how much pain I was in from the tear the first time- I was up and mowing the lawn the next day, just sore back muscles from pushing during delivery LOL. No, probably was not supposed to be mowing, but I like to mow... It was amazing, though, nothing "down there" was just SO different from the first child!

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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #19 on: October 25, 2011, 08:42:38 PM »
I don't remember any specific ban on baths with any of my births, although I didn't have any c-sections.  I did try the sitz bath after the first one... no idea how that was supposed to work, but it didn't really do anything, so I never tried it again.  I'm not much of a bath person normally, though, I prefer showers.  I do remember that with my first baby, the shower I got to take afterwards was the best shower in my entire life.  No kidding.  It felt *so* good.  The one after my second baby was good but nowhere near that level.  And my third birth was in a military hospital that had been remodeling their maternity ward while I was pregnant, so I was one of the first patients who got to give birth in the new rooms.  I got to discover that their hot water system was not working right, and that somebody who had never taken showers had apparently designed their shower stalls (the water was tepid, at best, which is not pleasant right after you've given birth, and the shower stall was a curtained affair with a tile floor that had a row of tile one inch higher at the edge that was supposed to keep the water in... not.  Cold water everywhere, freezing cold postpartum woman, not a good mix.  If I manage to get pregnant again, I'll give birth in the same hospital, which has hopefully worked out its kinks in the meantime!  Including, like, actually giving food to starving women who have just fasted all day while giving birth, instead of showing it to them, then taking it away, leaving them so hungry that they are shaking uncontrollably.
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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #20 on: October 25, 2011, 08:52:26 PM »
No way would I be waiting 6 weeks to shower! I found having to wait overnight was bad enough, I ended up with a spinal block and was still numb so had to wait until the next morning for my shower and it was bliss.

They did encourage me to not bath DD for a day or so since her smell helps with the bonding and milk producing processes.


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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #21 on: October 25, 2011, 09:39:36 PM »
No hair-washing or brushing teeth? I honestly cannot imagine going a month without either.

I can't imagine going a day without either!  What a revolting thought.

Australia here.  I had a shower within 2 hours of DS1 being born.  Can't remember when I had a bath, but that's usually because I usually have showers anyway.

I stayed in the hospital the pretty standard 4 days (then) with DS1.  I had complications after DS2 and stayed 5 days.  They wanted me to leave a day or soon earlier but I refused (on account of my complications having me 5 minutes from dying and all).

Afterwards it was/is standard for a health nurse to come and visit baby and  me at home within a day or two and then regularly about once a week for about 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks I went to my GP for a standard post partum check up.  From about a month old DS and I visited the local baby health clinic weekly for about 2 months, and then monthly, for about the first year (and then annually till about age 4).  I joined a fantastic mother and baby group there and we met each week there for 6 weeks and are still friends 14  years later.

Immunisations were done at either the baby clinic or GP, depending on which was more convenient at the time.

Both babies were perfectly normal and on target health/development wise but if they hadn't been I'd have visited my GP.

All of the above was free BTW.


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Re: Post-birth stuff
« Reply #22 on: October 25, 2011, 10:06:58 PM »
Showers were fine when I was in the hospital.  Rooming-in was the norm, but I was in a semi-private room each time, and my roommate and I simply waited until the other one was there before showering.  I'm more of a shower-person anyway, however basin-baths (that you fit over a toilet) were available for anyone with small tears or stitches.

Generally (this was 10+ years ago) the public health nurse would do a home-visit about 2 or 3 weeks after the baby was home.  She'd bring a weight-scale and discuss any other issues.  Well-baby clinics were and are still available (at rotating clinics) monthly; you do have to phone for an appointment first.  They're there to do vaccinations and/or discuss any other concerns.  Of course family doctors will also do vaccinations - we don't have a huge number of paediatricians in Canada - and I encountered a few moms who were aghast at the idea of taking their babies to the public-clinics as opposed to their own doctors.  I just figured it was a lot more trouble - you had to stop at the pharmacy first to pick up the vaccination-serum yourself - plus, our own doctor recommended the clinics.  His wife had taken their own kids to them, after all.

If the well-baby clinic discovers any concerns - such as a slower-than-expected weight gain - they will of course recommend a doctor visit to the parent.