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mumma to KMC:
Help. A friend of mine from church just had another little baby (Dec 15th). We have been trying to get together for months but our schedules have not matched up. Alas, I offered to bring her dinner after her baby was born  and she invited dh, ds and I to stay and eat with them. This is great as we are able to sit and chat insofar as the babies will allow us.

So does anyone have any ideas of what to make? There are no food allergies but her other children don't like pizza. (I know, I wondered about that too :) ) I plan on making a salad and probably doing cup cakes for dessert...any ideas for the main course? I will be making it here and taking it to their house.


a casserole or some kind of pasta? for the pasta, you could do the bow tie pasta w/ white sauce, cubed chicken and small pieces of broccoli or peas. Or a lasagna, or something like that. Maybe also take some french bread to go with it?

I usually do a lasanga with salad and garlic bread.  All of it (okay, not the salad  ;D ) can be frozen, too.

mumma to KMC:
Frozen salad, ick. Double ick.

Thanks for the ideas! I will add them to my list. I also came up with meatloaf and potatoes as an alternative to pasta. When ds was born, we were given lots of food. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of people we barely knew, however, lasagna loses its specialness when you eat it twice a week for three weeks. :)

ROFLOL!  We usually coordinate meals for families and, being Sicilian, I'm the one asked to provide the lasagna dish :)


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