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Classic Guest Story : Ski instructor vs. Clueless Aunt and Uncle

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--- Quote from: hermanne on March 14, 2008, 09:19:57 AM ---
--- Quote from: jenn on March 13, 2008, 03:01:35 PM ---Aunt/Uncle: Usually gets in a snit at this point and complains to my mother by phone. 
Mother:  Is intentionally dense and offers her guest room if they'd like it.  Her guest room is a thousand miles in the wrong direction.   That she can do this with a straight face amazes me.  After they're done tossing a fit over that, she eventually points out that she's offered the only room that is hers to offer.

--- End quote ---

I like your mom. :)

And why are aunt and uncle complaining to her, like you're a kindergarten or something? >:(

--- End quote ---

^^Seriously, it happens more than you know.

My Uncle “Phil” passed away in November.  The two remaining siblings are my dad and my Uncle “Bernie.”  Bernie’s kid Chris is obviously my cousin…and Chris’ mom is Bernie’s ex-wife, Aunt Carol.

So, Chris posts a message on Facebook to let me know that Uncle Phil died.  I am grateful because we haven’t been in touch, we message back and forth for a while, and decide to get together to have our own little “SoCal wake” and trade a few stories.  I then call my parents to tell them about Uncle Phil’s passing.  So far, a normal chain of events.

Now, a little bit of background:  even after Uncle Bernie and Aunt Carol divorced, Aunt Carol remained very much part of the family.  My exDH loved her, and we would go to her Christmas party every year in the 90s… But life goes on and sometimes good people drift apart. 

So, after hearing that my cousin Chris and I would be getting together, my mom decided to call Aunt Carol and say hi, as we all have fallen out of touch.

Two days later, my mom calls and tells me that I AM IN TROUBLE!!!!  Aunt Carol is LIVID that I haven’t called her in a while and she thought we were so close and she laid into my mother about the fact that she hasn’t seen me blah blah blah.
I very calmly reply, “You know, Mom, the phone works both ways.”  I do not feel any guilt. 

Footnote:  Chris and I did get together, Aunt Carol was supposed to come, but cancelled at the last minute because something came up.  So much for “she thought we were so close!”

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