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"Girls night" only?


Hey there,

I posted about things to dip for my chocolate fondue party this coming friday.  Now I have 2 questions about the guest list:

1.  We have a group of about 5 girls that go out together for a girls night about weekly.  Every once in a while we invite new people to join us for the night, but the 5 of us are the core group that get together (as in, the invitation among the five of us is just understood to be open for every friday night).  I am hosting this time and would like to invite 2 of my friends to join us.  Another one of the girls has invited a friend of hers (she asked me first, which was much appreciated), so that would make a total of 3 new people.  Should I ask permission from the group, let them know that I will ask these two, or should I not invite these two friends at all? As an aside, I am not worried about mixing social groups - everyone is pretty friendly and welcoming, and it is pretty casual I am just wondeirng about the actual etiquette implications.

2. Two of the 4 other girls offered to bring something (in an email sent to everyone) - should I reply to everyone and tell them what to bring or just to these two? (I am going to tell them to bring whatever they wish to dip!)

I am new to hosting/entertaining, but would like to make sure that I dont make any obvious (well, not obvious to me!) faux pas'. 

Thanks in advance!

I would let the others know that you are asking others to join you and, given the reaction from that, invite or not invite your other friends.

For bringing something - I would reply to all with a general, "Oh, you're more than welcome to bring anything you think would dip well in the fondue!"

If you are the hostess, I see no reason why you can't invite whomever you would like, provided there would be no obvious conflicts.  It sounds like your group of friends is pretty welcoming in general, so I might just shoot an email to give them a heads up, but I don't see a problem with inviting additional people.  When I host an event and someone asks to bring something, I will usually decline or let them bring something if it sounds like they really want to.  I don't usually ask others to, though.  Fondue is a bit different, so you might send a generaly\ email listing what dippers you will be providing and that they are free to bring any others they would like. 

thanks all, sometimes my filter for these things isnt what it should be.  The two that offered phrased it as "what can I bring?" rather than, "can I bring anything?" (which, in my crowd, is intentional).  I simply replied with letting them know I appreciated their offer and they could bring anything they wanted that they felt would be fun to dip. 

As long as it is not way off to invite others, I think I will invite these two friends of mine - they often invite me places and I would like the chance to reciprocate. 


From the description of your group, I don't see a problem inviting the other two.  As someone suggested earlier, you could mention it casually, and gauge the reaction. 

I simply replied with letting them know I appreciated their offer and they could bring anything they wanted that they felt would be fun to dip.
I think this was the perfect response.  Your party sounds like fun!!  The fact that you're concerned enough to ask shows that you will be a great hostess!  ;)


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