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Okay, now for my story--file it under Employee from Hell. His name was "Leroy" (name changed to protect the guilty). He worked at an art and craft store I worked at...and lasted exactly TWO days. He appeared to be a bright, capable, intelligent adult in his 20's So why does he have the fastest termination record, you ask? Here's some reasons:

1) He picked up every bottle of paint we were putting away and asked "Can I drink this?"

2) He used large, $30-40 tubes of paint as mini baseball bats. He also liked to juggle EVERY bottle within reach when told some bottles are glass he said "I never drop 'em".

3) He slid down the banisters of our main staircase after being told repeatedly NOT to do so (even when threatened with termination)

4) He was caught balancing with one foot on top of a ladder yelling "look at me!!!!" (Lucky fool he could have been killed proof that God DOES protect idiots)

5) He singled out one male employee and shook his hand EACH and EVERY time he passed this person.

6) He bummed 10-15 dollars total from a bunch of people HIS FIRST DAY, claiming it was "for lunch" (No, we don't talk to each other, we couldn't find out he was doing this DUH!!!!).

7) He shamelessly raided the refrigerator (which has become a no-food zone b/c of previous thefts).

8 ) He harassed ANYTHING female, verbally and with gestures.

9) He used the U-boat carts as his own private demolition racer/skateboard/stepstool, and crashed into EVERYTHING. Including our store managers ankles.

10) We found out he'd had FOUR previous jobs since LAST NOVEMBER ... (Gawd would I love to hear their stories) ... and WHY did my store hire him?

10) He just plain STUNK. Mighty B-O He claimed to be a Bible-thumper, but apparently missed the expression "cleanliness is next to Godliness." Guess showering and deodorant are against his religion.

11) He offered a "lap dancing lesson" to a male employee.

12) He told male employee "A" that MALE employee "B" was thought he was hot, and vice versa. Just to see what would happen. Yes, both "A" and "B" were straight. Unfunny nonetheless.

13) He asked EVERYBODY if they play an instrument, and regardless of the response, he said "I play my skin-flute." Loud.

14) He asked if he could take off his shoes during our night crew (pity I didn't know he was getting canned the night he asked, I would have said "Only if I can shove them up your *** sideways")

He was finally fired for playing with a cargo elevator's controls a fireable offense since the area is clearly marked OFF LIMITS TO EMPLOYEES.

This cretin made two days seem like two YEARS he was going to last three days, but mgt. finally chose to let him go much to the relief of everyone who worked with him.
Story cows0221-03

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CRUD MONKEYS!! There was a show for a while that gave money to people who could be fired by 2pm, sounds like he was auditioning.

My only other thought was unemployment. He really didn't want to work, but couldn't quit or he'd lose benefits.

I have to admit some of this was pretty funny.

I howled at the story. But I'm really glad I never had to work with him. ;)

Someday I'll submit my Jewel of a cow-irker stories to the website.

I'm surprised he found time to do all these things!! Not that I don't doubt that every word of it is true, I've worked with some idiots before too, but goodness! Usually I find that a lot of places give employees short, carefully monitored trainee shifts the first week, so it's tremendous to think he found the time and ability to do all these terrible things! What a character!

Clara Bow:
I worked with that guy..he was the manager at our drugstore, the one who finally made me quit...


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