Author Topic: HOW did I not think of that before??  (Read 10827 times)

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Re: HOW did I not think of that before??
« Reply #120 on: July 31, 2014, 11:50:32 PM »
The rubbery thing works, but I don't have the grip. The Oxo opener grips well and gives me the leverage I need.

The warm water on the metal lid doesn't always work, I agree, and I ruined a knife trying to pop the seal, so I have used a special tool that uses the top of the lid for leverage, but that has bent the lid so I don't like that.

Yup. Sticking with the Oxo tool.

My sister found me one of these at a garage sale.
It works great on most jars (some are too big), and saves my poor old decrepit hands. 

I've also used the 'use a spool to break the seal' trick, and I have a whole collection of those rubber jar opener things. They're usually freebies from fair booths, advertising some place or other.  I have a pile of them.
I've always been afraid to try turning the jar over and smacking it on the counter.  I'm very strong and afraid of smashing the jar.  (yeah, strong overall, with weak hands.  Go figure)
Oh. My. Word. Price on that has gone up a LOT since I bought one for my mom. Fortunately, she regifted it to me when she went into an assisted living facility. I'd previously given her one that bolted onto the bottom of an upper cabinet, but she could no longer use it because she couldn't hold the jar tightly enough to keep it stationery.