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Tattoo Etiquette

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1. Do not grab the tattooed body part for a closer look.
2. Do not scream about how much you also love tattoos.
3. Do not strip and show off your own tattoos
Edit 4. Do not make snide comments about tattoos being for "sailors", "bikers" or "trash". These three things are not related, and have
     nothing to do with being tattooed.
5. Do not press for some long explanation of the symbolism: inquiring is fine, but, sometimes, there simply isn't any higher meaning.
6. Do not ask "but how will it look when you're old?" - it's really not your concern.
7. Tattoos are expensive and they hurt. The answer is obvious. If you must ask, it's better to frame it as "did that body part especially hurt?" or "how many sessions did it take?" The more sessions, the more money it cost.
8. Do not tell the tattooed person that they "won't be able to get a job with that tattoo". A tattooed person has generally considered   
   the benefits and drawbacks to their tattoos. You don't know anything about their ambitions or job prospects- not every office bans
tattoos, not every tattooed person wants to be a CEO.


--- Quote from: hollandoates on November 03, 2011, 10:05:30 PM ---4. Do not make snide comments about tattoos being for "sailors", "bikers" or "trash"- this cultural perception is changing, and you are   
    clearly trying to insult the tattooed person.

--- End quote ---

Especially don't to this since you are also insulting both sailors and bikers by equating them with "trash."  You have, by saying this, managed to insult at least three groups of people, when you really only meant to be insulting to one group.  Oops.

Don't ask a tattoo artist to draw something up unless you're serious about getting it done (that doesn't mean that you can't change your mind because you don't like what he or she comes up with). Especially especially don't take the design the design to another artist. Yep, that happened to a friend of mine.

Don't scratch the tattoo to "Check if it's real or not". Bonus points if the tattoo is only a few days old. Ouch  :'(

Having expressed interest in someone's tattoo, do not spend the next half-hour talking about how you hate that particular symbol.

I have a Playboy bunny on my back. A friend of a friend, who was a teacher, asked about it, looked at it, then began to lecture the entire room about how disgusting the Playboy label was and how she always confiscated any such things from the kids in her care.


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