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--- Quote from: nuit93 on March 05, 2013, 01:54:54 PM ---Question: is it considered okay to ask who the artist was, particularly if it's a tat that you admire?

I'm a teensy bit clueless as to how to find a good artist.

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I haven't gotten a tattoo yet, but I shouldn't think so. If an artist did a really good job on my tattoo(s), I'd recommend him/her to anyone who asked, because I'd want people who do a job well to get a lot of business.

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Not always a sure thing though.  My first tattoo I thought I did my research.  The artist had been around for 25 years, had a good reputation and I'd seen other work he'd done.  The piece he did on my ankle that's pretty bad.  He went so deep into the skin that the ink bled and, although there wasn't a lot of detail in it (a ring of stylized birds of paradise), what little there was, was obliterated.  I had someone look at it to try to see what could be done and was told it would probably take 4 passes with a laser to lighten it enough to be reworked.

Funny thing, a couple of years later I was talking to a young guy with a Japanese symbol on his arm (about 4" tall) done by the same artist and had exactly the same problems.


--- Quote from: GreenEyedHawk on August 04, 2012, 03:55:46 PM ---Bottom line is that it's my body and I can tattoo it up or punch it full of holes if I want to, and no one has any right to judge me for it.

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I disagree.

Yes, its your body and you have the right to decorate it however you choose.  But I absolutely do have the right to form a judgement (positive or negative) based on thse decorations.

Ie.  If I encounter a person with "F**k You" tattooed on their forehead, you can be darn sure I've got an opinion about that person based solely on that tattoo.

We all form judgments of people on many many things, and tally them up to get to a final decision on that person.  Tattoos may form part of that - in the same way that seing someone with tattoos that you really like might kick your first opinions of them off in a positive way.  You might end up not liking them as a person for other reasons.  Hypothetical Face tattoo person might be really lovely and funny.  But that's just life and we don't get to like it.

Got to agree with katycoo. People might just see you tattooed and pierced up and "judge" that you and they roll differently.  And somebody else might judge "that is my kind of person". I don't love it but people judge the brand/style/size of clothes you wear, car you drive, phone you use, domicile you live in...

When I bought my Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt I knew that people would make certain judgements about the kind of person I was simply based on seeing me and the shirt. Are those impressions accurate?  There are probably some people I know who would say yes and some who would say no. It is an oversimplified way to form judgements but OTOH, the only way for all of us to avoid that kind of thing is if we wear uniforms and have identical haircuts.

Tea Drinker:
For what it's worth, I'd rather be judged for my tattoos than for a number of other things about myself: the judgment is still going to be superficial, and it may be unfair, but the ink is something I chose, unlike my height or skin color or accent.


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