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I was raised with the mindset that it was rude to talk about finances.  Personal finances, mind you, not generic comments like "That's a bargain for that pair of shoes!" or "Why is the price of gold so high right now?"  I never maintained any delusions that everyone else was raised the same way, but now that I've come to college people seem to have gotten nosier. I have to deal with the inevitable "you must be loaded!" or "why doesn't your mom work?" statements all the time. The other day I was at a friend's apartment and her (drunk) roommate inquired about the state of my bank account, so I pasted on a smile and said "So kind of you to take an interest!" in the perkiest voice imaginable. The conversation died. Instantly. (Thank God for small miracles.) The roommate later told my friend that she found me creepy.  ;D

"So kind of you to take an interest" has been a lifesaver. I've found that people are often relentlessly nosy and you can't always beandip effectively, especially if there's no beandip or distractions around. This response has literally left people speechless, and I'm terribly fond of it.


That could come in handy.

Mental Magpie:
I'm in college and don't work.  I get asked all of the time how I am affording college.  I always just say, "I manage."  Other people assume I have financial aid; I can't get it.  Really, it's none of their business, and you did great with your reply!

One time on a first date, the guy asked me what my net worth was.  I wish I had been reading eHell back then.  Ummm, who does that?   ::)

Needless to say there was no second date.

OP, good phrase usage!  Back in the day I would have inquired, "Why are you concerned about that?" but now I know better... why provide an opening for that line of conversation to continue?  Thank you eHell!


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