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Comments About Weight from Passerby

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Sign Of The Times:

--- Quote from: hollandoates on November 06, 2011, 10:29:15 AM ---I am a plus size woman. As a result, random strangers will sometimes feel the need to insult me in some way- usually, when I am simply walking past them, minding my own business.

Generally, my response is to ignore them. My self-esteem will sometimes vacillate (doesn't everyone's?), but generally, I feel pretty good about myself- that's why I find these encounters more offensive in principle, than anything else. Really, who behaves this way?! It makes it difficult to know how to respond. I'd really like to dish out a line that is polite but also puts them in their place, but will settle for silence, if need be.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

--- End quote ---
"How kind of you to take an interest."
"Excuse me?"
"Better big than boorish."

Would any of those work?


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