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I used it with some friends (religious references)


Little Jo:
 ;D So proud.

My family is multi-faith while most are D religion there is a smattering of E and F religion now I was always raised in the D faith but attended  E Church. I am now in my 20s and am thinking that maybe I want to study and learn more about E faith but this has upset D friends who saw me attend E Church.  All I said was I have family who are  E and F faiths as well as D faith and I am sorry I did not see you before entering E Church or I would have come over to say hi.

Now some of my D friends are questioning me about attending E but I have found this phrase has kept me out of hot water.  Thanks E hell

Mental Magpie:
It's the perfect phrase for this situation.  Saying anything else would/could get you into trouble with your friends.  Unless you want to tell them why they saw you there, it is none of their business. 


Ooh, that really is the perfect application. Nice :)


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