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Something special with shrimp?

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I have 2 pounds of shrimp and am tired of the usual like fried, curry, scampi or some other pasta dish.

Any new or different recipe? 

Funny you asked that, I have the same problem for tommorrow.  I was thinking Shrimp Creole. 

ETA:  How about Grilled?  I usaully do it with olive oil, garlic, thyme, little bit of crushed red pepper, and lemon juice.  Put it all in the processor and whirl until it's emulsified, then use for a marinade.

How about Buffalo shrimp or Shrimp Salsa Tacos?  I'll post the recipes if either of you is interested.

If you like spicy food, the New Orleans-Style Barbeque Shrimp recipe in Commander's Kitchen is excellent.  I don't think I can post it here because of copyright, but I can PM you if you'd like.

I also like to wrap shrimp and pesto up in proscuitto, put them on a skewer, and grill them.  I usually add sundried tomatoes and a couple drops of lemon juice to the pesto.

I have a friend whom makes a delicious meal in a crock pot.  She takes some olive oil and sautees the shrimp in it (in a pan) w/ two diced garlic cloves and cilantro. Then she puts it in a crock pot on low for two hours.  It's delish.

Another thing I like, not mentioned, is stirfry. 


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