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Leaf blowing

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This was inspired by a thread in one of the general folders.

I often hear or read about people in the US using leaf blowers to get rid of the dead leaves in their gardens.  Is this very common?  Is it something everybody is expected to do along the lines of mowing your lawn?  Is it considered un-neighbourly or uncouth if you just leave the leaves where they are?

I ask because I've never seen or heard of leaf blowers in the UK.  Some people will use a rake to clear dead leaves off their lawn if they care enough but lots just leave them be, I don't think its considered ugly or scruffy although maybe it is in some parts of the country!

oz diva:
My husband wants a leaf blower but actually we have barely any leaves to blow. They are getting more popular here, but I prefer a rake, and I've raked plenty of leaves in my time. Leaf blowers are noisy.

My husband thought he was getting a leaf blower for his 40th birthday, boy was he wrong. I sent him diving with the sharks at the aquarium instead.

A lot of people have leaf blowers (and snow blowers around here too) but it's not at all uncommon to rake the leaves as well. I've always raked. It's not exhausting if you don't have a huge lawn.

I don't know if it would be considered un-neighborly not to take care of the leaves, maybe a little inconsiderate. Personally, I don't really care to have a manicured lawn but I know some neighbors in my previous middle-class neighborhood did. They acted a bit put out if there was a leaf on their lawn. Where I live now, I don't think they care as much but then again, I no longer  have a tree. The other reason why I gathered my leaves was to compost them.

General Jinjur:
Leaf blowers are very common here. I don't understand it, myself. It would make sense if we were talking about a big suburban lawn, but everyone here has a wee postage stamp that could be raked in five minutes flat. Seems like a huge waste of money to use a leafblower!

Reminds me of a joke by some comedian, about how the lawn guy at house A would blow the leaves to house B, who would blow them to house C, and on down to the last guy, who would blow them all back to house A again.  The point was to keep all the lawn guys employed :-)


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