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Charity Guilt Trip

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I have dealt with telemarketers for charities over the phone using a perhaps somewhat un-ehell way. When they get aggressive with me and rude trying to get me to commit to money for the charity that they work for I ask them for money right back explaining my difficulties as I am between jobs. Then I ask the telemarketer how much money they are making and could they please help me out since they are such a kind and charitable person. (I always say this stuff in a sweet plaintive voice without any hint of sarcasm! ;)) It's amazing how fast these people can shut you down and hang up the phone!  ;D -To be clear, I only do this after they have been rude and aggressive with me. If they are nice telemarketers then I am nice right back to them and polite while turning them down.

Urg. Them. I've run into them a few times and just say no thanks and keep walking.

In general terms- if you are cash poor and time rich then charities welcome volunteers- for all sorts of stuff. I started volunteering whilst I was jobhunting after the children had started school and found that it was a great way to get out, meet other people, boost my self esteem and boost my chances of finding paid work- whilst helping a charity as well. I tend to do admin these days, as well as working with refugees.

Def could have said "no." And it's probably a good idea going forward in life to put a moratorium on giving strangers your banking information on the street!

I have once told one that I didn't have a job. Made him stop short and say goodbye. At that point what can they say? You should donate anyway? I haven't done that again because I felt bad and like karma will get me since I did have a job, I just wanted to get away from the high pressure tactic. Now I just say no thanks or don't even acknowledge them. I have the charities I want to give to all researched out. I am not looking for another at this time.

Ahh, charity workers- I've had plenty of encounters with them, and often find them tricky to brush off for fear of sounding rude and heartless. The worst ones are the ones that when you say "no thanks" to them and walk by, they start chasing after you! That really gets on my nerves (that and those annoying people with clipboards who try and get you to fill out a survey!) But I will not let anybody force me to donate to charity, I would much rather do so off my own back, knowing that I took the initiative. I shop quite frequently in charity shops, put money in collection tins and sometimes put in a donation when purchasing things from Ebay- this is to me is good for doing my bit for good causes!  :)


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