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Author Topic: Realized I was bean dipping in the middle of bean dipping...  (Read 5033 times)

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Realized I was bean dipping in the middle of bean dipping...
« on: April 21, 2012, 02:32:26 AM »
Dark Boyfriend has chops; I love them and think they look great on him.  It's definitely a good change after being in the military for so long and not being allowed to have that kind of facial hair.

He ran into one of my friends and her fiance (Lynn and Pat) while walking into a grocery store; as I was parking the car, I saw them and parked next to them for a quick chat.

Some of the first words out of Lynn's mouth were*, "Yeah, Pat said he need to shave that crap off."  I glanced at Pat and he didn't seem bothered at all that she was telling me this (no look of "That was supposed to be between us!").

I said, "No!  I love them!"

Pat said, "Really?" as if even the thought of me liking them was wrong.

"Of course!" says I.  Half way through saying what I said next, I realized I was bean dipping, and it was hard not to smile.  "They were awesome on St. Patty's day when we dyed them green, like BRIGHT green!"

It tickled me inside that I bean dipped without consciously intending to do so.

*This is not the first time Lynn has told me something Pat said that made me wonder just why the heck she was telling me.  I have no idea what she hoped to accomplish with these things when she tells me.  Apparently it isn't obvious her to her, but it is to me, that if I didn't like his chops, he probably wouldn't have them (Dark Boyfriend and I talk about these things; he's not allowed to have a mustache and I'm never allowed to dye my hair green (all other colors are allowed and have been done)).  The one thing she told me made me cock my head to the side (I actually did) then laugh silently inside because of the irrationality of it.

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