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Putting the new wife's name on a building named for the deceased wife

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A wealthy philanthropist and his wife donated money to a non-profit organization for an opera house in Miami, which was named in their honor.  His wife died, and he remarried.  Now, he wants to have the deceased wife's name removed from the building and the new wife's name put there instead. 

I have nothing to say but "wow".

I wonder how he'd feel if the situation was reversed- or if, should his current wife survive him and remarry, she does the same thing.

The board should agree to name it for only him to avoid the embarrassment but I imagine with the amount of money this guy has given them they don't really care what he wants it to be called.

Redneck Gravy:


I think this goes BEYOND bad etiquette.   Money can't buy class or good taste.


That is hands down one of the tackiest things i have ever heard in my life  :o Why doesn't he name a library ... or i dunno ... a bar? after the new lady?


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