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I'm not sure if this is classified as "rude" or not, but recently I went to a popular Italian restaurant with my mother and her mother. I ordered a dish that happened to be low on calories and as a result I only left a bite of asparagus on my plate. When the waiter came by to collect the dishes he looked at mine with surprise and enthusiastically said "Wow, you certainly enjoyed that!" I just stared at him. This response would have been perfect. I'm pretty sure he was being rude, right? I just can't put into words how. xD

I vote for not rude.  Not the smoothest ever, but not rude.  You ate it all, so he/she thought you loved it.  To me, it doesn't sound critical, which I guess is how you're receiving it.

I suppose so, I used to be very overweight and I hate hate hate it when people comment on my eating habits /what I've eaten, so I wasn't a big fan of him calling attention to the fact that I'd almost cleaned my plate.

I don't think this was any comment on your eating habits - I think this is best taken at face value.  You enjoyed the dish enough to eat nearly every bite, that's all.  As a former server, I was always pleased when my customers liked our food.

Personally, I think the only time it's okay for a server to comment on how much I've eaten is when I've not eaten much (or any) and he/she is concerned that there was something wrong with the food.  When I've eaten it all?  I think it's better if the server doesn't comment.  It's too easy to take things the wrong way, and frankly, it makes me uncomfortable.


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