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This news article is, sadly, from my home town news outlet:

"DUBLIN, Ohio - The mother of a Dublin middle schooler said Friday that her daughter was traumatized after being exposed to "bean dipping."

The mother, who did not wish to be identified, said that bean dipping is a new activity in the schools where a boy touches a girl under her breasts to see if they bounce and then makes fun of her."

This might be the most clever subject line I've seen here on Ehell.  :)

So do they get made fun of them for bouncing or not bouncing?

I really do not get it. When girls got their bras snapped in my junior high (1956-1959), the guys usually got a light smack from the snapee and a cold shoulder from the rest of her friends. No adult intervention needed. Assembly about harrassment? Sometimes "playground justice" is all that is called for.

I hate violence, as anyone can tell by my taste in movies and books, but I guess I can accept it in small, carefully administered doses.

Isn't it amazing what little things can be handled so simply but blown up into news?

Unfortunately, Luci, things have changed since the 1950s. My friend who drives a school bus required training on how to deal with things like full-blown sexual assault in the back as she is trying to negotiate rush-hour traffic. There's no longer, for many children, a line beyond which they cannot go.


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