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Spinoff Cooling your home

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oz diva:
We have two ancient air conditioners which approximate the sound of jet engines when turned on, which is not very often. It has to be 35C or over for me to even attempt it. I also have ceiling fans in my bedroom and one living area which are more likely to be turned on, on a hot day.

My next door neighbours turn on their A/C when it's about 25C which is just nice if you ask me. They must spend heaps on electricity.

There was a notorious failed govt funded campaign to insulate all homes. Our insulators nearly burnt down my house, doing such a crappy job and then, naturally disappeared.  (they had insulate over the top of the lights). We have subsquently installed more insulation at our own expense.

We run our A/C all the time, even when it's not that warm outside.  We like the upstairs to be cool at night, and sometimes it requires a little A/C to get it to where we like it.  But it doesn't really cost us anything to run the A/C.  Just a little extra electricity.  We have a heat pump, which I think just might be about the greatest invention ever.  We get cooling and heating for next to nothing.

Ducted evaporative cooling works well in the dry heat of Adelaide, South Australia. It is much cheaper to run that the refrigerated type and you have to have the windows and security doors open a bit which I like.   We have the house insulated and windows shaded with pergolas and window film but if it gets to 25C downstairs we turn on the cooling.  Our electricity bills aren't too bad and we have some solar panels and intends to get more. On the plus side we rarely need to heat the place.

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
We're got a Water Evap and a reverse cycle. We only turn them on well over 30's

We have ceiling fans in each room, we use daily during summer.

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Lindee where abouts are you, we're an hourish North of Adelaide. Barossa V.


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