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Almost beandipped in my interview!


I recently had a job interview and one of the first questions asked was along the lines of: "You're socialising with a group of coworkers when someone starts talking about a client and are disclosing some sensitive information. What do you do?"

I immediately thought, "I'd beandip!" This brought a smile to my lips as I thought of my e-hell companions. I said something along the lines of "I'd remind them that we shouldn't be discussing this in public and then I'd ..." The word "beandip" almost escaped. Thankfully, it was only a tiny stumble on my part before I said I'd redirect the conversation onto another topic.

Reading this website has helped me so much. I was glad "beandip" popped into my head because after that, I was a lot more confident in my interview knowing I had a cyber-community of politeness and answers to sticky situations to draw upon. I think I came across as a strong, confident and polite person. I got the job!!!

Mental Magpie:
Ha!  That's funny.  I'm glad you caught yourself though!

That's like the time, when asked if I was in a band or played guitar, I nearly said, "Guitar Hero!"

Congrats on the new job!  This just proves the far-reaching ability of Ehell!


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