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26 December

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oz diva:
What do you usually do on 26th December, do you go back to work or is it a holiday. It might be different this year with Christmas being on a Sunday?

In Australia, Monday is a public holiday because Sunday is not a work day. 26 December is usually the Boxing Day holiday, so Tuesday is a holiday in lieu of that.

I'm a teacher so we are off between the 25th and New Year.  A lot of people I know work.  I know a couple of people who work for the post office who are usually off but they work an extra long day the 24th.

Most US businesses are closed on the 26th.  Some even will be closed for that entire week.

I am a government employee. This year, since the actual holiday is on Sunday, Monday is the holiday and government offices will be closed. Since Christmas is usually a holiday for businesses, I assume that a lot of businesses will be closed as well on Monday. Most retail businesses only close for Christmas day on whatever day of the week it happens, and will reopen the next morning, as usual.

I think its the same in Aus as the UK. 

The 25th and 26th are usually bank holidays here too but as the 25th falls on a Sunday the 26th and the 27th are Bank Holidays here instead too.

Boxing Day is usually a day for visiting family you didn't get to see on Christmas Day.


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