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Exchanges with People that Make Your Brain Hurt

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--- Quote from: Diane AKA Traska on March 19, 2013, 12:40:11 PM ---I have officially found the most useless product.  Wow.

--- End quote ---

Try it! You'll Like it!  ;D ;D ;D

Honestly? I'll never wear mismatched socks and I (smiling) roll my eyes at the DDs because they do.

The three to a pack? I think that's a fun marketing ploy so that you buy 2 packs, all different colors, making 6 pairs of mismatched socks . . . or they're giving you the third sock for when a sock mysteriously disappears in the wash . . . or you can mix and match and not wear the same different colored socks all the time!

Okay, this may be a "thing" but it was new to me and I had a hard time keeping a straight face!  MIL and the girls and I went out to a new(-to-us) restaurant in town, a little hole-in-the-wall soul food place.  It was plopped down in the kind of residential neighborhood where we're getting strange looks for being white folk driving down that particular street.  It had a great review in the local paper and I've been trying to find good fried okra here for the last ten years, though, so it was worth a shot.  (And it was really good!)

Anyway, the menu was a list of meats and sides scrawled on a whiteboard on the wall, and neither MIL or I could figure out whether "Jesus eggs" was an abbreviation for something or whether it was some dish we'd never heard of before, so she asked.

MIL: "Excuse me, but what are "Jesus eggs?  I've never heard of those."
Cook (also, I suspect, owner and the woman the restaurant is named for): "Lord almighty, you've never had Jesus eggs?  Jesus eggs is like deviled eggs except [stage whisper] the devil ain't welcome 'round here no more!"

I had a really hard time not breaking into giggles but I figured she'd probably be really offended if I did  :P  It's like "freedom fries," I guess - I got the impression she wasn't changing the name to be silly or tongue-in-cheek, she really was trying to avoid involving the devil in her restaurant.  Anyway, MIL and I both tried them and they were really good deviled eggs  ;D  Between that and the okra, I'm definitely coming back!

There are people who advocate that the standard greeting "hello" should be changed to "heaveno."

In fact, in 1997, the coiner of the greeting convinced a town to mandate that its employees use that greeting.  Texas town says goodbye to 'hello'.

I had to read that a few times. My mind wanted to break heaveno into "heave no" instead of heaven-o. I couldn't comprehend what vomit had to do with greeting someone.

Diane AKA Traska:
Some people have far too much time on their hands.  And you know what they say about idle hands...


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