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Question for our friends down under

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I have a friend who's traveling to Australia, and has a query. It's been many moons since I lived in Oz and so I can't remember the answer to her question.

She's traveling to Sydney and want's to know if it's possible to book and stay in a 'BnB' (Bed and Breakfast). She's looked it up online but so far the only things she's found are "units" (which are apartments) and Hotels.

So what do the Aussies call Bed & Breakfast establishments and are there many in or around Sydney centre?


oz diva:
Well in Melbourne we call them bed & breakfast, but I don't know if there are any in the Sydney area.

I don't know your friend's budget, but this place is divine and is pretty central:

I've stayed there a couple of times.

Or there's this site: http://www.booking.com/city/au/sydney.en.html?aid=342443;label=city-sydney-Bs14axyIuA*Oz4kYuxHc7AS16341046790;ws=

She could try Airbnb.  That has everything from a sofa-bed in someone's living room to self-contained apartments.  I have used the site several times and it is great.  It's always good to stay with a local so they can direct you to the best non-touristy things to do.

We definitely have BnBs here.   Just google "bed and breakfast sydney". 

As with most large cities, the bulk of accommodation is hotels or serviced apartments simply because the city is more built up.    So if she's looking IN Sydney (e.g. the Sydney central area) she's most likely to find lots of hotel style accommodation.  (There are boutique hotels and BnBs also though).   You're more likely to find more BnBs in the suburbs, rural areas, at the beach etc, which I suspect is true in most places.   So if that's what she's after she could try being more specific and searching for a BNB in the specific area she's hoping to stay in. 

To me, a BnB is really just a small boutique hotel, or converted house or similar.  Still accommodation but a friendlier homestyle vibe.  Is that basically what she means?

Seconding Caellach. Loads of BnBs but I don't think she'll find many centrally located ones.


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