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My clothes are church appropriate!

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When I was about 12, I got a new sundress that I loved.  It had a halter neck with straps that tied at the back of the neck, and an open back.  Absolutely not appropriate for our fairly conservative Catholic church in 1974.  I knew my mother wouldn't let me wear it to church, so I hid in my room til the absolute last minute to jump in the car - too late to change.  My mother was furious, but all she had time to do was grab a sweater out of the hall closet and make me wear it over my dress.  In South Texas, in August, in a non-air conditioned church.

Last time I tried that little trick.

My mother's (and mine) now, we have a pastoral administrator who does everything but say Mass & stuff reserved for the priest that comes in on the weekend etc. She has not hesitated to tell anyone who serves as an  usher, reader, or other Mass minister type that they are not dressed modestly, decently, and appropriately that they cannot serve if not dressed a certain way.  As I do a serving role sometimes, I ensure no matter if its my weekend to serve or not, I am dressed accordingly, and modifying my wardrobe choices as needed.

I've been to a few churches where those in serving roles mainly in summer time were wearing items better for the beach or the pool.  I've not been back to those places since.

My aunt's church where her and her husband both serve ask that people wear clothing, shoes and accessories that are either business casual or business office/professional dress code that is also decent & modest even if its not their weekend to help.  So if they are needed to fill in, there is no issue with their clothing.


--- Quote from: GlitterIsMyDrug on October 11, 2013, 01:10:46 PM ---"Look, God made you naked right? You really think He cares what outfit you wear? No, he doesn't."
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Love this!!!

--- Quote from: GlitterIsMyDrug on October 11, 2013, 01:10:46 PM ---One day there was a young guy (late teens/early 20s) with a blue mohawk and decked in the traditional punk attire. And this older lady approaches him, dressed in a long skirt and button down blouse, she taps him on the shoulder and asks if he's here alone, when he says he is she says "Well, my husband is ill and couldn't make it today, would you mind sitting with me and keeping me company during the service today?" he smiled extended his arm and said "It'd be my greatest pleasure" and walked her to her seat and sat right next to her. Every time we've been since, he's sat right next to her. He's brought friends of his along and they sit on his other side. It's the coolest thing to see.

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I want to hug this old lady.
I imagine if she'd have gone up to mohawk guy and reamed him out, he'd probably have never come back. By being kind and unjudgemental she not only made him comfortable enough to come back but also to bring his friends. Little acts of kindness like this just make the world so much a better place.


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