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Business names that sound strange to others?

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We have Gaylord's in Suma (near Kobe) and their Indian food is great!

Vietnamese restaurant in the next town over:  Thang Long.

I was traveling in the northern Midwest over the summer and there seems to be a chain of gas station convenience stores called something like... Kum & Go. I think, is it just me, or... ??

On a visit to Japan, I saw in a major city a large all-glass building with these words emblazoned on the side:  "Made In ONLY."

I've no idea what type of business that was but it made me giggle and I took a photo, much like this one that I found online:  http://www.traveljournals.net/pictures/133460.html

To be fair, I've also heard that in Japan, English letters/words are often used as decoration, much as Japanese characters are so popular elsewhere as tattoos and tshirts. (I so wanted to buy some of the nonsensical tshirts I saw in Japan that seemed to be random English words put together in a decorative, eye-pleasing fashion).

We have a D*i*c*k*'s Halfway Inn in my area.    >:D


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