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Business names that sound strange to others?

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starry diadem:
To add to the list of 'cute' business names, there is (or was - it's a few years since. I drove past it)  a bakery in Coventry, in the UK, called  "The House of the Rising Bun"

We are visiting a place soon with a bar called The Poop Deck ... "where you will take my picture and proceed to post it all over the Internet," says my fiance. Indeed I will.

(Yes, we do know what a poop deck is.)


--- Quote from: nutraxfornerves on January 28, 2012, 05:03:05 PM ---
--- Quote ---I always wondered if so many others were put off by the name as my husband was
--- End quote ---
What was so off-putting about the name Chi-Chi?

--- End quote ---

If you had asked one of my cousins when he was little he would have said it tricks you.   My maternal grandmother was nicknamed Gigi and though she wasn't my cousins grandmother, he was very fond of her. 

Once when visiting with their family we said we were going to Chi-Chi's.  He heard "Gigi's" and burst into tears when we arrived and Gigi wasn't there.

Mental Magpie:
There is a dog groomer's near my house that is called Doggy Stylin'.

of course check out:



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